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Thread: Finding property to live in - bias AGAINST single parents?

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    Default Finding property to live in - bias AGAINST single parents?

    Did you find it hard to rent a property as a single parent with only centrelink/child support as an income?

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    Ok I'm not a single mum, but we found it hard enough to find somewhere with one of us full time working; probably because we are young. I was 32 weeks pregnant (after looking since about 18) when we finally got somewhere so I do feel your pain.
    Hope you find somewhere soon

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    I put a letter with my application forms outlining what I was getting from centrelink each fortnight, including rent assistance and other allowences. Thats the good thing about 'working for the government' - you can't get sacked from it suddenly.

    In the letter, I put in about living in the area all of my life and my connections with my daughters school, family, university, work etc. Just to make me look like more of a real person and not just another single parent.

    I applied for four and got offered a place after five weeks.

    Good Luck,

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