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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    ...on another note.... I put Matilda in her play pen today...she looked at me and then saw a toy the other direction, and rather than roll like she usually does, she just scooted and rotated herself to pick the toy up... does that make sense? She went like a clock where she was pointing to me at 12 and then pointed herself to the 6 where the toy was... and since then hasn't rolled as much but stays on her belly now and just changes directions, sometimes pushing off with her toes to get closer to something... :shock: I'm a bit scare at whats to come!!!

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    WOOHOO!!!!! Go Matilda!!!! Before you know it Christy she will be crawling and into everything!!!

    Liam has been asleep for 2 hours now . Most of the housework is done and am kinda bored *lol* He had a big day yesterday and only had a 3 hour sleep during the day and a few capnaps and went to bed at 11 and up at 5 then again at 7 so probably needs it. He has the life sprawled out infont of the fan and is now 32 degrees here.

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    Hi all!

    Snowy I just wanted to say that I was never going to allow Alana to have a dummie. Two days old she had a dummie and now you can't take it away from her unless your replacing it with her bottle! LOL!

    As for spoiling them. I say spoil away. They a precious little things and they need to know that they are safe. I don't belive in allowing Alana to scream her head off. You learn the different noises they make, and will know which ones need attention.

    Congratulations Matilda! She will be crawling before you know it.

    Alana got weighed yesterday, 4.1kg. I guess its not much considering she was 3.3kg when born. She will get weighed again in two weeks, so hopefully with the help of her medication she will stack on the weight. She measured 53.5cm (born 48cm). Actually I'm really looking forward to see how much she does put on!

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    hi girls
    welcome snowy you sound so much in love with your little bundle, like the others say you can never spoil a baby or any child for that matter. i just love sitting with lani all day and kissing her on the back of the neck, and the smiles ahhhh they just melt my heart and i tear up all the time (hormones - lol)

    re: dummies - love em, my first jessie didn't take one she just kept spitting it, my son jay (4 1/2 still has one ](*,) - however he is prepared to give it to santa) lani has one to, first day home from hospital and she has it mostly for getting to sleep. in fact there has been some research that dummies can help prevent sids - this is what a sids counsellor told me (i have counselling after the death of my daughter jessie)

    baby books - i read everything that was until i talked to health nurse when lani was 4wks and i said she isn't doing this or isn't she meant to be doing that - the book says she should be sleeping at this time etc etc, and the best piece of advise she gave me was no-one has ever written a book about your baby - i guess all babies truly are different.

    i now put lani down to sleep awake but at night time we have the biggest cuddles and she still goes down awake but drowsy, in fact tonight she went without the dummy just gazed at the ceiling fan lol. i still have not put her into her cot during the night - i want her in the bassinet beside me for a bit longer lol.

    i guess with each child you get to learn a little more, i could never tell the difference between cries, but with lani i know her tired, hungry and pain cries it makes it a lot easier, also when she is tired she makes two fists and puts them to her chest ready to be wrapped up too cute.

    am so proud of ds he had his 4 - 5 yr old booster shots today, one in each arm and the polio medicine, i was expecting the lot tears etc etc, but no he was sooooo brave, i could see he was on the verge of crying but he didn't what a sweetie.

    sorry for the epic it wasn't meant to be so i won't do anymore.

    oh except yay matilda, your mummy will be running after you big time soon lol

    see ya

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    Hi girls,

    I have been reading posts for the last few days but have been too tired to post myself.

    Good news on Alana's weight gain Lara, and well done on coping so well with your litle bubba and all the extra things you need to do for her.

    Welcome Snowy- and I say don't feel bad about the dummy, it's ok to change your ideas once your baby comes as you need to do what is right for you. My kids have all had dummies even before we left hospital. Josh threw his away by the time he was one, but Jordan had hers till 2 1/2 and jemma loves her dummies so much, I think she'll be hard to take them off. Jessica mostly sleeps without it but wants it to settle other times, like in the rocker or when she is almost ready for a feed.

    Well done for Jay being so good with his needles Michelle, Joshua screamed the Drs down when he had his. Does Jay start school next yr?

    Oh Christy, look out! You are really going to need that playpen soon. Your Matilda is quite clever to be getting herself organised . Don't leave the room!

    Arron's steam cleaning machine blew up today so we are in stress city, trying to organise a loan and get a new machine, as it is his busiest time, and he has booked out almost till christmas. It goes into the workshop tomorrow even though we don't have approval yet. Mum and Dad will lend the money between approval and payment if need be, thank goodness. We knew it was on it's way out but were hoping to get through Xmas, but life always throws curve balls. My throat is still annoying me and I have booked to see a dr on Thursday. I just want them to look down in there and tell me what's going on.

    Anyway Best be going

    hello to Daschlostar and anyone else I missed.

    Cheers Michelle

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