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Thread: Hair Dye Stain on Forehead?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlonkeeMumma View Post
    - PMSL Suse - beats my story hands down!

    Julie x
    Sorry Julie - wasn't trying to upstage you!!

    But look on the bright side - at least you weren't purple all over for weeks!

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    Ooh great tips everyone! I've never tried toothpaste... will give it a go next time. What I have done in the past is just just an exfoliating scrub in the shower on my face, concentrating on my forehead and that has worked ok but sometimes needed 2 goes. My hairdresser always says to use vasoline before you apply the dye but I never do... don't own the stuff. Anyhow I also thought I would mention not to forget checking your ears! I always get dye on them too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nat76 View Post
    Next time I would ask them to remove it - my HD has a special product (can't remember the name) she puts on cotton wool and the dye comes off on it.

    Hope the toothpaste works!!!
    its called remove it

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    rofl suse!

    I use baby wipes and they work everytime. Even with blue/black!

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