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Thread: Irregular periods after M/C

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    Default Irregular periods after M/C

    hi, i miscarried naturally at 7wks on jan 15th this year. it took 7 weeks for my next period to come, and my ob told us we were right to start ttc again. i was due for my period last wednesday, but didnt i did a pregnancy test and BFN... and im now 3 days late and still getting BFN.

    so im just wondering how common is it to have an Irregular period after having a miscarriage?

    how long did it take for you cycle to go back to normal

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    Hi, So very sorry for your loss. I also had irregular periods after my m/c. This is very normal as your hormones need to complete;y reset themselves and your lining needs to recover. I didnt get AF for about 7 weeks after my m/c and I also got bfn's all the time. It was just late because my body was recovering. Now everything is back to normal and I have regular AF again. Once they become regular again, it should be ok to TTC again. Good luck for the future, I hope they return to normal again soon.


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    scarlett - I was very sorry to hear of your loss in January. My cycle went out of whack after my first m/c. I was usually around 29 - 32 days but after my first m/c it went up to 45 days with 4-5 days of spotting before each period. This only lasted for about 3-4 months and I went to see my gyno who ran some tests and all was ok. I think I was just really stressed (even though at the time I swore black and blue that I wasn't). As soon as he did the tests and said everything was ok my cycle went back to normal and I was pg again within 3 months. So - in a nutshell yes my cycle went out of whack but I think it was my fault for getting so stressed. After my second m/c I was determined not to get stressed out and I have coped well and my cycle is the normal 30 days for 6 months now. We've only been trying again for the last 2 cycles.

    Good luck to you and if you really are concerned don't be afraid to go and speak to your doc. Don't worry yourself because everything is probably fine and if you are anything like me you may just need to hear that from a doc.

    Take Care

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    I had my m/c not long before you and my cycles are not back to normal yet either.
    I was 28 days like clock work but the 1st af after m/c was 32 days and lasted for a couple days longer with annoying spotting at the end.
    The 2nd cycle was 31 days but I had some spotting on CD27.

    I am on CD 26 I think atm and not sure when I am "due" for af, sometime this week I should think, but if going by my previous norm should be due Monday. I'm not holding my breath though.

    Good luck

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    Hi Scarlett,
    I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage, but am glad that you have found this site- I hope that you find it as supportive as I have.
    My first period took it's time to arrive (I was very impatient), but my next one came after 33 days, which is usual for me. I have been told that they should go back to normal after the 2nd, but I agree with AJC that stress can be really important. Don't worry, I have heard of loads of women whose cycles have been a bit of a mess for up to 6 months following m/c. The way I see it is that a miscarriage is a really stressful event (emotionally and physically), so it's no wonder that things dont bounce back to normal straight away.

    Were your periods regular before you miscarried?

    I hope this helps, good luck. x

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    scarlett12 Guest


    thanks girls for all your replys. I'm also very sorry for everyones loss.

    well my AF finally arrived yesterday on cd37

    to answer your question canaray my cycle is normally spot on 33 days so it was a little unusual for it to be late.

    i think AJC and yourself are definately spot on with the stress.....once i read that it was common to have irregular periods after m/c my period came the next day lol.....

    and im sooo glad i found such and informative Forum!

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