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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    1 to 6 Months, November '04

    Keep chatting away girls. Some of you will be leaving here soon and moving to the next thread !!

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jun 2003

    No work today! Emma still sick *sigh* never rains but it pours in this house!!!


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    Pietta Guest

    I hope Emma feels better soon for you.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Pee - maybe Ryley is going through a growth spurt?? and that is why he seems extra hungry atm??

    Kelly I hope Emma is feeling better very soon!!

    I started Aidyn on his 6month+ formula today, and he LOVES it!! Normally he wont drink more than 120ml for breakfast, but this morning he polished off a whole 250ml!! It doesn't smell weird like the infant formula did. Maybe because the first ingredient is now skim milk, instead of demineralised whey protein...

    Am off to the shops this afternoon... looking forward to getting out of the house SO much!!!

    Only one day to go till my little boy is half a year old... Where did the time go??? WAHHHH!!!!

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    katanya Guest

    Oh damn, I just got to the end of the other post and was all fired up to write replies to everyone and now I lost my train of thought..has to be done though doesn't it Kathryn? 26 pages is a significant post and of course it is the 1st of nov today!

    Okay well Ambah I can totally relate to the half a year old thing, they grow WAY too fast..Felix is only 2 weeks behind Aidyn (just wish he weighed as much)

    Kelly I hope Emma improves, you know Felix has had more poos since he was 4 mths old after months of being down to 1 a day..I hope it's not the weight gain reason.

    Well I went to see Dr today, one for his blocked tear duct whgich has been really bad lately, (it gets glued when he wakes up in the morning) He has had it since birth but usuallyI can get trid of the discharge with a bit of breast milk and saline, but this time it just keeps getting worse..so we had a swab for that.
    As for weight gain, Dr wasn't too impressed with it, but wasn't panicking either. She took a urine sample (those baby wee baggies are too funny) and she said in 2 weeks if he still hasn't gained properly that we will look into things further eg refer him to a peditrictan. He has his needles in 2 weeks so it works out perfectly..
    He had his stats done and he is still 7.1kgs and now 69 cms tall...! So in 6 weeks he has grown 4 cms but put on only 20 grams! Long and lean..
    the Dr felt he was happy and healthy and developmentally doing fine, so things are okay right now but she will be keeping an eye on it..obviously I will be going to clinic every week to check his weight..anyhow..he is displaying all the "healthy signs" the nurse there said maybe that is his build! I wouldn't mind a few more fat rolls, he needs help holding his pants up!

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    Yeah has to be done. sorry

    Love :hbeat:

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    Marcia Guest

    Lol at Felix needing help to hold his pants up Katanya. Seriously though I hope Felix is ok and that he is just going to be a tall lean boy.

    Kelly - Hope Emma is ok. It all seems to come at once doesn't it?

    Well we had a busy weekend and was totally exhausted last night! Went out for late brekkie Saturday morning with DH and Hudson. Went to a new cafe just down the road and it was yum! I think we might even try to go there on a regular basis if we can find the $$ cos it was good for the three of us to get out and do something together. Then had to go down to the city. Went via mums so she could get her baby fix, and then to my sisters place for BBQ dinner. Stayed the night there and Sunday went to visit IL's and pick up Hudsons cot from my aunties house. Thankfully we have been given a cot from my cousin, so =D> at not having to find the $$ for that! Hudson will have to go into it soon as he only has a couple of inches left in the bassinet and he likes to bump his head by pushing off with his feet lol! Just have to ask when all your babies started rolling from back to tummy girls? I know you have all talked about it, but I cannot remember for the life of me what was the average age? Hudson has spent any floor time for the last week furiously trying to roll from back to front, but hasn't yet got there. I thought it happened much later as he is only 14 weeks? It's too scary how fast he is growing up! Nearly into his cot and nearly rolling, gosh I'm getting all sentimental lol. Also having some feeding problems ATM with him. He is demanding feeds every 2-3 hours ATM but when he gets half way through the bottle he stops and messes around with the rest of it for ages, spitting it out then wanting it back, and chewing on the teat. He does eventually finish most of it, but I don't know why he is doing all the messing around. Any of you experience this at this age? I'm wondering if maybe he is just more aware of things and so once he is a bit full he want's to look around and play instead?

    I just have a Grrrr to add too lol. I don't know if you all feel the same, but I hate when other people act like they know my baby better than me! When I spoke to my aunty on the phone I mentioned how he has reflux and then when we went to pick up the cot she and my uncle tried to tell me all babies bring up a bit of milk and Hudson doesn't have reflux, it is just normal. It really peed me off as Hudson definately does have reflux and I am quite aware that all babies bring up a bit of milk. We were there for all of 20 mins and in that time he only brought a bit of his feed up, but he vomits constantly from one feed to the next and does several projectiles a day. It is NOT normal, and the Dr and CYH nurse who saw him for 2 hrs every week for six weeks assured me that the amount and frequency of his vomiting is not normal. We are taking him to the Dr's this friday to revisit the problem as it is getting progressively worse, but I just want to say Grrrrrrr at people who doubt our knowledge and instincts as mothers! We spend 24/7 with our babies and I think we know them better than anyone else no matter how much experience we have or haven't had. Anyway, that is my whinge for the day lol. Sorry Girls, it just really ticked me off ROFL.

