thread: Dressing them alike

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    Feb 2005
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    Dressing them alike

    I know its not much of an issue with different sex twins, but the same sex, what do you think about the dress alike thing??

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    Feb 2004

    Are you asking ppl that have twins? or ppl that don't? or both? lol

    Since I am an aunty to 2 sets of twins I think I am sort of qualified to answer... the oldest set are girls, almost 15, they wouldn't be caught dead in the same thing lol. But even when they were younger I know that my SIL wouldn't dare to it too them.

    The younger set are boy/girl, so no chance.

    What do you think Vanita?

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    Feb 2005
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    Of course as identicals it looks really cute, I did it!!! I found it was always hard to find something different when things are on sale, and I have done the same outfit, different colours. Now I try to have them with me, and let them choose, and you will find they choose a lot of the same things.
    When they were 4 they WOULDNT dress different and would change outfits during the day, if one got dirty they would both change ](*,)
    For eg I have been having trouble finding a "good" dress in asize 8 for a family do coming up, well I found a gorgeous pinafore at purple pumpkin ( and only$29) well thankfully they had 2 size 8's and they are diff colours. The girls were rapt. One is navy and one is burgundy.
    I try to let their individuality shine through, but very hard at ballet or school!!!!!

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    juzzy7 Guest

    Sorry to say, it's a pet hate of mine.

    I have in the girls 3yrs probably dressed them the same 1/2 dozen times. MIL sends the same outfit all the time.

    I always buy Haylee pink & Tianna mauve/purple & their dolls are even pink for Haylee, purple for Tianna. They know who's clothes are who's & Haylee cracks it if I try to put pink on Tianna & vice versa.

    I was in the bank yesterday & a teller said to me, 'How do you tell them apart?' WTF??? I'M THEIR MOTHER, of course I can tell them apart. People can be so stupid.

    Even relos don't know who's who 1/2 the time & it ****s me no end.

    Sorry to ramble, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

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    Nov 2004

    ok i can't help myself
    even though i have b/g twins i like them when their clothes compliment each other, but i have managed to control myself and contain myself to pj's.
    i.e DS has blue thomas pj, DD has red thomas pj's
    DS has blue bodysuit, DD has pink bodysuit

    as they get older there is not enough clothes around to do this with plus they don't look as cute. Also DS is so big he looks like he is two years older than his twin sister at the moment. If another person asks me what their age difference is . . . .. GRRR!

    i think i have too much spare time...!!!!!!!!!

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    tiggy Guest

    Like Vanita and Jussy, I did the same outfit different colour. The girls have gone through stages where they have wanted to be exactly the same and there are times now when they couldn't dress more differently. When they turned five it basically became their choice. They still have their signature colours but usually dress differently now at 9 years of age.

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    Feb 2005
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    Yeah I hate the "how can you tell them apart " question too!!
    My pet peeve, my IL's used to make it a game everytime they saw them to guess who was who, " no dont tell me, Ill get it in a minute"
    My BIL still says to them, I have no Idea who's who, tell me,, whats your name, AND one has had her hair cut short ( coz she was sick of being a twin)

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    Jan 2005
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    I had twin girls in my grade at primary school and they hated wearing the same clothes. Their mum tended to dress one in pink and the other in lilac.
    I think twins look cute when they dressed the same but I've seen families with 3 girls of different ages dressed the same and that looks plain weird.

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    Oct 2004

    I think i would dress them differently to give them some more individulity. But if they wanted to wear the same clothes, then that would be ok too.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    This is interesting. So far I have bought 2 pink bonds grow suits and that's all! I suppose we'll do the same outfit different colours thing to start with & play it by ear.

    I have at times tried really hard to get the same outfit for my older girls who are 4 years apart, but they're never in the same size section of the shop. If one gets something new though, the other wants to know where hers is. And of course the younger one gets hand-me-downs.

    My brother is 2 1/2 years younger than me, and mum often put us in the same jumper different colours etc, and for a wedding once, same suit different colours, but mine had a skirt and his had pants. It was very cute!

    I have kept anything still wearable of the big girls, and Angus will get all the unisex things, but the girls only stuff, what am I going to do with twins when there's only one of everything? I've probably kept things that should be chucked out when I look at it a bit more closely anyway.

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    Nov 2003
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    I think this is interesting. My sis and I were 6yrs apart and often mum dressed us in the same thing. I didn't mind when I was really young but once I was about 10 this was terrible.

    My girls are not twins but are 18mths apart and I have brought a couple of outfits the same I can't wait to dress them up the same. I hope they don't hate it later on and think I was a meany, although I am only thinking of it while they are really little.

    Cheers Michelle

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    My GF has twins of 16 months, and they always start the day in "the same but different" outfits (ie different in colour, Harry wears blue, Charlie in green) but by an hour later they are mucky so it all goes to whatever after that!

    I agree about the telling them apart comments......I am not even related to these boys, but I have neen able to tell the difference between them for can only imagine how annoying it is for Mums of twins to hear this!

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    This reminds of a SuperNanny episode I saw a few weeks ago, I think there were twins and an older brother? Yeah, I think that was it, anyway, the mum dressed the 3 of them all the same and when one of them dirtied their shirt/pants/whatever, then she would change them all to exactly the same outfit.

    Supernanny put a stop to that! It was just exhausting her and could you imagine the washing?

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Thinking about this again, still don't have a definate policy on this issue. Atm I often just throw on anything clean. When we're going out though I do prefer matching clothes, whether same or different colours.

    Will have to play it by ear as they get older, but I think I'm feeling a natural tendency to want to honour their 'twin-ness".

    They have very obvious individuality though even at this age.

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    very interesting discussion

    I think it depends on the age - lots of parents dress their kids of different ages in same outfits for special ocassions but not every day - it looks cute. Not necessarily boy/girl combinations - coordinating colours might be okay.

    Depending on sex of mine I won't dress them 'identically' or even similarly every day - unless it suits me or 'gifts' come that way. Clean might be all I have time for LOL .

    If one is dirty I won't change both either. If my children chose to wear same clothes I would let them to some degree - but would steer away from having their own 'colour' as much as possible because there are so many fun kids clothes and sticking to one colour would be so NOT exciting. Plus buying at sales would be harder when there is less choice.

    Still having said that if DS had a matching outfit matching short/shirt or pj's- I kept them together and so did he -this tshirt goes with that shorts and he had to always have it that way.

    We handed the clothes down to a friend with 4 boys (1 same age as my DS and 3 younger) - they annoyed me because they mismatched the clothes ( bad dress sense too) and even between siblings that wore one part much too large. DS used to ask me why they weren't matching.

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    We are not planning on dressing our twins alike but I must admit when I buy clothes I buy one yellow, one green etc as I feel strange buying just one of something as if I am saying to myself their is only one baby in my belly not two.

    But I just feel that they can have the same clothes just not worn on the same day.

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    My twins are now 7 and choose most of their own clothes, somethings they choose are completely different ( their bathers) others are the same, but different colours, others are identical, I dont dress them, or pick their clothes in the morning, but probably 80% of the time, they have at least one item the same ( same skirt, diff tshirt) and the rest of the time they have exactly the same, so I let them do their own thing, its their choice at this age how much they want to play on the "twinness" they have, IYKWIM.

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    May 2004
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    No way am I dressing my twins alike if they are the same sex. I just feel that as they are two completely different people, then I will treat them accordingly.

    I have many wondersuits for the hospital and for the early days at home but will be putting them in different booties and beanies all the time.

    It is cute when you see twins dressed the same, I must admit that. But personally I dont like it for me IYKWIM??

    Love Kel