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Thread: yummy casserole for the whole family

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    Default yummy casserole for the whole family

    I was cooking this tonight and though I should share the recipe it is so easy and cheap to make and is totally delicious.
    It has been well and truely proven as a child favourite (I got the recipe from the long day care centre where I worked where it has been used for over 10 years)
    is also much loved by any male I've known whose tried it as well LOL!!

    Jackpot Casserole
    500grams Mince
    1tbsp margarine
    1 small onion (chopped)
    400gram tomato soup
    300grams creamed corn
    200grams pasta
    1 cup grated cheese
    half a cup of water

    brown onions and mince in margarine, add soup, water, and pasta cook 20-30minutes or until noodles are tender.
    add corn and half of the grated cheese
    simmer 10 minutes, place casserole in oven proof dish and top with remaining grated cheese.
    place in moderate oven for 30-45minutes
    Enjoy - we're about to!!!!

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    Thanks..will have to try it soon!!!

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