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Thread: Board?

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    Bath, DP is livid and has just told me that if they don't call her and apologise he is calling the authorities. He is going to pass his on to the son of the boss (whom he works with).

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    As soon as we started earning any money, mum took 80% off us for board. Needless to say, we moved out pretty quickly.

    When Sof started earning money, we didn't charge her board, but made it clear that she had to buy her own clothing, pay for her own entertainment, etc. When she left school and was working full-time I charged her $100 per week (I think). Then when she went back to school, I stopped again, but she never asked for money for textbooks or fees or anything, so that was fair enough IMO.

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    My parents didnt charge board while we were studying, but when we left school, we had to pay $50 a week if our pay was over $100, or half if it was under $100.

    If its just an after school job, maybe ask her to give yu 10% of what she earns so you can put it away,, and save it for her, and she can do whatever with the rest (this is what my mum does with my sister, who works at the local woolies).

    good luck with whatever you decide!!

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