    Hope everyone is H & H, taking the opportunity of a new thread not to reply to all I have missed lol.

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    katanya Guest

    Marcia: I KWYM about people telling you that they know better about your baby..It definatley sounds like Hudson has reflux, Felix used to do HUGE projectile vomits once or twice a day and they thought HE had silent reflux..So hudson definately beats him in that department. It is NORMal for babies to vomit mini vomits (the kind that coats their tubes) and then they said the big ones occasionally are normal too..eg when they are overfed or just "off" but vomiting after every feed or even most is REFLUX! I know you don't need to be reassured of this because you are aware of it..but just wanted to add another agreeable voice to your side!
    I hated my mother and her friend always telling me "oh he's crying because he needs to be burped..or oh he couldn't be hungry AGAIN, he just wants to burp..they spent all their time with him trying to burp him when all he wanted was to be hanging off my breast! SIGH!

    With the rolling thing, some people say that they rollfrom back to stomach first and others stomach to back..I think it depends on the baby..Felix rolled from tummy to back at 4 mths once and then didn't do it for ages again..and he has only once done the back to tummy thing..but now he rolls off his tummy easily..I guess because he preferes his back.. Anyhow as long as they have rolled both ways by 6 mths they are doing fine! (that is the developmental milestone in health books)

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    Hi Marcia

    Just a quickie cause as you know Kameron is a bit sick atm (least lachlan is not screaming to go with it) anyway Lachlan was rolling both ways about 2 weeks ago.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Melinda Guest

    Marcia - Jacob has been doing the same thing with his feeds the past couple of days. Mind you, he has been feeding every 2 hours for a while now (not during the night though). He gets about halfway through and then starts playing silly buggers with it! Jacob also cranes his head around to look at everything whilst you're feeding him and it gets really frustrating LOL. So I think that being able to look around at things is half the problem now as he is getting so intrigued by things! He loves light shades and mirrors ATM.

    I have also been thinking lately how quickly he's growing up as I've had to put his 000 clothes away and it's made me quite sad! I want him to stay little forever! LOL Of course there's lots of wonderful times ahead which I'm looking forward to, but YKWIM!

    Jacob's been a bit ratty since yesterday....doesn't seem quite as contented as he usually is. Not sure what his caper is.....and he woke at 3.30 am last night for a feed which he hasn't done for several weeks as he always sleeps for around 9 hours overnight....so it was a bit of a rude surprise LOL. Hopefully we won't have a recurrence tonight!

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    Well can I just say there needs to be more doctors in this country!!!!

    I can NOT get Asha in to the doctors today or tomorrow and it is really ****ting me (pardon the language). In the last 4 days she has had approx 1120mls in TOTAL of formula (she would normally have had 3120mls in 4 days) plus her breast feeds, but even those have been less than usual.

    Anyway just wanted to have a whinge about it!!! Will take her to PMH tonight if she doesn't have her next bottle ... am getting worried about her.

    Emma has a virus and will be fine to go back to school tomorrow. Will give her a dose of Nurofen in the morning and she will be fine. She asked to go back tomorrow!!!

    Anyway have to go and get Jack from school ....


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    katanya Guest

    Kelly: that would be enough GOOD doctors in this country! I'm sure you'd be able to find a clinic to take her, but really what could they tell about her given they have no idea about her history! I HAVE been told that teething can make them go off food (PH in mouth changes) but I think what you are doing is the right thing as if you feel it isn't right Mothers intuition is usually right!

    Hope things improve..I can relate..I have spent the weekend triying to create a non distractive environment for Felix so he'll put weight on..he ate every 2 hours but no heaps..but better than the screaming or biting when I offered him extra feeds before!

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    Kelly I know how you feel. Kameron was sick all day and could not get him into a doctor either !!! my own would usually squeeze him in but he is on holidays ARGH. Was going to call a house doctor but the fever broke and he started picking up.

    Love :hbeat:

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hey Katanya - try not to let it worry you too much about Felix's weight. If he is not sick, and sleeps well, then that is the most worrying things ruled out I guess. Maybe he is just waiting until 6 months to have his growth spurt. (but WOW at the 4cm in 6 weeks though!)
    My cousins daughter Tahlia, who is two weeks older than Aidyn, has also been solely breastfed for the first 6 months. She has been on solids only for a couple of weeks now, and I saw Tahlia last week for the first time in 2 weeks, and it was amazing at the amount that she had grown, as well as putting rolls on. My cousin only really put Tahlia onto solids because the Dr suggested that it might help her to sleep better. She had been waking every couple of hours during the night, when a few months before she had been sleeping through!!
    Anyway, I'm getting off track here, just thought I'd share that with you.
    Anyway, I don't know if it was the solids that made her grow & fill out, or if it was the 6 month growth spurt, but either way I guess Felix is not too far off anyway?!

