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Thread: Scared to TTC after Ectopic

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    Question Scared to TTC after Ectopic

    Just wondering if this is a normal feeling. I do want more than anything to get back onto the whole TTC thing. I am just so scared that because my body let me down once, that it will happen again. Even the thought of being intimate, freaks me out a little, knowing that there is a chance of another ectopic.
    Part of me is even thinking to jump straight to IVF- to bypass the whole tubal thing.
    Am I being a tad crazy???

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    Hi babe firstly a big to you xx After my ectopic I was soooooooooooo scared about ttc, but wanted so desparately to be pregnant again.. The first time DH and I made love I cried - for our angel & for the longing of another bub. Then a few months later (felt like a life time) we were pregnant and I was scared Sh&tless ! Went for loads of BT to ensure that my levels were rising - doctor was not hopeful as she kept saying ohh you should be further along than what your results are showing!! I kept trying to tel her that my cycles are 30-40 days so I am not as FAR along as you think I should be!! Anyways stoopid woman put the fear of god in me and yes I had some brown spotting again and thought uhhh ohhh.. but then had my scan and the couldn't see anything !! As I have tilted uterus they did a vagina u/s and there was our beautiful sac!! They said we can't see a feotal pole just yet so not sure if this pregnancy is viable!!!!!!!!!! BUt deep down I knew this was going to be ok and it was!!

    Yes its scary but the end result is wonderful xxxx I hope that I have given you some hope

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    Thank you so much Chepie. I really needed to here that. I felt a little teary just reading your post. I really want to but feel so emotional. I guess that is normal.

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    Hi Sandy. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your baby

    It is a completely normal feeling to be scared about your next prg. We all feel it. You will know when you're ready when the desire for another baby is stronger than the will happen soon enough.

    I did want to mention though that unfortunately conceiving via IVF is no guarantee against an ectopic prg. Unfortunately a lot of IVF prgs result in ectopics (not sure on exact figures or how they compare to natural prg's). The embryo is inserted into the uterus but where it implants after that is beyond anyone's control. I did 6 months of clomid before moving on to IVF and honestly, if clomid has worked for you in the past, I'd try it again before thinking about IVF.

    I had a large cyst removed from my left ovary and the scarring blocked my left tube, I had a lot of pain on my left side for the first few weeks and I was terrified until my scan at 6 wks that it was going to be ectopic - thankfully it wasn't.

    Prg after a loss is hard, but you just learn to take it one day at a time

    I wish you the very best of luck.

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    Thanks Willow.
    I didn't realise it can still happen with IVF.
    I guess I just have to get over my fear.
    I have decided to wait until I have the scan with dye done to check if my right tube is blocked. Hopefully then I will feel a little reassured.

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    Im so sorry hun for your loss. I had an ecoptic with my first pg, and it wasnt picked up until 9wks as I had no symptoms until then. I had emergency surgery and lost the right tube. Well it took me a long time to deal with the fear and pain, but three months later I was ready to ttc again. After 7 months of ttc I had a natural m/c and my drs advised me to do IVF, but I just wasnt ready. I fell pg on the second cycle after my m/c and my DD is now 9mo! I had spotting, bleeding and all sorts during the pg, but I stayed positive throughout the whole thing and it worked out fine.

    have faith in yourself, your body and your baby. Fear is normal and never completley goes away.

    best of luck for your new ttc journey,

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    Thanks Lisa for some positive vibes!!
    I am feeling a little better.

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    I just wanted to join in and wish you luck and say it's natural to be scared and anxious!
    I suffered an ectopic pregnancy at 9wks a few months ago, and lost my right tube. Sadly my left tube is in bad shape and we've been told to go to IVF, and are just starting our first cycle.
    I am excited about trying and really want to be pregnant, but I am also anxious- what is something goes wrong again? What is IVF takes a long time to be successful? etc etc
    Hang in there, highs and lows are to be expected.
    It's not easy, but you'll get there. Keep positive. Good luck.

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