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Thread: Converting meat recipes to veg friendly

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    Default Converting meat recipes to veg friendly

    Every sunday we have "godparents day" where the kids godparents come over for tea. What I tend to do is try and convert meals that we normally eat to veg friendly recipes substituting with sanitarium products and thus far its been a great success, but would love to hear of some great recipes (like mum used to make). Tonight we're having nutmeat & caramlised veg shephards pie.

    Dietary specifications include No Mushrooms, Egg & Dairy ok but no animal rennet or gelatin.

    So hit me with some good recipes/Ideas

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    I used to do chicken parmegiana with the sanitarium vego chicken schnitzel. Homemade tomato neopolatin sauce and if you are cheese inclinded bake in the oven for 10 minutes with mozerella on top. Serve over linguini.

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