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    Default quick sausage roll Q..

    when making sausage rolls, should i freeze them beofre cooking or after? i remember hearing something a while ago about half cooking, then freezing?

    i usually make about 25, cook them all and throw out about 6-7.

    hope its not a silly question!

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    OK, this sounds complicated, but it works for homemade sausage rolls!

    ~ From their raw state, cook in a high oven for around 10 mins to ensure that the pastry puffs up
    ~ Then lower the temp for about 25 mins to ensure the sausage meat is cooked through
    ~ Freeze
    ~ To re-heat, cook from frozen, at a medium heat, for 20 mins.

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    thanks Lucy

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    FIL always cooks his then freezes. Then we just reheat in the oven.

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