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Thread: Easy dessert!!!....

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    Talking Easy dessert!!!....

    My MIL came over last night and she had made a yummy dessert and it was sooo easy to make - which I love

    500mL plain yoghurt(can be low fat)
    Jelly mix pack (whatever flavour you like -berry/orange ones would be best I think)

    Mix the jelly with a bit of hot water to dissolve, mix through yoghurt and refridgerate til set!

    Thats it!! It tastes great and if you use low fat is healthy too!! The one she had made last night was half mango yoghurt half plain, plus orange jelly and we were talking about how you could add bits of fruit like strawberries or even those packaged pear or apple pieces!
    Enjoy !

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    Sounds very similar to flummery, in which you use cold whipped up carnation milk and it comes out like a mousse yeah? I wanna try it

    Have you seen the 4 ingredients cookbook?

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    Yeah its like a thick mousse!! Sooo good! Anything with condensed milks gotta be good!! I have seen the site Cai but not the book - looks great!! I need a recipe to cook pretty much anything outside of my repetoire of 10 things :P

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