thread: Positive birth story about TWINS....

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    Grosby Guest

    Love those comments, I will have to keep them for the memory bank.

    Pansy, how rude of that woman, I'm glad your Hubby turned the pram away from her, some people have no idea, no matter what the circumstances, she should not have said what she did.

    We went out today, and I got the "are they twins" comment, I laughed, my Aunty said I should say no they are triplets, I just left one at home, lol.

    It's all good though

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    Sep 2006

    hey guys your comebacks are fantastic they will definately be stored in the memory bank...heres another story for you all. I worked in retail for a company called tree of life for 6 years.They use to be really alternative/hippy years ago but have become a bit mainstream now.Anyway I worked up until 30 weeks and one day my yoga teacher came in to see how i was going etc...Now im a pretty exciteable person and towards the end of our conversation I noticed this old hippy looking woman edging nearer to me.The next thing she starts abusing me telling me that I spoke like a mad woman that my baby I was carrying could hear me rambling and hear every word I said (she was not privvy to the information that I was having twins) that her husband delivered 2 of her 6 children with his own hands(husband???? was probably her brother) and that all women these days cared about was money and i was worse than a prostitute working for moneywhile i was pregnant.I was in total utter shock my staff were telling her to get out I was telling her to leave and she wouldnt.I had to call security to get rid of her.when they got her out I just burst into tears...I couldnt believe what had just happened. I told my mum and my hubby that she made me feel dirty which was probably her aim...It upset me because never in my whole 29 yrs had i ever felt so beautiful than when I was pregnant.Later when I thought about it I was actually glad it happened because it has made me such a stronger person and if someone says something to me that offends im quick to tell them to **** off rather than go into shock and stand there like a stunned mullett. I also love how people ask if they are IVF or if twins run in the family.What does that matter? there is a website in america you can buy stuff related to twins..there is a shirt im tempted to buy "yes twins run in our family"

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    OMG! :O, what a rude cow! I can understand why you got upset! I wish people could just learn how to keep their mouths shut, and opinions to themselves!!!!! Never mind, she is probably a miserable old woman, and is just envious of the lifestyles we can all lead today.
    A girlfriend of mine gave me these cool little suits for our girls at my baby shower, on the bum, it reads, my other twin is not far behind me, I wonder if they do t-shirts? It's funny you should say that though, in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I got sick of people looking at me, and making comments, I had this one guy stare at me, and then say OH MY GOD! at the top of his lungs, I turned around and said, I'M HAVING TWINS YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol, that day I had approx 8 people comment to me, and as they were walking past, I told them, I'm having twins! RUDE.
    Can I also say, that I hate people saying, Uh Oh, double trouble, it gives me the s***s! God, I've only had them for 2 and a bit weeks, and it's already annoying me, lol.

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    Nov 2004

    i had a pain in the neck relo as me if my twins were natural. I told her that they were as natural as you can get when you put sperm and an egg together.

    I hated the side show act that you get from having twins. I felt like putting a collection can on the pram for those that wanted to speak to me like we were a freak show!!

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    Odette, that sounds like me when I had them, I had people come in and ask if they could watch the delivery, as they had never seen a natural breech delivery, I was fine with it, but as a joke when they all piled into the room, I asked for a $5 per person collection! I counted them all, and said that was a quick way to make $50 bucks, lol.

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    Sep 2006

    Emma I too hate when people say "double trouble" if they say it to me I reply quite sternley "no double the love". I also had a guy say to me,after he had been listening to my conversation "glad its you and not me" Yeah probably because guys cant give birth...idiot. I also had alot of people say to me as well "oh you look like your about to pop you shouldnt be working still" I also had to go into the whole im having twins story. I heard from one of the midwives that they were all fighting to be in delivery with me to watch i could have made a packet too.

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    Jun 2006

    My local shops are 3 minutes walk down the road, & if I walk down without them, I'm in a lot of trouble! Most of the people who work there know us by now, and they all have to have a look and make sure "their" babies are doing well, and ask how I'm doing.

    One lady I see quite often asks me which one is hers, as she is not going to have grandkids, so mine are her substitute. I love the fact that I can make everyones' day!

    When I was in hospital waiting to give birth, I too had a lot of midwives popping their heads around to see when everything was going to happen' cause it was getting to the end of the shift & they didn't want to miss out!

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    Jan 2009

    Question Epidural...

    Hi there...

    I know this is an old forum, however hoping if any of you don't mind answering my question/dilemma?? I'm 37 weeks pregnant with Twin A head down ready to go and Twin B breech (was head down till 36 week scan darn it!). I need to decide whether to have an epidural or not!! Everything inside me says no, though the doctors get you thinking about the 'incases' and makes me a bit indecisive... Having it 'incase' something goes wrong, just doesn't seem right to me. Just keen to hear from experienced/educated mums who have been there and had to make a similar decision. Did anyone not have one and have to have the doctor 'go in' (for want of a better term) to turn or guide #2? I have always had a peaceful feeling that everything is going to go well anyway, though don't want to be naive or subject to the 'I told you so's'... I also figure things can go wrong with one baby, but you don't go having an epidural 'incase' something goes wrong with one. Also, I have had 1 baby (2.5 years ago) no drugs, no dramas, naturally (not sure if that makes any difference really)...

    Thanks in advance...