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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ May 2006 #2

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    Just wanted to offer a big congratulations to Michelle

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    Nola i have a couple of nice big bruises from yesterday.

    Thanks Nic. Hope you will be joining us soon.

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    Morning everyone,

    Wow its quiet in here!!

    Shell, how are you matey?? Any more ferning??

    Tanya, how are you today??

    Jayne, how are you matey?? I hope you are feeling better.

    Sorry for not a lot of personals. Will try and come back later.

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    Hi everyone,

    firstly congrats Michelle, i hope everything goes well for you over the next 8 months. I cant believe that so much goes on in such a short tme here, it seems like i am forever missing everything. Hope you are all well. I too Candi suffer from no-idea syndrome when it comes to the ferning, OP thingos and the like, i cant only read your msgs with a shake of my head and a "what the". Congrats on your new job too.

    Goodluck with the Engagement Tanya, i hope your relatives dont ask too many questions.

    Jayne, i hope you are settling back in after your lovely holiday, i was very jealous about your fantastic shopping spree. Hope the blues blow away too.....

    Hi to everyone else, cant go back for some reason........

    I am on CD1, yeh. I actually feel quite happy that AF has turned up and 29 days to the letter from the last MC. So here's hoping that this month i get it right and thinds go well. I found out two days in a row that 2 of my girlfriends are knocked up as i like to put it (particulary to my mother inlaw!!). Am really happy for them.... at least i can live through them. For one of them this is her first so i can help her with bits an pieces... Anyway, better go, have a phone call..... love to all, sticky dust to all....

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    Bel - Fingers crossed next month is your month and you won't be far behind me.

    Jayne - How are you feeling today ??

    How are the rest of you lovely ladies doing?

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    Wow its quiet again in here!! Ihope everyone is bding lots so we see lots of BFPs.

    Bel, I hope that this cycle will bringyou a BFP and you and your 2 friends can share the pregnancy journey all together.

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    Hiya Ladies,

    Sorry I have been MIA in the last couple of days, it's really weird to explain, I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut and I didn't want to take any of the glory and sunshine away from Michelle IYKWIM. I wanted the focus to be on her BFP and good vibes all round. I hope everybody understands.

    Michelle - How did your latest BT go? I'm so thrilled for you. Is it secret squirrel stuff from the rest of your family? How exciting. Are you going to find out the sex of bubs? You have a boy and a girl already so are there any special requests on another boy or girl? I have zillions of questions so I'll pace myself! LOL.
    Bel - Yeah, I have settled down from my splurge. In one day I bought six million Lindt chockies, 2 hand bags, 1 wallet, 2 pairs of shoes and a whole pile of tops. Not to mention the souvenirs I got from the Aquarium. I feel quite content with my purchases and as though I've got a bit of my groove back. I've dropped 5kg so I'm noticing the diff in my clothes and looking at smaller sizes which is AWESOME and I feel a bit stylish atm. I have had my hair cut & coloured, nice clothes & shoes and been getting into my makeup again. I always feel nice in myself when I have nice things. I hope that doesn't make me out to be a toffy-nosed cow, I'm quite the opposite, but what girl doesn't like nice things?
    Kazz - Thanks for asking about me. How are your two little bumble-bee's going? I can't believe how quickly Declan's ticker is firing along. It's amazing. I'm feeling a little better, just felt a bit down & out, you know, having this wonderful trip & coming home to the usual ritual and routine that is life.
    ShellStar - Good luck with the Lindt Cafe. It's truly a nice experience. Just try & get a seat outside cos they cram you inside like sardines. The cafe kinda is hard to notice, I expected a red & gold building, like the chocolate box (trust me, I know what they look like LOL), but it's silver & the sign just says 'Lindt & Sprugli' or whatever the last word is. I wish I had of known you come into the city & I would have organised to see you & steal Hayleigh!
    Nola - Wow, your ticker is zooming by. You'll have the belly to boot in no time @ all!!!
    Fairymum - I was never addicted to the fertility-watching until I met these girls. It's truly catching. I just do the temp thingy & also the OPK's when I *think* it's about time. I like the idea of every 2nd night & I bet my DH would too, but in all honestly, I couldn't be bothered!!! [/COLOR]
    ME - Well, I have had a bit of a dummy spit this week. It's just hard coming back from a holiday that you've longed for for absolutely ages & in the blink of an eye it's been and gone & you're back @ home as though nothing has happened. Then to top it off I haven't ovulated and my temp has been going absolutely insane. I'm freezing one minute and roasting the next. It's so weird. I just feel out of sorts and my patience is frazzled. I AM feeling better, just still a bit down. Thanks for listening!

