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Thread: General Discussion ~ Twins & More #4

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    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles


    I agree & there are just as many twins in Windsor ...must be something in the water - the good old Hawkesbury River - it's recycled isn' t it

    Merry Kiss mess to all the twin mums and dads and congratulations for surviving another year ...

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    Kim McManus-Smith Guest


    Hey Cathie.
    My twins are now 10mnths old!!! Really full on but enjoying it immensely..except for the teething part LOL. Logan has 7 teeth and Erin has 4. I am very blessed because they are very easy going bubs and their 2 big sisters are great little mummies. Looking forward to our holiday on is off to Dubbo. Look out Dubbo, here we come!!!

    Have a great xmas and new year all. Stay safe and treasure every precious moment!
    KIM xoxoxo

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    Hi guys
    Long time no post!
    Things here have been really hectic.
    The girls are both growing well and had their first lot of shots yesterday. I can't believe they are 2 months old already!
    Just wanted to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and I hope to catch up more regularly!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and my twins.

    Name. Nadine
    Location. Gippsland
    Conceived. IVF (9th attempt)
    Gestation. 37 weeks and 2 days
    Names. Eliza (5pd 10oz ) and Aaron (6pd 5oz)
    Notes. Elective C/s

    I can say the first 12 weeks after they were born was pretty full on for us. Our little boy ended up with reflux at 4 weeks and spent 2 nights in hospital as he couldn't keep any of his bottles down and would scream for hours because of it. We finally got his medication right and he settled down around 10 weeks.

    We got into a routine at around 10 weeks ( 4 hourly bottles during the day) which helped alot and started using a dummy during the night to resettle instead off a bottle as they were only drinking small amounts during the night.

    They still don't sleep through the night with out having to be resettled but I guess that will come one day.

    A couple of questions:

    I know my 2 are faternal twins but it is sometimes hard to understand how they can be so different. Are most peoples like that? My little boy rolled at 10 weeks, started to comando crawl at 5 months and mastered crawling by 6 1/2 months. He also said "Dad" at 6 months and 1 day. My little girl in quiet happy just to lie on her back and play with toys. I have taken her to the materal health nurse and they are happy with her progress, they just say he is more advanced and she is right where she should be.

    I am finding naps during the day are getting harder, I could always get them to nap together giving me time to do washing and clean the house but lately I seem to have one up and one down all day. My little boys can make 2 hours up, but because he is on the go now he naps for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, because he gets so warn out. My little girl can only make 1 1/2 hours up but then only naps for an hour to 1 1/2 hours. I have tried keeping her up longer but she just gets so grumpy and then she finds it hard to settle when I do put her to bed, as she is over tired. Most times she still only sleeps for the shorter period anyway so I am no better off. Do other people find this, I like the one on one time but I get nothing done.

    Is there anybody else out there with twins the same age or can remember what their twins were like at this age? If so what sleeping patterns do you have yours on.

    Any advise would be helpful.


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    Its been a while for me too. its pritty crazt around here.

    the boys are doing great. they are still Jelly babies tho. no rolling can kinda push up when on their belly but nothing too much. not worried tho their gest age is still just 4.5 months even tho they were 6 months on xmas day.

    they have been eating for about a month. and going great. huge appetites. they get 4x200ml bottles each (sometimes 5) and farex fruit or veg x 3 / day. with a mix of Jar and home made. no issues they love it.
    Caleb is about 7.9kg and sebi is about 6.9kg so a bit of a differencs.

    Nadine- my boys are completly different too. even in personality. i love it i was hoping the would be different. inface its funny cebi is a lot like my eldest Isaac they would have been twins. they look the same (when ike was 6 months that is) and act the same its amasing.

    well bubba calling

    I hope everyone is having a gr8 xmas too

    BBL if i can

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    Gosh, I thought I was subscribed to this thread, but wasnt and have missed heaps. I hope you all had a great christmas and you all have a happy and safe new year.

    Things are hectic here. Very tired as we have had 4 sick kids, now just the twins have the bad cold/virus. 2 sick babies ugh! Other than that they are doing great. Hope to catch up more in the new year.

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    CathieW Guest


    Hi everyone,

    Welcome Nadine, My twins are 3 months and they are soooooo different. Sam loves attention and if he dosen't get it than he crys and crys. Hana just sits in her rocker and watches everything, she loves watching TV and the fish. Hana smiles and talks, Sam smilies talks and also laughs. Nadine all children develop at different rates.

    i'm also finding the sleeping thing changing, I could get them both to sleep at the same time but know one's sleeps and the other one is awake you don't get much done during the day. But both of mine sleep all night.

    I wish everyone a happy new year.

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    CathieW Guest


    hey Kristy,
    I heard that there is a twin group in the Hawkesbury, When I find out more Info I'll let you know.


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    Hi Girls,

    Happy New Year to you all.

    Can not believe my boys will be 4 this year. Its gone so fast. We are all great.

    Hello to everyone

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    Cathie- sounds good. i tried play group but it wasn't 4 me. and some of the other kids were bullies to Isaac. i should try a twins group tho, i contacted the AMBA and they were no help at all.

    My boys sleep all night but we have no ruting at all, i try to just go with the flow and see what happens.

    they rolled for the first time last weekend, they are a bit late with all that stuff.

    take care

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    Whoohoo at Caleb and Sebastian rolling, now it starts you will be run off your feet, well a bit more than usual lol.

