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    We bought one of those Heinz cook at home white sauce packets and added it to Izzy's home cooked food and it definately made a defference! I think she loves the extra flavour in it but Im not prepared to buy heaps of these sachets - so does anyone have a idiot proof yummy white sauce recipe for me????

    The one that we bought was a white sauce base, a fe vegies in it but I will be adding to vegies but it also had herbs and garlic in it too. I know its simple but Im a recipe kinda gal!

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    hi tan,
    google white sauce recipe and you will get an easy microwave whitesauce recipe on the taste website. best tip when making white sauce, is if it goes lumpy, whisk it and lumps will disappear! add a bit of cheese for a nice cheesy flavour.
    your daughter must be like mine - my DDis 5 and her favourite meal is "cream sauce noodles" - it is very boring really, just pasta and whitesauce and some diced vegies. she loves it.

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    Basic white sauce - this one is foolproof!! You can always double mixture too

    2 tsp flour or cornflour
    1/2 tsp butter
    100ml milk
    grated cheese to taste!

    Over a gentle heat, blend flour & butter until a paste is formed.
    Add milk gradually and stir continuously so lumps don't form.
    Bring to boil and keep stirring until sauce thickens.
    Add cheese/garlic/herbs to taste!

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