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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    katanya Guest

    wow took me awhile to work out where to go!!

    So anyhow!

    Kelly I really hope that it is Asha's teeth that are causing the problem, either that or you have seen a doctor and got some answers.

    Thanks everyone for your re-assurance about Felix's weight, I did some research and I found this about allergies contributing to lack of weight gain:
    In terms of allergies they say that diarrhoea is a sign and:

    "Some of the most likely suspects are cow's milk products, soy, wheat, corn, eggs, and peanuts.

    Other suspect foods:

    Any food that you or another family member is allergic to
    A food that mom recently ate a large amount of
    A food that mom doesn't like, but is eating while breastfeeding for the benefit of her baby
    A food that mom doesn't like, but ate lots of during pregnancy for the benefit of her baby
    A food that mom craves, or feels she has to have after a bad day

    hmm does this mean no more chocolate...?? i figure i'll start with dairy or reduce it at least

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    OMG...Matilda is sitting up.

    I put her in her pram so I could be on the computer after she's eaten & she could be on an incline upward to help the reflux (as the 10-15 minutes after eating is always the worst) and she's pulled herself up to sitting upright... 1 minute!!!

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    Marcia Guest

    OMG Christy!! =D> for Matilda! She really is an early-bird with all her milestones isn't she?! That is so great. Now maybe she will be a bit happier too, as I remember you saying she was always trying to pull herself up and getting frustrated with it. Which BTW Hudson has just started doing every time I put him in his car seat or bouncer lol. Poor little man frustrates himself big time with trying to roll and trying to sit up. He's not quite there yet and He just loses it after about 10 minutes of trying. I have to watch him so closely now and pick him up before he really loses it or it takes forever to calm him down.

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    Well done Matilda. You will be walking by 8mths. Wont that freak your mummy out LMAO

    Lot of love from your favourite Aunty K

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Woohoo for Matilda!!! Well done!!! =D>

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    Marcia Guest

    Ok. Hudson is asleep so I will catch up now!

    Katanya - Hope you might be onto something there with the food allergy thing. Not that I hope Felix has one, but at least you might be able to figure out what it is and change things to help him gain weight then. Good luck with it.

    Christy - Glad you had a good holiday! Sounds like matilda co-operated well so that's the best part!

    Kelly, Hope Asha is doing a little better today. fingers crossed that it is just teething then, and IKWYM abou the doctors. We are taking Hudson on Friday but it took a 2 week wait for that appointment. Could have booked him in with other dr's but I don't think much of the other dr's around here, so lucky for us it wasn't urgent.

    Michelle - Lol and grrrrr about the poo everywhere. Although I'm sure it was not funny to you at the time. I am really not looking forward to the whole toilet training thing.

    Tootie - I wonder if the waking up in the night is something that happens around 3 months because Hudson is doing the same thing after sleeping through for a couple of weeks. It is a real shock to the system once you get used to having more sleep again.

    Well, we had a bad bad night last night. It started out well as DH and I went out for dinner for a friends b'day and he slept through the meal part of it and was pretty happy when he was awake. Anyway, once we got home he went to sleep but we didn't get to bed until after 12 ourselves after making up bottles, feeding dogs etc. Then he woke at 3.30am for a feed which was expected, but from then onwards he woke every hour and a half until 8am when I took him back to bed with me for an hour of half sleep with a numb arm because he wouldn't let me put him down lol. It was not good and I have to say I didn't cope too well with it. I was a bit grrrrr with DH because he didn't get up to help me once and when the alarm went off at 7 for him to get up for work I had to ask him twice if he would please change Hudson and put him back to bed after I had just fed him, before he actually bothered to get out of bed. I know he had to work today, but even once would have been a help. So lots of coffee for me today lol. I hope this is not something that is going to happen on a regular basis!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Marcia - I so know what you mean about being annoyed at your DH not getting up to help you!!!
    I ask DP to do the morning shift with Aidyn ONE morning a week (Sat or Sun) and it usually turns into a full blown argument at 6am!! I dont see what the big deal is!! I do it 6 times a week without complaining once, and he only has to do it once, yet its like it is the end of the world!!! GRRRRR!
    I hope you have a much better night tonight with Hudson (and DH too!!)

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    spiddles Guest

    I hear ya girls!! I fllipped out yesterday as was doing houseworek and DH was sitting on the couch and Liam had been screaming for 5 mins (was hungry) and DH was going its ok he'll be right and didnt even give him a bottle.

