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Thread: Non creamy pasta salad

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    Default Non creamy pasta salad

    I need a tomato based pasta salad receipe. I can't for the life of me remember how to make it!


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    I love that site!! It has so many different ideas!!

    Pasta salad - Recipe -

    Here's one..
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    Hey Lulu - I'm probably a little late on this one - but here's a good pasta salad recipe in case you want one for future reference. I made up this pasta salad to use up a whole bunch of vegies in the fridge one day and it is fantastic! It is also good with sliced grilled chicken (marinated in lemon and pepper) as a main meal.

    halved red and yellow pear cherry tomatoes
    finely sliced spring onion (or spanish onion if a stronger flavour is preferred)
    finely sliced celery
    finely sliced cucumber
    finely julienned or grated carrot
    finely julienned capsicum
    blanched and sliced green beans, and/or snowpeas
    very finely chopped black olives
    crumbled fetta
    shredded fresh basil leaves
    juice and zest of one lemon
    extra virgin olive oil
    cracked black pepper

    You could pretty much use any vegies that you want - the important things for flavour are the combination of olives, lemon, basil, onion and fetta


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    I'm probably late too, but this one is yummy..i will be making it on Saturday for my DDs 1st birthday.

    2 jars of leggo's stir through sauce (flavour of choice..i like spicey tuscan vegetables)
    sliced salami (as much or as little as you desire)
    diced red capsicum
    sliced black olives
    500g bag of penne (or any pasta you like, spirals also work well)

    cook pasta, throw everything else through and mix well. Yummy!

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