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Thread: paid to do surveys???

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    Pure Profile has become better since it revamped a few months back but you need to log in frequently as they don't send much to you anymore. Their nextbutton pays 5-10c to view websites and you generally get 2-3 of these a day. I'm earing about $25 per month with them at the moment.

    Angelfish is tight. You're best to put any money earned in a savings account and treat yourself when it adds up, thats what I do, you definitely can't make a living out of it.

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    I was going to give them a try but concerned about all the details you disclose and you also have to subscribe to so many different sites it’s not funny. Also concerned about the amount of spam that I’d get, but I have set a separate web e-mail account just in case.

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    I gave up on paid surveys so long ago now, I did not find them worthwhile. I did mystery shopping and found that better for pay but I am in a smaller area and there are fewer mystery shoppers here than in a major city, which means less competition for the available jobs. I found it wasn't my thing and I agree with Sonia that you are better off evaluating what your skills are, or even doing some courses in something to gain new skills and setting up your own business.

    Web Design
    Graphic Design
    Handmade items

    Those are a few examples of things to do from home and quite easily make money from and it doesn't clog up your inbox either.

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