    The other night he woke up and DH informs me he was screaming for 5 mins before I even got out of bed. I was like why didnt you get up and he was like I was too tired!! LIKE I'M NOT!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
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    Well done Matilda!! Clever girl!
    Great to hear the holiday went well Christy, hopefully you feel refreshed.

    Oh Marcia, hope you get a better nights sleep. Jessica was awake crying on and off from about 2am last night until I gave her a bottle at 6am, I think she was cold, I'm going to put the extra blanket on tonight.

    Good luck with your trial and error Katanya, hope it turns out to be something simple.

    And Grr to the Daddies who don't want to share. Don't worry I have had 4 babies and done almost all of that part alone. Occasionally I get help I'd say once every 6 weeks or so. It's not much to ask but men can be like that sometimes (not all, and sorry to those who aren't).

    Arron's 30th bday was today, He is out looking at Venus through hi birthday telescope, he loved it so I am happy!

    Getting a bit stressed about money and xmas is just around the corner, about 8 weeks I think, as soon as our party is over I need to do some serious xmas shopping.

    Goodnight all

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Wow Christmas is coming close isn't it??

    Matilda caught a cold while we were on holidays and that was ok, but she's been up since 4am having problems breathing & has had a few projectile vomits,... but the worst is that she doesn't have a temp and I feel like I have to wait for her to have a temp before I worry too much... YKWIM??? hmmmm.... and this morning I woke up with a sore throat & ear.... this is probably what she felt like on our 8 hour drive... poor sausage.

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    Marcia Guest

    Oh poor Matilda. Hope she doesn't get too sick with it christy.

    Lol girls at your DH's. Glad to hear mine is not the only clueless one. Yesterday when he got home from work I said how tired I was and he said why? I told him how much Hudson had been up all night and he said ' oh I kinda remember waking up a couple of times when you got up, but I didn't realise it was that many times' . Typical huh? Uses ignorance as an excuse lol. He must be deaf if he didn't hear it every time what with Hudsons room being right next to ours and all my swearing every time I got up lol! Anyway he was pretty good after that so I shouldn't complain. He cooked dinner and made up some bottles while I had a bath with Hudson. Thank goodness we had a much better night last night and I finally feel myself again today after some sleep but I was a total zombie yesterday.

    IKWYM Michelle about xmas coming up. We haven't even thought about presents yet and I don't know where we will find the money for them anyway lol! Luckily we have done my parents, IL's and my sister as we have given them framed photos from the professional ones we got done of Hudson. They already have them, but we told them at the time they are early xmas presents. Unfortunately DH is one of 6 kids, so we still have all of them to buy for. I hate xmas shopping and I can't see it being any more enjoyable this year with a bub to lug around too!

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    Marcia Guest

    Just have to =D> my little boy!!! he just rolled from his back to his tummy!! He's been trying so hard all week and he finally got there. And he even did it twice just to prove it was no fluke lol! Had to stop him after that as he was getting cranky, think he wore himself out lol.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    grrr to all those hubbies and a bit grr to mine, you know he has not even changed one of lani's nappies yet and she is now 7 wks old - he is hopeless with babies and looks so uncomfortable holding her, i used to get really peaved about it with my first, but i figure it is kinda nice having them as babies all to myself, as it is now by ds is a daddies boy and when he is home he follows him everywhere - on the weekends i don't see my son as he is outside with hubby mucking around - dh admits he is no good with babies until they can basically walk and talk, oh well.

    katanya - i hope you work out those allergy issues, i found out when my son was 8mths he was allergic to nuts, eggs, milk, dust, cat & dog hair, grass, and feathers - he now mainly gets bad hayfeaver - is drinks soy milk - yuck and has never had any nut product, i took him to an allergy specialist after my gp said he was suffering from asthma at 8mths - i was a bit sceptical about it as my mum is an asthmatic and it was not like her and after spending around $100 on asthma medication it did not make a difference so he was allergy tested from a specialist we changed him to soy and wow what a different boy.

    kelly - i hope asha is just teething - again my ds got 4 teeth at 12wks do you believe it he had all his teeth by 18 mths and in the end they didn't really cause him to much grief.

