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    Hi All,

    My name is Vicky and I have just found this forum. I suffered a miscarriage the middle of June 2010, and my husband and I have started TTC again.

    honestly I'm finding it very emotional, and I think constantly about it, and worry about missing my fertile time due to hubby been Military and going away.

    Any words of advice that you ladies might have to relax, or TTC would be great

    Thanks so much for reading

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    Hi Vicky,
    Welcome to BB and I'm so sorry for your loss darl, it's a hard horrible thing we have to go through. I hope your TTC journey gets you your BFP very soon. Feel free to join us in TTC after MC or Loss all the ladies in there are absolutely wonderful and have a ton of great advice darl. Take care and FX for you.

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    Welcome, Vicky.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss. You will definitely find a safe place in the TTC after mc or loss thread as Clairesmummy suggested. Join us there and may we all be the support and comfort you need to get you through!

    To answer your question, there are so many pieces of advice I could give you, but I'll keep it simple. Chart your cycle. Join fertility friend (google it) and I reccomend OPKs to pinpoint your fertile time. In the TTC after mc thread you will meet Reet, who I'm sure will have some good advice for you regarding your DH being away. Her DH also travels for work, so I'm sure you could get some real understanding from her. I know there are more but my memory is faulty at best........

    (Just had to give you a little plug there, Reet... mwah! xoxo)

    Once again, welcome, and I hope you get your BFP quickly.

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    Thanks for the replys all, its nice to hear from you all.

    I didn't know about fertility friend, but I've had a quick look at it. I run Period Tracker on my IPhone, which does majority of the same functions so i think I'll stick to that, thank you for the suggestion though.

    And I have a Maybe Baby, would that be ok for tracking of O?

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