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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ November 2006

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    The Chicken Guest


    Good evening ladies

    Kez -glad to see you positive. I was thinking exactly the same as Kirsty - but I know how disappointing it would be.

    Amy - Fab news. Sticky vibes straight to you.

    Missy - good news about the nausea and means bub is doing exactly what s/he is meant to. Take it easy hun.

    Cilmum - I get OPK's off ebay and they are super cheap. Some sellers throw in a few preg tests as well. I need more explanation on the pretzel position. Have been doing some research on Karma Sutra, but I'm not sure if I can recognise the position???? Does it have a more traditional name? Will definitely try some candlelight and may bring out the big guns - lace and oil (woohoo!!!!)

    Megan - have you spoken to ob/gyn about discharge? Sorry I can't help.

    Shaz - welcome!! Hope the ET goes well tomorrow. Fingers crossed Sorry about your little angel. Shan said it beautifully about all of our angels.

    Tanya - hope AF treats you well when she arrives. Will be cycling with you! Hope you have recovered after your trip to hospital.

    Clare - what's happening?

    Hope/Megan -how are you both travelling? Make sure you get lots of rest.

    Shan - how are you going hun? Sorry about the's the last thing you need with all of this other stuff going on. Sending you abig one

    Mako - hows your TWW? Any more symptoms? I have a good feeling about you this month.

    Lisa - glad AF is almost over. Here's to 2007 and loads of BFP's! It is amazing how time flies. We started in 2004'll have your little miracle before you know it. Just keep believing hun!

    Hopefully I have included everyone - this thread is becoming busier than Bourke Street. Anyway I am currently day 8 and I had some CM yesterday, which is the type I get before EWCM. Tested yesterday and today but I only got really faint lines. So I think I should be O'ing sometime later this week. The diet has been going great guns and I am now doing 120 sit ups a day. DH says he has noticed a difference, although I haven't put myself on the scales yet. Let's hope my therapist is RIGHT!

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    clare076 Guest


    I am so over this already. Sorry girls really having a down day. I have no energy to even sit here and type this. I got all excited this morning thinking AF had actually arrived and no, it's now stopped again, and my temp went back up again this morning.
    My GP has also just rung me to let me know that my thyroid levels are now far to low - I have gone from 17.3 to 0.3 in 6 weeks. Probably the reason I feel like crap.
    I have no idea what my body is doing, I feel totally out of control.

    I'll come back tomorrow and do personals, sorry just not in the mood at the moment.

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    I am still here.. Haven't visited for a bit :/ I have no idea if I am in the 2ww or not this month. I thought I O'd on CD9 but then it seems like I O'd only a couple days ago so I guess its another wait and see month

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    Megan76 Guest


    Hi all!

    Clare - sorry to hear about the thyroid levels, hope you're ok??? Sometimes it seems like one setback after another, but you will get there. You cracked me up over the loo paper!! We have got a friend staying with us who bought our last lot with shells etc on it and it has give me a thousand heart attacks!! The joys!!

    Spoke to OB last night and she is not concerned about the discharge given the amount and lack of other symptoms. I see her next week so fingers crossed! I have known i am pregnant 2 weeks today, feels like 2 years!!

    Have a great day!!!

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    Megan76 Guest


    PS Clare, my temp went down then up again when i was preg!!!!?????????

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    Kez - Really sorry to read about that horrible false +ive :mad: But glad you are feeling much better and you will get your BFP soon enough!

    Lisa & The Chicken - Nearly time for the BD fest! I wish you every success for a BFP next month

    Cilmum - I also get my OPKs from Ebay and have found them to work for me. Although I've heard that for some ladies they aren't any good for. You can only try I guess.

    Shaz - Welcome I hope your stay here with us is short & sweet!

    Mako - Fingers X'ed for you that this 2ww is the last before a BFP!!

    Dream bub - All the best for you on your BFP quest! I too am -ive blood type and need to have Anti-D shots. I've never had any problems with them, just took it in the thigh like a good girl,lol.

    Clare - I hope you're feeling better. I've had a few down moments myself as we all do! Worse Luck. It'll improve for us all and we'll eventually get what we want most. hugs to you.

    Hope everyone else is well!

    Me- I've been feeling queasy most days during the last 3. My apetite has dropped. Mainly at dinner time I find I'm not having anything at all! Night before last was a shocker my dd woke me just before 1am and I was still lying awake at past 4! Just couldn't sleep,even though I wanted to . So just lay there listening to the familiar sound of Dh snoring,lol. And its not like I can catch up through the day either...

    Oh well. Back later! :-) have a great day ladies!

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    kirsty Guest


    Hiya lovely ladies time to lock this thread & move on over to a new one here

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