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Thread: Coeliac / Gluten Free -4 year old birthday party

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    Default Coeliac / Gluten Free -4 year old birthday party

    My DD is having her party this weekend and one of her kindy friends is a coliac. I spoke to her mother last night about things to buy briefly. And after seeing Sarah's new thread I thought I would ask you lovely EBers.

    Now I don't have time to cook much as I work full time. So what can I buy which would be suitable? Thanks in advance.

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    You can buy gluten free muffin & cake mixes from Woolies. I don't know how well they turn out... but I'll know after this weekend as I'm making some for Kynan's birthday party LOL. We have someone coming who is gluten intolerant (although he's an adult not a kid) so we'll be having a fair few gluten free things too. Some of the foods I've got planned are cheese & meat platter type things, rice crackers/biscuits and dips, fresh fruit, and popcorn. They're all things that don't really require too much preparation. HTH.

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    Magic, if the little one is a coeliac then it is highly likely that she is both wheat and gluten intolerant and on top of that super sensitive.

    What I mean by that is that you have to be extra careful with cross contamantion. That is, if you do make up gluten free mixes (which are yummy by the way) and it says to use margarine, then use a brand new margarine, not one that has knifes in it that make have your bread crumbs. If you are chopping up veg/fruit then use a clean board and a clean knife - freshly washed. I am a coeliac and I can get sick from actual crumbs.. so it is a nightmare for me to go anywhere.

    Ask the mum how sensitive she is... if she was worried about cross containmentation she should have mentioned it.

    Just make sure that stuff says gluten free on it... the health food section of the supermarket have a fairly good range. That's where you'll find the cake/muffin mixes.

    Let me know if you want any more info, I could be here for hours and pages explaining stuff but if there was anything specific, feel free to ask.

    Can I also say that its great you are catering for her? So many times I have been invited somewhere then have to take my own stuff because the hosts can't be bothered finding out. (whoops off soapbox now)

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    hi its shannon one thing my daughter really likes for her party she gluten and wheat intolerant is jelly cups with a plain choclate frog in it. you can get donuts from coles the (freedom foods) they are found in the freezer bit. the kids really like them. In that brand you can also get chicken nuggest. Also ask the mother if she would like to make the birthday cake as the preasent. that what i do. Or make a cup cake up and put it a side when cutting the cake just give the cup cake to that child. any thing els just ask i know it can be hard i work alot with my friends when my child who is now 5 gets invited to partys.

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