thread: help me - I have to reapply for my job

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    help me - I have to reapply for my job

    I have to reapply for my job as I currently have a temporary job, and permanent jobs have become available.
    I work at Centrelink Call Centre. What do I put in the cover letter? Can I list Centrelink as a reference??
    I have no idea where to even start

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    oh ffs! I'd just add im my temp experience to the CV I already have, yes put your TL as reference with their permission, list your stats too I spose.

    I know its the right way to do things but I can't beleive you were put on as a temp in the first place!

    You'll be fine, they must desperately need more staff right now!

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    Great news, good luck on the application.

    This is how I apply for jobs ...

    First, get a copy of the job description. Write an actual application, addressing each of the key capabilities in a paragraph each. Give examples from the work you currently do - mention that you're familiar with systems & tools, and any "well dones" or awards you've received, along with a reference to any KPIs you've met / exceeded.

    I generally also write a cover letter, along the lines of "I'm good for this job because x y & z and look forward to discussing further" and then have my resume, then the application.

    For referees, check with your supervisors or employment agency if they will let people call to check on you. Some companies have a policy of no external referees, but will allow personal referees (where you could mention they were your supervisor!!!)

    Good luck!

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    yeah, blah on about the things you really like about the position and where you might want to go with it in the future...

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    Hello Yes Use TL as a ref and put your current details on the application. I am a career advisor PM me if you want more advice.

    There should be a PD make sure you get a copy of that and address the Selection Criteria if there is one. From my exp with Gov roles if you miss something on the SC that can cut you out.


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    the selection criteria should be much the same, so the application you oringinally used should be pretty ok. i would definitely add your current role, and speak to your supervisor about being called on your behalf - you might be lucky and find that they are doing part of the application process

    you've been there a few months now if memory serves. make mention of your stats - how, as you've become familiar, they improved. you've had positive coaching experiences, adapted to the environment well embraced the challenges you've been handed. you're proficient in the use of SUW, and any other programs you've been asked to use. you complete your calls in an efficient and timely manner. if you've had positive feedback through national feedback tool, mention it. reduction in contact to TSO's as time has gone on etc. as a temp, if you've had limited queue experience (FCSO, eans, estimates etc) make mention of that, but also mention that you've picked up other information from those around you and are keen to expand that knowledge base to make you more eficient in being able to take customer enquiries from start to finish etc

    pm if you need any advice hun and good luck! i'm sure you'll be fine...


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    And don't swagger in all ****y like all the other temps I've seen, treat the whole process like its your first time...
    Like I said, you'll be just fine and advance congrats on scoring a perm position xoxoxoxo

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    Thank you so much, you girls rock!

    lulu - our trainer gave us that little tip just the other day, treat it like any other application process.
    My trainer & TL have a lot of input into who gets a perm job, and my trainer keeps insisting I should go for it. I'm hoping that's a good sign
    I am a little peeved I only got a temp job to begin with, but these jobs will be trained in DSC/RET or EMS, and the job I went for in Feb was IND, so I'm sorta glad on that one

    I'll be using all of your tips and will send it through tonight. THANK YOU!!!!