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    Smile Hot Cross Buns

    Well today I thought I would make hot cross buns, last year at a friends house we had fresh home made ones and I fell in love it had been so long since I had homemade ones, let alone made them. Luckily last month's SFI had a great easy recipe. So I divided the recipe and am doing half choc and half sultana's. I'll post the recipe and some photo's once they are done. The dough is currently rising atm. So anyone else make their own?

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    No, I have never tried making them

    ... But I'd be more than interested to see how your's go (& look) ... AND then give em a whirl in cooking (I'm 'not' a super baker, so any tips you might have would be so apprciated )

    Me, too I love the choc chip ones, ... YUMMMO

    (By the way, have a fantastic EASTER)

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    Well I had a few issues LOL! But they turned out fine in the end.


    * Don't add the yeast milk mixture till the yeast is REALLY fluffy (I don't think it was as active as I would have liked)
    * Don't add choc chips till the final kneeding stage because they will melt LMAO!

    They tasted great, and looked great too! I will take some photo's later and post the recipe atm I'm slothing.

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