thread: Birthday Invites and Pressies

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    Birthday Invites and Pressies

    Matthew and Joshua seem to be getting invited to every birthday under the sun at the moment and they are all for girl's parties! My question is what on earth do you buy a 14/15 or 12/13 year old girl for a present?? I have no idea at all! When they go to boys birthdays they usually give a Sanity voucher or pop money in the card if they no their friend is saving up for something. Do girls like getting gifts like this as well?

    Hopeless girl gift buying mum of boys LOL!

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    What about a Kmart/Target voucher so they can buy clothes. When I was their age I would have loved a sanity voucher as well.


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    Nat, girls love clothes, music and make - up. Now while I'm not suggesting you try and buy these things for girls you don't know, money is great to go towards these things. A Sanity voucher would be a great idea too.

    Good luck

    Take care

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    Nat, I have a 15 yo dd, she loves CD's, clothes and jewellry, I don't think you'll go wrong a Sanity voucher or a Kmart voucher.

    Good luck

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    Thanks girls! I hadn't thought of vouchers from other stores (DOH!) and I really don't like giving cash as I feel like there was no thought involved. I was never a real girly girl so I just had no idea. I still remember being wrapt when my nana begrudgingly updated my Carlton footy jumper for my birthday one year instead of buying me the doll's house she thought I should have LOL!

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    Yep Nat what everyone else said is good, although they may prefer a voucher for different stores for clothes, what about a voucher for a shopping centre. I know you can go to centre management of the shopping centre and purchase vouchers which can be spent in any store in the centre, that way they could go to those clothes shops like supre etc, to buy trendy clothes. I agree that a musci voucher is also very good!

    Cheers Michelle