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    So here's the go... Last time I made Quiche the recipe said I had to cook the pastry first (ready rolled pastry), by lining the dish with baking paper and putting rice in it (totally waste of rice btw) anyhoo, did that last time and was like yeahhh quiche is ok, nothing to rave about though. So today I made a batch of mini quiches and then a big quiche for dinner cause i'm working tonight. But I had Ava in my ear having a tantrum and put the quiche mix straight into the pastry and then in to the oven (without cooking the pastry first). SO I was like bugger i've just stuffed it up. BUT the quiche has come out like a billion times better than the first quiche and it tastes fantastic. So why do they tell you to cook it first?

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    Hon....i dont know. But i totally agree with you re: the rice bizzo and cooking it all beforehand...pffttt who has time for that !!!!
    Watching thread with interest....

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    sometimes the base can go soggy if you don't do the rice thing.

    alternative is to put pastry in, then layer of grated cheese, then egg mix. grated cheese creates a layer so egg mix doesn't make pastry soggy.

    or you can just wing it, and for you it worked!

    DH does the rice thing, and we have a tub of rice that gets re-used. it must be the driest rice ever! Not so good the first time when he forgot to put baking paper in under the rice. He had to pick all the rice out of the pastry- oops.

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    You could also just use filo pastry instead - I don't think it's supposed to be pre-cooked.

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    Yeah figured out why it turned out lol i used puff pastry. I can't believe after 12 months I still have bloody baby brain! Either that or the tantrums ava was throwing