    BTW girls, I know what you mean about them getting distracted when feeding... The only way I can get Aidyn to concentrate on drinking his bottles is to feed him lying propped on a pillow on the bed in my bedroom with the blinds shut, etc!! For some reason he gets more distracted when I hold him in my arms now...

    Marcia - Aidyn first rolled over when he was 4 months. It was from tummy to back.
    RE chewing on the teat... Aidyn only started doing that when he was teething, but I'm sure thats not the only reason that babies do it I guess!!
    GRRRRR at your Auntie and Uncle, how frustrating for you to have to put up with!!

    Kelly - My *fingers are crossed* that you can get into see a Dr soon and can get some answers.
    I hope her appetite picks up again for her very soon.

    I just have to say that I cannot believe how much of a difference those Infacol Wind Drops still make to Aidyns wind!! I thought he would stop needing them as he got older, so I wasn't too fussed when I ran out yesterday. But I was up 3 times with him lastnight due to wind, as I couldnt get a burp out of him after his feeds. So I bought some more this afternoon, and now he is burping again like clockwork!

    Alrighty, thats it from me for now!! Hopefully the forums will be up and running again tomorrow night!! Although I will have graduated threads by then, LOL!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all,

    Ambah- a late grr at y our DH, mine does the same sorts of things, they just don't think by themselves!

    KElly- I hope you get to the Drs soon, I know Jordan did the same thing and it was teeth related, but she was 7 months. My niece did the same thing very early and they had to withdraw all food so she would drink. Katanya is right as far as I know, teeth change the ph in the mouth and things taste different, so they may not like the taste even if they have had the same formula/bmilk all along. And I really feel for you with the nits. Jordan had them one year every week for 2 terms, when she finally changed seats in class, no more nits. We were beside ourselves, I treated her so often that I felt I could spot a nit from 30 paces.

    Katanya- even though Felix didn't put on weight the 4cms is terrific, if you are going to monitor him closely then I think you will definetly pick up if anything else changes, but don't be too stressed about it. I remember my Mum telling me that she used to dread taking me to the health centre as I either put on nothing or next to nothing, or lost weight everytime, and the nurse used to always quiz her. But I was drinking etc but just didn't grow fast.

    Everyone is in bed here so i am going to scoot off too. Jemma was awake at 3am this morning, had a cuddle with me for 10 mins, then Arron got her a bottle and I put her back to bed and she slept. jessica woke at 7.14am, so though my sleep was interrupted I had more than usual. After the feed she slept until 8.30. Jemma didn't get up till 10 but was so grumpy that I put her back to bed screaming at 1pm.

    And I had Pooh everywhere, as I let her run around without her nappy so she remembers to use the potty, something went wrong though and I was on the computer, not watching like I should have been (I didn't tell Arron that though, he would have carried on), It was on the kitchen floor and all over her, I washed her and cleaned the floor, and next thing I knew she had the pot from the potty chair in her hands, pooh all over it and herself and all over the loungeroom carpet (lucky I'm married to a carpet cleaner). I was so mad at her, so we had to have another wash and then I just ran water in the baby bath and dumped her in to make sure she was clean. As much as I want her to use the potty I can't handle the bits and pieces all around the house. I have to watch her while she has no pants on or put her nappy on.


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    Jun 2003

    Well after having a good look in Asha's mouth tonight I am more than sure she isn't eating because of her teeth! I think I am going to have an early teether!!! Hopefully they come through soon or go away. She is generally happy in herself and won't fade away to nothing but it is still a worry.

    Emma will be home again tomorrow but Ryan has organised a day off to look after her. She says she wants to go to school but I want her to have a really good rest so she doesn't get sick again.

    Jack is Jack, nothing changes with him LOL.

    Time to do Asha's bottles then get to bed ... I am so tired looking after my girls today!!!


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Well Kelly that is good new, sort of. Jemma, my third had her first tooth at 4 months and the 2nd a week later. She was such a guts though nothing stopped her from eating.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Hi all... wow so much to catch up on!!!
    I hope all the babies who weren't well are feeling better!!

    Marcia - I so KWYM about people telling you what your baby is like. I had heaps of people tell me Matilda didn't have reflux and was just an unsettled baby or a difficult baby and that there really was nothing wrong with her... GGGRRRRR.... they weren't the ones holding her while she was screaming after regurgitating or for those not feeding arching her back and throwing herself backwards, pulling her legs up in pain things.... You know Hudson best, and yes there is something wrong with him that he will grow out of, but at the moment things are the way they are... I got heaps of help from a reflux support group in Brisbane... and there is a national group, check it out on the net.

    We had a great holiday, and Matilda was great considering the extreme stimulation and new sleeping environment and driving for 8 hours... she was most unsettled the day we left and the drive home, but that was ok because at least we were well rested for it.

    ok...enough epic posting I'm going to catch up all those lost posts...

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