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Thread: Big Brother - an outrage!!!!!!

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    Why are some people so bl00dy insensitive. That response to me is just a standard response and one that doesn't show compasion or consideration.

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    E's mum Guest


    I have to agree with all you ladies... unfortunately in regards to Big Brother- any publicity is a positive to them. If a TV station is prepared to film people going to the toilet, to them there is no ethical boundaries or concern- just ratings.

    In regards to previous comments, I want to say that although she did inform producers that she had "Dealt with the situation", anybody locked in a house without reprieve, then confronted with such a strong and vivid reminder is bound to react... whether it be a crying baby or giant photographs of a deceased love one. Channel ten and BB have no argument regarding this, she had no reliable coping mechanisms that she would usually turn to (being locked in a house with strangers) and what disgusts me from a Pysch background is that the Pysch's involved in BB should have their credentials looked at. If they can be so stupid and ignorant to put their name to the BB show- and give reinforcement to allowing the task to have taken place, then I would not want them even doing a Pysch assessment on my cattle dog!

    Lets just hope that there is more people out there like you all- to show women like her compassion and understanding in light of her loss. Unfortunately at the moment it feels like she is expected to deal with her loss and forget- but all we mothers know that you could never forget a baby, no matter how long it was here with you for.

    Take care

    E's mum

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    OMG I cant believe that they said she had a miscarriage Nicholas has been referred to as a miscarriage and I very promptly clarify that he was infact stillborn - there is a massive difference and I cannot believe that a person in her position could be so insensitive! But then it seems to me the way of the world, unless someone has experienced a late loss or stillbirth they just cant (or dont want to) get it... thankfully there are some decent people in the world who try to understand us.

    Well at you got a response and werent blatantly ignored... will be interesting to see if you get a further response. Would love to hear if you do Deb

    And I totally agree with you E's Mum - those psychs are crocks, common sense tells you although she may be able to deal with her loss in her normal environment, take her out of that comfort and it is totally different.

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