thread: When to give notice?

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    When to give notice?

    I have the dilemma of when to give notice to my employer and my client. We are moving to year, DH has to start in Jan, but the house will probably not be sold to late Jan. So I will stay in Melbourne until settlement. I can continue working, the money would be handy, but due to Christmas childcare will be closed to mid January, so it could be that I only work for 2 weeks next year depending on settlement. It seems a bit of a pain to just put Maggie in care for only a couple of weeks. I could continue working for my client for a couple of hours a week when DH is home on the weekend to look after Maggie.

    I feel I need to give my client a lot of notice, as I know it will be hard for him to find another bookkeeper, especially around Christmas. I also need to tell childcare this week what days will take next year and pay the deposit this Friday. So I really need to make a decision this week about working next year. Of course there is the real risk that I give notice now and they replace me before Christmas.

    I am also just plain tired with having to get the house ready for sale and deal with looking after Maggie whilst DH is working away during the week. So that makes me tempted to finish just before Christmas, even though I will miss the socialisation that I get from my office job.

    What to do? Any advice is appreciated.
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    Oct 2004
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    ** Bump** Anyone have any advice?

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