    Good night all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by *Michelle*
    Michelle71 hoping a few more of you will be moving over as well. It would be great if the Michelle's left at the same time
    Me too !!!! Let's all move to PAML and confuse them all there too

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    Jayne you should have said what was upsetting you

    My last BT was fine levels are now at 379 which the Dr said was a good rise.
    Not sure what you mean by this Is it secret squirrel stuff from the rest of your family?
    If you mean are we not going to tell our families then no we are not. We will wait until after the 12wks scan just to be sure everything is still going okay.
    I know DH's family was thinking of coming for Christmas and we both know as soon as they are told they will want to change thier plans but that is not going to happen this time. MIL came just after i had Alex and i ended up looking after everyone even with just have a c-section two weeks before.
    I don't really care what the sex of the baby is.

    Next set of questions

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    Hey Michelle,

    That's fantastic about the levels rising. How cool. I wonder if you'll have a Little Aussie Baby & deliver on 26 Jan! How cool is that. My birthday ALWAYS falls around the Queen's Birthday long weekend in WA & I always say the long weekend is dedicated to ME! LOL.
    Yeah, I meant are you telling any of your family about the bubby in your belly? I think it's very clever thinking not telling them so they don't come over. I know what you mean about looking after everybody else when you are home from hospital with a newborn. It's tough work, people should realise but for some reason they never do. The must just be awestruck with a bub and forget everything else around them.
    What names are you thinking of? I have so many names that I'll need 6 more children to fit them all in! LOL. Have you seen those baby hammocks from Baby on a Budget? They are fabulous. I want one. I'm trying to get my gf to buy one but she has already bought all her baby stuff. I sooooooooo will be getting one when I have another one.
    Have you had any morning sickness yet?


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    Hiddy ho girlies,

    How is all of your weekends going???
    DH is out modifying his first love (the car) with a sports kit, im the one who mainly drives it, so now im going to look like this rev head chic, oh well he loves his ford, what can i do.

    Jayne, Matey sorry that you have been feeling down, but i do know where you are coming from after your holiday, i always feel like that, we have decided not to go to the city this arvo as its very dark like its going to pi$$ down!, Good on you for making yourself feel better about yourself, i think thats the one thing that kinda went when i finished work and became a full time mum, i have also been trying to feel better about myself aswell.

    Michelle, so great that your levels are rising, im sure this one is going to be a sticka!!!

    Michelle71, hey its up to you and i now to get over to the ark to keep the Michelle's together!!

    Candi, about your theory, im going to put that into place next month if i can, every second day of the whole dam cycle. i must catch the eggy next cycle cause this is becoming ridiculous!!!!

    Belinda, I am happy for you that AF has returned so quickly, now you can get on with things and TTC again.

    Tanya, Is the engagment party tonight?? if so goodluck, i hope you end up having a lovely time. or had a lovley time if its already been & gone.

    ME.....well no news to report, just waiting for AF to show, from my calculations she should arrive on wednesday, i highly doubt she will be late or i highly doubt she will leave me with a BFP, so im not overly confident, just want her to come so i can get on with a fresh new cycle, think next cycle i will start taking vitex as my cycles since m/c have been quiet irregular, has anyone else used it before? i willl give anything a go!!! reason.

    Have a great saturday night girls.

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    Hey Girls...

    Yes I know...where have i been???Well my Nanna had an op last week and was supposed to be having a Hysteroscopy and D&C but they accidentaly put a small hole in her uterus,so they didn't do the proceedure and we were at the hospital from 11.30 till 7 pm. needless to say she is ok and has to heal for 4 weeks before she has to go for the proceedure all over again...She took a while to get over the anaesthetic and she also has artritis in her spine and can't get around much,so i have been busy with her.
    At nights i just collapse in a heap!! But now DH has just started 5 weeks holidays so I will be able to spend more time with you girls, trying to support you like you have me in the past...
    Michelle...You little rippa!! I am so excited for you!! I know you have been trying so hard and now it all seems to have paid off...well done! I am sure things will be fab..levels are great and you will be fat before you know it!!!Hope the next 8 months go quickly and you have a trouble free pg...

    Nola..Well how are you feeling chicken?? Aunty Jan is here, every step of the way..waiting patiently for the first piccy..OOOh I am so excited!! Give my little neice/nephew a belly rub..xx is declan going??Seems to begrowing so you blink and they are not babies anymore...

    Will pop back later on an chat..

