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Thread: Starting a new business input appreciated

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    Jacquelyn Guest

    Default Starting a new business input appreciated

    Hi my name is Jacquelyn and I am hoping that the mum's out there may be able to offer some advice/help regarding my new at home business. (Approval for this has been given by Kelly!)

    I have imported over 2000 pieces of European Designer Children's Clothing. These are all high end garments such as Cakewalk, Christion Dior, Lilli Gaufrette, Marese and the list goes on. All garments retail for between $30 and $350 and I sell them for between $10 and $70 maximum. This is all current season's stock.

    What I have been doing is hiring out halls all over Melbourne, printing off flyers and advertising in papers, this was alright but not all I had hoped. I then hit on the idea what if I took my stock to the buyer! Thus my idea of "The shop that comes to you" was born.

    What I intend on doing is have women get together their friends or say mother's groups, I then find out the sexes of the children and the size clothing they wish to purchase, and I bring the apparel to them. No muss no fuss, and a promise of no party plan mentality, as I don't like the this goes with that method. Everyone knows what they like and what they don't, and don't need me to tell them.

    My question to all you mums is firstly, do you think this is a good idea and would you have someone like me come to you? Secondly, any ideas on how I get this business out into the community and known? Thirdly, anything at all that you think could help please don't hesitate to put it out there.


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    Have you thought about Ebay???

    Or sending flyers to schools, kinders, child care centres etc... rather than spending $$$'s on hiring a hall, maybe offer to come to a school at 4pm on a Friday afternoon to show the stuff you have?
    I know Kinders & school sometimes have market nights they charge $10 to have a stall (as a way of earning funds for the school) & different pple come to sell their wares???

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    I know of aome of this sort of thing happening aroiund about, not sure if they are quite legit lol but I think it is a great idea, all the demos I have been to have been good, bascially the seller brings the stuff, people turn up pay cash and leave. It is always nice for the hostess to get some knd of reward for her efforts too, such as a % of sales or free items to certain values.

    Good luck

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    gaginang101 Guest


    I think the idea of selling designer European childrens clothes at a discount price is a good product. However, with your idea, i think that it might be a bit difficult to get groups of mums together (especially if you do not know them well), as we all know how busy mums can be with their childrens to take care of.

    I think mitch4now may be on to something though, I have heard of various organisations calling themselves "network marketing organisations" or MLM who do this strategy quite effectively such as Avon, USANA, Amway etc... they do this by sort of outsourcing the work of selling to individual sales people (other mums), who throw "home parties" where their goods are shown to their own friends/acquaintances, of course these sales people get a commission for sales... just a thought.

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    Party plan is a good way to start and then you can perhaps advance to an online store once you have made some money? Do you have baby clothes (as most women I know have smaller bubs - if so Id be happy to pass on your details to them if they want to set up a meeting to see your stuff?).

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    Sonia Williams Guest


    Hi Jacquelyn

    I like your idea !!! Designer clothing for tots is definitely a current trend in childrens clothing, you only have to look at the well known labels i.e. country road and so on are all getting into children’s designer clothing in a big way.

    I suggest; hedge your bets both ways - certainly try getting into the mothers groups however I do believe it would be hard initially... the large party plan like businesses i.e. Avon etc do so well because they have mass - a number of party planners selling their wares, where as in your case its just you. Which is why I suggest you try Ebay - even consider taking a course on how to successfully sell on Ebay opening your own store - not only is it relatively cheap to start you can test the waters to see if it works. Also you have access to world wide target markets in all countries where as holding informal sessions with Mums groups limits the number of target customers you can reach. Ebay is an excellent means to sell designer clothing. I personally believe designer clothing does extremely well on Ebay having sold all my Alannah Hill (work clothes) on ebay after the kids come along.

    I would also consider market stalls in some of the upper market areas where you live. If you contact your local council or city council they should be able to give you a list of such market stalls (where and when). Consider researching those in the upper market suburbs where you live and see what type of stalls are operating at the market - whether your target market would frequent there or not. Make sure you research first as you don’t want to sign up for a stall to realise your target customer doesn’t shop there.

    In essence you need to work out who is your target customer, and where would they shop for your product.

    Feel free to email me who you wish to discuss more… as I realise I have gone on a bit opps. Cheers ([email protected])

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    Jacquelyn Guest


    Lisa L, thanks so much for your post and my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

    I have lots of clothing for boy's and girl's aged newborn and up and it would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to show it to some of your friends. You are welcome to contact me here at any time.


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    Jacquelyn Guest


    Thank you to all those who replied to my post. I have taken all the information on board, and hopefully will have the opportunity to use it.



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