Hi girls,
Hoping that someone can give me some insight as I have a meeting with my employers tonight regarding a company takeover effective yesterday.
I sort of knew there was rumblings as I work in a small condensed industry and there had been whisperings but didn't think it would happen so quickly.
I'm not sure what this meeting would consist of my previous employers were friends and I had a more valued employee status as they knew me and what my capabilities were..only the other day one pulled me aside and was talking about when I have more kids they are more than happy to give me as much time off as long as I eventually come back.
I'm just a little scared of the unknown now.
I also had plans to suggest a different pay structure
It is not the best time to put them into play or should I take this opportunity to bring it up?
But then again I may be retrenched. Can they do that? Holy moly now the waiting game starts!