    i think lani is going through her 6wk growth spurt a week late - she had a terribly unsettled night the other night, i kept popping in the dummy and every 5mins she spat it out and was crying, it didn't dawn on me until the following morning she was probably hungry poor little thing - so yesterday i decided i will start expressing and will give her a rollover feed at 10pm to see if she will stop the 1.30 - 2am feed, well it took me around 30mins to express 30mls - i managed to get 60mls for the day, and i gave it to her last night and could not believe how well she took it, drank it all but still woke at 2am so i fed her, but she only fed for 5mins then went back till around 5.30am then in bed with us until i am ready to get up at 7am, i was a bit disappointed on the expressing and was thinking it may be time to start comping with formula, but i decided this morning to try expressing again and i got 100mls in 10mins =D> , so will give her this tonight and see what happens.

    happy birthday for all those october mums who have recently had their birthdays - sorry a bit late there.

    take care


    lani michelle born 15/9/04

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    spiddles Guest

    YAY mooshie on expressing!!! Gets easier as you go. I can do 240ml in 10-15 mins now depending on how full they are...usually around 3-4 am but I hardly ever breast feed anymore unless he needs a top up or am too lazy to get out of bed in the mornings and pop him on. He seems unsettled at the breast and will suck for and hour and scream when you take him away and its suck suck gulp too his not using me as a dummy. I am happy to express and feed him as it doesnt take long and the midwife told me to keep doing it if you feel comfortable. I guess because its still breast milk they dont care.

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    katanya Guest

    Felix gained 60 grams today!! I know it isn't much but apparently that is okay..so let hope that he has turned a corner and now will re gain the weight he hasn't put on!

    I haven't eaten any dairy for 2 days but it has made no difference to his poos..we had 3 runny poos this morning! But at least he has gained weight..

    I will try one more day and if no change I think I can rule it out?

    Mooshie glad the expressing went better..have you tried doing it on the opposite breast while lani is attached, it works well for me? You know that they feed extra hard at growth spurt time to increase your milk supply? That is maybe why so little was coming out at first?

    felix just woke up..didn't get that finished!

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    Pietta Guest

    Wow you chickies can post!! Phew took me a while to catch up!!

    Yay for Hudson rolling over! What a clever boy!
    Poor Matilda with her cold and poor Christy too!
    Good luck with trial and error Katanya!

    I must admit I am sooooo lucky with my DH. He always does the 6 am feed every day! I pretty much said to him if he doesnt do it i will let him scream and does he want his son to be really upset. He said of course not so he has started doing it! He loves it now and i dont even have to wake him. Sometimes I wake up and there they are having a feed or playing.

    Went to CHN yesterday. Ryley is 61cm long and 6.5 kgs. What a big boy! He slept from 8pm to 2 am last night and then 3 until 7 so I am doing well.

    He held his head up when having tummy time for about 20 seconds and pushed himself almost a meter!!! he'll be crawling before i know it!~!

    Hope everyone is well!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,
    I didn't get a notification to say anyone had replied in here, not sure why as I had visited in Nov, Oh well.

    Congrats to Hudson, lookout Marcia the moving has just begun!

    Poor Matilda and Christy, hope the colds don't last long.

    I took a look Pee at Joshua and Jemmas books and they were close to Ryleys weight when they were 12 and 13 weeks, they started at 7lb8oz and 8lb4 1/2 oz's each. Ryley was a 9lber wasn't he. He has gained weight and grown so quickly, how old is he now?

    Yeah Katanya on a weight gain, that's good, even a little is a gain so maybe that will help ease your mind.

    I was going to take Jessica to HC this week but open day is Tues and it was Melb cup day, so it was closed, have to wait till next week.

    I have to take Josh to try on school uniform for next yr tomorrow (sob, sob) My little boy is growing up too fast. But I know he is hanging for school, so it will be great for him. He is doing so well in swimming also, I am really proud of him.

    I am able to hold Jessica off for feeds till 6am now, but I do have to reapply the dummy quite often, but that's ok, I still get more sleep.

    See you all, sorry if I missed anyone
    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hehehe Pee!! Ryley is sounding more and more like Aidyn to me, I looked up his records and he was 6.6kg and 62cm at his 8 week check up... so close to Ryley!! How much did he weigh when he was born?
    He must be very stong to be pushing himself across the floor already too!!

    Katanya - Yippee for Felix's gain!! =D> 60grams is quite good isnt it? As not much time has passed since you last had him weighed?

    Yay for Hudson rolling!!! and LOL Marcia, my DP is the same... doesn't hear a bloody thing and wonders why I am so cranky the next day - 'maybe because I was up 10 times during the night and got no help!', GRRRR!!!

    Christy - I hope you and Matilda are feeling much better really soon :hugs:

    (*runs back to 6-12months*)

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