thread: recent m/c & Q re fertility monitors

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    Nov 2008

    recent m/c & Q re fertility monitors

    Hi all,

    4 days ago I had a m/c. We had been TTC for a while, and were so excited when we got the BFP. *sigh*

    We were really struggling with TTC, so I had got the OPK sticks. I got the sticks because I didn't feel confident with temping, given that I work shift work, and would not be able to temp at the same time each day.

    But I am anxious for us to TTC as soon as possible, and the DR has advised it will be OK as long as I have at least one normal cycle.
    I am considering a fertility monitor, as I can't sit back and wait another year to TTC (I am now 37 and have 2 angel babies and no living children).

    Does anyone have any experience with fertility monitors, and can recommend a good one (and where to get it from)?

    Or even any advice really would be appreciated.


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    So sorry for your loss Milly...

    I have no experience with Maybe Baby and the like. I was the OPK Queen though - and really find them great to get to know your body and when your most fertile period is.

    You can join our TTC after Miscarriage or Loss forum where there are others that are on a similar journey after loss. You will find the thread HERE

    Wishing you a healthy sticky pregnancy very soon...

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    Milly so sorry to hear about your loss! DH and I were trying for about 2 years and had the same thing and god I know that how you're feeling now there is nothing anyone can say to ease the pain. You probably know more than I do that it does get easier with time..I hated everyone saying that but now i know its true

    I have a fertility monitor that i bought but havent used it and was going to sell it if you want? PM me your details and Ill talk to you about it privately

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    Nov 2008

    Thank you ladies.

    coco - I have sent you an email.