thread: Most useful item for parents of twins?

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    *Rachel* Guest

    Most useful item for parents of twins?

    Just curious as to what the most useful item that you received as a gift or purchased as parents of twins was/is?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Besides an extra set of hands, the items I found most usefulwere the slings, so I could actually have A hand free, and the swings/ rockers to keep one in whilst busy with the other!!!

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    juzzy7 Guest

    Disposable Nappies, lots of them. I was planning on using cloth but they both had reflux, colic so they got used as rags. HTH.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    the best present i got was someone to give me just a little time. Whether they come over and do the dishes in my sink, or hang up my clothes, or even pay for a cleaner, or a gardner. That would be awesome.

    If all else fails, two really cute outfits and usually with twins, practicallity rules rather than cuteness and everything is times two $$$.

    A symphony mobile that plays mozart music was cool, and so was the FP Aquarium.

    and of our the good old every reliable nappy wrapper.

    hope this helps

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Ok ...

    Bath Stuff (my supply only just ran out .. my boys are nearly 16 months old!)
    donations of time ...
    swing/exesaucer/jolly jumper .. I wish I had at least one of these!
    clip suits (the singlet ones that clip)

    In fact .. Everything I got, I pretty much used!

    My SIL gave us a voucher to a supermarket, instead of a present .. that was a godsend!

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    *Rachel* Guest

    great, thanks for the replies!

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    fancypants Guest

    We received a snap n go, 2 snug ride car seats and 2 falcon car seat carriers, now if that isn't the combo or an extra set of hands. Thats all we us to this point. We have a McClaren double but thats just to go around the block. We have a boy and a girl, 6 months old.
    fancy pants \/

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    tiggy Guest

    I think our most valuable were the bouncers, always good to keep one amused, while feeding/bathing/ changing the other. The old ones, you know that you could bounce with one foot?

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    Registered User

    Oct 2005

    We got given so much stuff- and we used everything- it's all useful. The most useful thing I got given was a twin feeding pillow- awesome!! you can use them for breast or bottle feeding- means that one person can comfortabley feed at the same time. Also- the time my mother gave me was invaluable- she helped me so much with breastfeeding- so access to a lactation consultant would be an awesome gift if planning to breast feed