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Thread: Easter Egg Grenade.....

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    Default Easter Egg Grenade.....

    Ok so it's almost Easter - thought all you chocoholics might like this recipe for an egg grenade!!!

    Directions are on the link (mods I hope it is ok - if not big apologies!) but basically you get a big hollow egg - white,dark or milk, fill through bottom of egg with 3 parts chocolate mousse, one part custard and one part whipped cream!
    Place in fridge to set and then ENJOY!
    I haven't made it yet but a friend is onto his 2nd attempt tonight and says they are amazing!!!

    Egg Recipe

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    ooooooooooooooo sounds yummy!
    Will have to try this one, Thanks for sharing.


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    Sounds yummo! This is something I am going to try this week!!

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    I know what I'm going to do for dessert at mum's next week!!

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