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Thread: Salmon ideas

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    Question Salmon ideas

    Hi guys, i'm a little bit clueless when it comes to cooking and just sort of stuck in a rut. I've found a pouch thing of salmon in the cupboard just before, and since I have forgotten to take any meat out for dinner, figure I can do something with this. I was thinking some patties and just have it with a salad or something, but don't know what to make the patties with, other than the salmon obviously!!! I can think of .. potatoes... and salmon.... haha!!! So as you can see, a bit of assistance might be required. There are a lot of different ingredients that I probably won't have in my kitchen, and I don't have the car so I can't pop out to the shops. Any ideas (or replacements for ingredients that I don't have) will be greatly appreciated!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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    egg to bind it, some veges (grated carrots, frozen peas/corn, fine cut capsicum, chives), maybe some breadcrumbs to coat it....

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    Salmon is pretty tasty on its own....... so you don't need to add much. Like Dach said egg to bind it, potato will bulk it out. Fresh herbs are always great if you have any. Parsley, coriander, dill......

    Soy and ginger always go well with Salmon. You could saute some onion, garlic and ginger then mix with salmon, egg, cooked and mashed potato..... (if you don't have fresh ginger i wouldn't put powdered in!)

    ETA- if you have a jar of pesto in the cupboard you could make a quick pasta........ saute an onion and some garlic, add a few Tablesopoons of pesto, add salmon, could add a little cream if you like. Mix with cooked pasta...

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    Hmm.. thanks guys.... I'll try to.... mix something up.. haha!! I THINK I have some breadcrumbs at the top of the pantry.... no pesto, no ginger (got garlic in a jar though.. haha)

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    Default salmon mornay

    best salmon recipe thats been a fav of mine since i was a bub is salmon mornay.
    doesnt need too many ingredients and can be served with rice, potatoes(mashed), or toast.


    2 Tblspoons butter/marge
    1-2 Tblspoons flour
    2-3 cups milk
    1-2 cups grated cheese (tasty and/or mozzarella)
    1 tin salmon
    1/2 cup peas
    1 carrot sliced thin
    other optional vegies (not recomended some hold too much water cause sauce to seperate

    1. Melt butter in large saucepan, add flour and stir - aim to cook off as much flour as possible, flour will bubble up.
    if mixture is too thick add more butter now( mixture shouldn't stick together or form dough/paste)
    2. Add milk and stir (use a whisk) until boiled reduce heat and simmer till thick.
    3. Add cheese, stir until melted
    4. Drain salmon and debone, add to cheese sauce and stir add vegies.
    OPTIONAL: depending on time : leave in sauce pan stir until vegies are cooked
    OR put in ovenproof dish cover with bread crumbs and cheese bake in mod oven until browned and cheese is crunchy.

    serve with rice

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