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Thread: When did you feel twins kicking?

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    I still have Nausea less today but late evening V - tonight again anyway - when did yours cease ?

    I still love being pregnant no matter what

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    Hi Chris,

    No I havent put on a lot of weight. At my first doctors appointment I was 68.5kg. Then I got SEVERE morning sickness and at my next appointment I was 65.9kg. IThat was a month ago and now I am about 68kg again so I havent gained any weight if you go by first appt. I am eating so much now so it wont be long and it will start!!!

    I feel great and I'm seriously not worried if I do gain weight. I will be that busy when the babies are born I'm sure it will come off!!!

    I am feeling big kicks now but not all the time. About how many times a day do you think you feel your babies???

    Love Kel

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    I am the same as you. I came back to my normal weight (59kg). I do eat a lot too.

    I can feel them moving. They're not so much kicking but moving around. I feel them mostly when I am relaxing in front of tv or at night time. I also feel them in the morning. I must say that it is a very funny sensation to feel it and to see my belly moving.

    love Chris

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