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Thread: I need some inspiration for dinner....

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    Default I need some inspiration for dinner....

    Hit me with your ideas girls! I'm not the world's best cook (check out my previous post today ) but I do like to make yummy stuff for DH who works [email protected] hard for us.

    So normally I make things like stir fry(lots of these) curries, roast split chicken, LOTS of steamed/roast vegies, pasta, rice, home made pita pizzas, etc Ummmmm there are a few other things in my regular repetoire but can't think of them right now!

    So I feel like something different but still easy!

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    I like those taco kits for a quick but fun dinner. Theres lots of types now too! Home made hamburgers is a fav in this house!As is a big vege bake with lots a cheese!!

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    yeah, vegie bake is awesome! love making them with HEAPS of vegies!

    chicken burrito's

    quiche (check out sushee's thread)...

    i sooooo can't think tonight! we're having chooken fillets in coating, with some salad on the side

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    when i want something different for dinner i sometimes just do a similar thing but with a twist like

    Chicken w/vegies - i'll do a creamy mustard sauce (garlic, seeded mustard & cream) to put on top or tomato and cheese.

    You could do a laska - asia @ home brand do a really good one, add prawns or chicken. Only takes 10 mins

    Zuccinni slice is easy and you can just thow anything in, with a salad too

    Tonight we are having steak with asparagus and chats with sour cream and chives... yum!

    This thread is making me hungry

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    What about a salad with a pasta salad or rice salad with it.

    I love the El Paso stuff always good and easy to make.

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