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Thread: Trying To Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ October 2006 #3

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    The Chicken Guest


    Hope - I trip myself up every month!!! However today I am feeling OK about the whole thing as it is my first month on Metformin. Now that I know there is a problem I can stop banging my head on that brick wall.

    Kez - It may be a bit early, not too sure. No AF yet, but I feel all over the place. Had a shocking day with mood swings yesterday. Normally my boobs get sore soon after O and then calm down before AF comes. But this cycle my boobs calmed down and flared up again on Thursday and are really sore and big today....lots of really dark veins last night. I have had cramping but on one side mainly. So basically I don't know what is going on. Maybe Metformin has changed PMT symptoms ?????

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    Lou - yeah thats what I thought, though I feel very sick and my body temp is up is that a good sign??? I am so confused, I feel terrible because I can't remember before all I seem to remember is going through the ep and all the pain....I did have sore bb's last time... gee I don't know I feel like I am going a little insane. Our bodies are completely werid!

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    The Chicken Guest


    Kez - high temps are good as it means you have good levels of progesterone. You will need to check them a bit closer to when AF is due. There will always be a bit of fluctuating but as long as it doesn't fall too low. Maybe I need to check mine???? Nausea is also a good sign as some women can feel it as soon as they conceive.... I had to do a maccas run at 10pm last night as I was craving a Big Mac and was feeling a bit yuck. I use to crave them when I was preg with Sam. BIZARRE!!! I also tempted fate today doing the groceries - Huggies Newborn boxes were on sale so I bought one!!! AF will definitely come now LOL!

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    Kez-- How many DPO are you? Alot of girls seem to be able to get a +hpt from 10dpo onwards. Maybe you should poas if you are that far??!! Check out the opk as hpt thread as well. A few of the girls there seem to have got +opk's before +hpts? Might be worth a try?
    Lou-- Those ginormous bb's sound promising!! One of my good friends had extra veiny looking bb's when she fell pg. What is metformin btw? Is it like clomid?
    Lisa-- anymore signs????

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    Kez-Those symptoms sound really good. How can you not test? You must have amazing willpower!

    Hope-Your temps look good. Here's to waiting for a few more days!!

    Lisa-Any more symptoms? Who knew we would beg to be nauseous, have heartburn, and sore boobs with funny looking bumps!!

    Lou-I hope you have a little one to put in those Huggies real soon!!

    My temps are looking good so far. I just didn't know if I'd get a real clear cut picture if I O'd or not but it sure looks that way. I have just been so tired lately and don't know if it's a symptom or I 'm just playing catch up from this past weekend. I can't hardly stay awake at night. I guess daylight savings time could have something to do with it. Only time will tell. This 2WW is going faster than last month(or 3 1/2WW it ended up being). Yeah!! We go wedding dress shopping tomarrow for my sister. It will be so much fun! She is last to get married out of both sides of our families so it's kinda sad that we will most likely never get to do this again. I'm just nervous that if I do get pregnant now, I'll be a whale for her wedding and look awful in a bridesmaid dress. I'll deal with that later.

    Hope you guys have a good weekend and I probably won't check in til next week!

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    kirsty Guest


    Hiya lovely ladies time to lock this thread & move on over [url=]here[/url] to keep on chatting

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