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    Can someone give me a name of a GREAT recipebook for todler lunch boxes/todler meal planners???

    We are putting dd in a private day-care and they don't make lunch you have to pack your child's food for the day. So I am in DESPERATE need of healthy, quick and easy to make ideas for lunchboxes for a 14 month old.

    Any book suggestions??

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    Try Jamie's Dinners or Jamie's Italy (Jamie Oliver). The pasta dishes are all fine straight from the fridge - and quite often we have chilled leftovers from the night before.

    (Just an aside, I wouldn't be putting my DS in a centre with no food provided: he is given breakfast (again), snack, lunch, snack, tea at his, then comes home and eats dinner with us - and supper if we keep him up late! I couldn't physically carry a day's food, let alone prepare it in advance every day.)

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    Is there any foods that are not allowed? Say something like peanut butter or peanut products that other children might be allergic too?
    We have to supply lunches over here. I think for kindy, DD would take some fruit, either fresh or something like dried apricots, a sandwich, some watercrackers, or you could try some cheese chopped up, ooh and pasta, DD absolutely loves pasta, so would take that a lot too. She loved sultanas at the time as well, and capsicum chopped up too.

    Now that she is at school, she loves to take muesli bars, and her absolute fav at the moment is watercrackers with slices of tomato (in a separate container) to put on top at lunch time. She might take a sandwich every now and then, she always has a piece of fruit though. She loves cheese too. Rice cakes are another one, she use to have nutella on her rice cakes. She also loves mountain bread, will eat it by itself with nothing else on it.


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