    Jan xx

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    Hey there all,

    Jayne: I havent heard of the Baby Hammocks, but if you would like to buy one for me I would appreciate one....(only joking) but would love to know where I may be able to get one, they sound fab. great to see you have settled back home after your wonderful time away. Now it will be getting back into the bding and babymaking routine yeah!!

    Shell: I do hope that AF gives you a wonderful surprise and decides to stay away for at least 9mths. Hope this post finds you well.

    Aunty Jan: How are you my dear friend. I was just thinking of you and chatting with Kazz on msn when i pop on here and there you are. How are you? I am doing well, the M/s or should i say adms (all day m/s) has hit well. As I said to Dh the other night I have never been so happy to be so sick. Other than that I have a sore throat (pharingitis) and my Asthma is playing up a little but all under control, and after having a wonderful sleep last night i am feeling much better this morning. I am drinking lemonade like it is going out of fashion as it is at the moment the only thing stopping me from being sick. I send Michael down the street last night to get me some Gingernut biccies but they were horrible and I just put them in the cupboard. Must say they did help though. I have given bub a rub for you and sent a smile along with it.
    I so hope you are well and Just love hearing from you. I have started a Journal on one of the other threads if you are at all interested in keeping up with my day to day pg journey. Thanks a gain for all your wonderful Love and support and I just wish i was truly sharing this experience with you

    Tamara: i know that you drop in from time to time so just sending you a big hello and a sprinkling of baby dust......I have a feeling it is not far away for you at all.....hang on tight.

    enough from me for the min....going over to my mums for dinner this evening so have the night of cooking.....thank goodness. Will chat with you all again in the next couple of days....Love heaps Nola xxx

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    Jan, its so good to see you back. I hope everything is going well with your nanna. Declan is going really well thank you. It is amazing they aren't little babies for long. He is now in 00 clothing. Its sarying to think only a few weeks ago he was in 0000 and 000 clothing.

    Jayne, to you. It is hard coming home from a lovely holiday then bam hit with reality (so to speak) and back to your normal life. Hopefully you have ovulate matey and your body is just playing tricks on you. Please know if you ever need tochat I am here for you.

    Shell, I still have everything crossed for you matey. I really hope AF stays away and you do get that BFP. Nola and Michelle need some more company to board the ark. I have a feeling you and Michelle 71 will be the next to board the ark.

    Hello to everyone else.

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    Jayne - Only have a girls name at the moment which is Eleanor. The only boy name we seem to like is Sebastian. DH wants a nice long name like the other two have.
    I've never been into baby Co but i am sure i will go out looking one day soon Waiting until i get passed 12wks to go looking and buying.

    Shell - Keeping my fingers crossed that AF doesn't arrive for you.

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    Hi Girls

    Jayne, I hope your body settles down very soon. It can be so frustrating being irregular, and having temps like you describe can't be any fun! I hope you are feeling a little better

    Belinda, I am glad the m/c hasn't taken too much of a toll on your body and you are 'back to normal'... I hope you are doing ok

    Shell, I hope your feelings are wrong and you do get a BFP!! How's DH car mods going?

    Jan, I hope you Nan recovers with no trouble! I remember spending lots of time at the Hospital when my brother was ill.... it can be absolutely draining, mentally, physically and emotionally!

    Nola, I hope your dinner was nice

    Michelle, how are you? Any symptoms?

    Me, EWCM this morning and my right ovary is a bit sore so I really think O will be soon.... in the next few days I hope! I am sure I had more to write than that, biut can't remember... Oh well an excuse to come back later when I think of it


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    Hi guys
    My name is Naomi and i have had 2 m/c, one was 16th Jan this year at approx 6-7wks (unknown pg), Rick and I decided to move our ttc date up since the m/c, so we are currently trying.
    I had a trying week this week. Af was late, and i got 2 x + on hpts on Monday, got a BT on tuesday, just to be screwed around and not get results til Friday, then to be confused by it to have another BT friday and got the results yesterday, both came up BFN, then AF arrived today. Im ok about it but now im thinking that i could have m/c again (i got to cd45).
    So now Rick and I want to use opk's to predict ovualtion to avoid pg (well try to) for just a couple of cycles, just to see what my body is up to, we both couldnt handle another m/c.

    Thank you, look forward to getting to know you all

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    Hello girls, how is everyone?? I am pretty relaxed and good. This holiday has been a heaven sent!!! My temps are looking great after our naughty weekend away. In fact, they keep rising.
    I have been going to the toilet at least 15+ times a day now so Alan seems to think something isn't right... I don't want to get my hopes up... I mean we aren't supposed to be trying... does that make sense???

    Will keep you girls updated.

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