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    HI there...
    I just posted this in another thread, then realised there was a twin thread to use!! Sorry for the repitition...

    Bottom line is this. I am having bizzarre lower abdominal pain (just above the pubic bone), that comes and goes and at times is very uncomfortable. Then I have it around the back as well, like maybe my uterus is pushing down on my intestines and trapping air or something (this is REALLY hard to describe without grossing peopel out...) It makes me feel like I should go to the toilet to relieve the pressure (like gas or something), but then it's gone and I'm fine again.

    This is my second pregnancy, and obviiously very diff to my first (she was a singleton). Just wondering if anyone else experiences this? Is it just round ligaments, or my uterus stretching, or maybe something worse like pelvic inflammatory disease? I am seeing my OB friday, but wondered if anyone else had any input/advice for me...


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    I might be pregnant with twins too, find out next wednesday (been through IVF) and i have been having a stitch like pain on my right side in my abdomen too. I called Repromed just then and the nurse said its fine and very normal. Its your ovaries expanding and body hormones going crazy. If its a constant sharp pain for hours then call your doctor, but if it comes and goes then that is fine, dont worry.

    Good luck with your pregancy, i am 6 weeks today and so excited.


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    Hi gals

    I'm pregga's with twins too, I had just that, I think in my case it was trapped wind especially so in the first trimester. After going to the toilet and a windeze tablet, all was fine. Sometimes though it is the uterus growing to accommodate your two bubs, that can be quite sharp and painful too, but only lasts a minute or two.

    Good luck with your twin preg Jules it certainly is a scary minefield!

    And good luck with the scan Em, mine were a total surprise as they were naturally conceived and to our knowledge at the time no twins in the family. But since found out actually there are some on other halfs side of the family!

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