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    Hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely holiday season! Back to reality now that holidays are over. Ah well...
    Our little girls are growing TOO fast! Already crawling and pulling up on furniture. Was sorting some tiny clothes they wore as newborns today - *sniff sniff* can't even remember them being that small!!

    Hi Nadine - looks like my girls are about the same age as your babies - mine will be 8 months old in a week or so (eep! where has the time gone?) Our routine is a bit like this (although I'm pretty flexible and usually wait for tired/hungry signs from them - it usually follows the same general pattern):

    5:30am - wake. breastfeed. straight back to sleep (uugh. wish I could get them to sleep another hour here!!)
    7am - 7:30am - wake up for the day
    8am - breakfast
    9am - breastfeed
    9:30am - sleep
    11am - 11:30am - wake
    11:30am - lunch
    1pm - breastfeed
    1pm - 1:30pm - sleep
    3pm - 4pm - wake, breastfeed
    5pm - dinner
    6pm - 6:30pm - bath, breastfeed,
    6:30pm - 7pm - bed

    Hope that helps! Sounds like your two are having some pretty decent daytime sleeps, it's just a shame they aren't at the same time! Mine are identical and I have heard it is easier to get identical babies on the same routine. Although I have found that putting mine in separate rooms during the daytime sleeps has helped. They still sleep together at night, I just have a portacot set up in the spare room for during the day. I found they were waking each other during the day so this has fixed that problem. Good luck!! I know how hard it is when they play tag-team all day long and you never get a break.

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    Thanks for your routine.
    Mine is very simlar so I guess I am on the right track. The only difference is your girls seem to be able to stay up longer than my two, so I end up with another nap between 5pm-6pm and then off to bed at 8pm. I have tried cutting out the 5pm - 6pm nap and putting them to bed at 7pm ( they are very grumpy between 6-7pm because they are tired)but like your two, mine end up awake at 5am but mine won't go back to sleep.

    I am the same Cathie my two sleep in separate rooms, but I also do this during the night. My son with his reflux is the most unsettled at night and he was always waking his sister up. Since I have put them is separate rooms she has settled down a lot ( this has taken about 6 months) and in the last week she has started sleeping through night. She even got 2 teeth last week and still slept fine, I hope she keeps this up.
    I am starting a play group for multiples in Feb and there is another lot of twins that are close in age to mine so that should be good. I am hoping by then my 2 should be on only 2 naps a day and be able to stay up that little bit longer.

    Thank you everbody else for your comments, I guess I just find it strange that mine are completley different. I even had a bank teller the other day ask me the age difference, when I said 2 mins his jaw dropped and he said "oh they're twins".

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    I have reached 29 weeks and the last week has been a roller coaster to say the least

    Well........ where do I start ?????

    I had my GTT on Wednesday and my Obs contacted me on Friday to let me know all is OK. Thank God, I was starting to get a bit worried about the whole thing.

    Yesterday I went and had my 29 week Growth Scan to check on the size of the boys.

    Both boys weigh approx 3lb 2oz which the lady reckons is pretty good and in the 50th centile ? She could not measure their length as they are both curled up with legs tucked in and around each other.

    Unfortunately both boys are Breach and there aint much room left for them to turn. So at this stage I will be booked in for a C-Section. (I am seeing the Obs tomorrow so will find out more then )

    Basically their heads are both sitting under my rib cage which is causing the most excruciating pain in my right shoulder blade and the worst indigestion I have ever experienced. I am sleeping on average 3 hours per night, as everytime I roll over, my entire body hurts and I need to go to the toilet. Last night in particular was the worst I have experienced, but was lucky enough to get a couple of hours sleep this afternoon.

    Then to top my day off, I came up with the brilliant idea to get a tape measure and measure around my belly. 52 inches I measure at 29 weeks. NOT HAPPY JAN LOL. I was only 42 inches when I was full term with my boys.

    Anyhow that has been my weekend, hope you all had a good one


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    CathieW Guest


    Hey Sam,
    At 32 weeks I was soooooo huge that I could'nt drive and walking was such an effect. By 36 weeks I begged my Dr to induce me he did thank goodness.

    Hey girls have you noticed all the new twin mum's around.


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    Sam & Cathie

    I was the size of somebody full term at 32 weeks so I know how you feel. From about 34 weeks during the night I would sleep 3 hours down and 3 up ( How I loved pay TV ). Like you Cathie by the end I was so glad when they were born, but then I guess it prepared me for the lack of sleep once the twins were born.

    We live is a smaller town and I went shopping last week and there was 2 other sets of twins shopping also. I think they have always been there but you notice them more because you have them, it was the same when I was pregnant.

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    Yes twins everywhere!

    UGH GIVE ME SOME SLEEP! When will bubs sleep a 4 hr stretch, we are only managing 2 1/2 to 3hr ones at the moment. Tag team!

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    Default Soy to Conceive!?

    Hi Everyone...

    Weird kind of question here I know but just thought I might ask!! A friend of mine has just found out that she is having twins!! (Exciting I know!!) she eats a lots of Soy and Tofu being a Vegetarian but we wondered if this might be the reason behind conceiving them.

    We've both been having a look further into this and have come up with some research suggesting that Soy acts like Clomid in stimulating the ovaries... is this true do you think!!? Has anyone else a vegetarian or soy eating who has conceived twins??


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