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    Hi, I am 26 years old and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with twins. I just wondered if anybody else had experienced constant nausea with their twin pregnancy and how long this had continued for. I started feeling sick and vomiting at about 5 or 6 weeks, and although I don't actually vomit that much anymore, the nausea is still there. I've tried all the usual stuff that people reccommend (ginger, sea sickness wrist bands, dry biscuts, etc) but I still feel gross. I'm now 12 weeks along and I've got quite a bit of a belly already, I can't believe it!! My jeans felt tight at around 8 weeks, so it will be interesting to see how big I actually become (I'm normally a size 8)!! Anyway, if anyone cal tell me their experience and how they coped, I'd be really grateful. Thanks.
    O Belinda

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    Belinda I am 23 weeks pregnant with twins and still getting morning sickness (But now I am usually over it by 9.30-10am) previously I was nauseous all day

    So I am expecting it to last all the way through

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    i hate to be a bah humbug , but i had morning sickness from week 4 until the day before i had my twins. I was so sick that i lost 20kg and was hospitalised several times for dehydration.

    I didn't feel sick so much - just nothing would stay down. I don't know many twin mums that acutally enjoyed beign pg with twins.
    Everything is doubled with twins- including the ms due the hormones.

    Things to try - Blackmore morning sickness tablets
    - gingernut biscuits
    - water , water , water
    - stemitil or maxalon from the docs

    none of these worked for me. In the end the only thing was a drug called Zofrin - which they give chemo patients for nausea. It was around $30 a tablet and was on 3 a day. In the end I used so many that i got them for free after getting permission from Canberra.

    don't let yourself get dehydrated. If you do, seek medical attention straight away.
    The fact that it has eased off a bit is a good sign - so hopefully you are over the worst of it.
    good luck and let us know how you are going.
    mum to ariel and immogen -5/12/2002 -twins

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    Congratulations Belinda!

    There's no telling how long your nausea will last of course. Personally I tend to only have it mildly in the first trimester, but it was definately worse with the twins, more hormones I suppose.

    Same for all symptoms really, more intense with twins.

    To ease nausea, I found I had to eat. Don't let your tummy get empty. Go to bed with a glass of milk & a snack, & have some milk &/or a snack ready for eating in the middle of the night & before you get out of bed in the morning, & don't go more than 3 hours without having something to nibble in the day time. Hopefully you have a generous & understanding bloke who is prepared to fetch you things & go out in the middle of the night for ice cream if necessary.

    As mentioned above, water water water!! You really need heaps.

    This is definately a time to pamper and nurture yourself & welcome others to pamper & nurture you too.

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    I agree with you Yvette - as soon as I start to feel a little nauseous I eat and it helps most of the time - and my DH brings me raisin toast in bed every morning \/

    I went to P & C meeting at school 18 motnhs ago and saw a lady who was pregnant with twins - she would have been 5-6 months but sat there the whole meeting nibbling on biscuits/crackers - and it was only 7.30pm onwards.

    I found drinking Ribena (very weak) is refereshing and beats drinking so much plain water -though I drink a Pump bottle or2 of this too a day.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have had MS since week 5 and I still have them now. I was so lucky last week for not being sick for 5 days and today it started all over again. I am running out of energy and am thinking of giving up for good my job as a merchandiser. I think its time for me to relax.

    Talk to you soon

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