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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    Jun 2003

    Well it is offical ... I am only going to be working 2 1/2 days next year as well!!! I went to work today and filled out my variation forms. I don't have to work full time until 2006!!!! Asha will be heading to 20 months by then and will need her Mum just a little less.

    Asha is definately teething. She was screaming tonight, just did not want to settle so I gave her a dose of panadol and put bonjela on her gum and about 2 minutes later she was asleep!!! The good news however is that she is back to loving her bottle!!! She has started to cry if she sees it before you give it to her so I know she is feeling better LOL. It is so funny she cries and I try to give it to her as quickly as possible and she stops as soon as it goes in.

    BBT to post some more!


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    katanya Guest

    Kelly: that is great news about Asha teething, I mean it is not great that she is in such pain..but it answers the questions about the being off her food! Hope those teeth come through soon..Felix has 2 teeth and now he is better again, he actually did pretty well I have only had to use bonjella not panadol yet!
    Also fantastic news that you only have to return to 2 1/2 days work are you sharing a class with another teacher? My friend is and she does 3 day one week and 2 the next..it works really well but she saaid the marking can be almost the same amount of work!

    Michelle: IKWYM about the notifications I think with the site moving around things get lost! My friend has a 5 year old and she is doing the same as you with Josh..she said it goes SO fast..I can believe it if the last 3 years with Felix are any indication!

    Pee sounds like Riley is a big boy! and he is doing SO well with his tummy time, when Felix was his age he used to scream at tummy time, it was only about 4-5 months that he actually started enjoying it!
    Now he will lay there for ages and play with toys and play his piano..it's very cute!

    Yes Felix's weight gain was good, not GREAT but good for his age, he just has to catch up at little bit now. I just hope all is good by the time he is 6 mths as if not they will be doing more tests..he is still pooing heaps, but at the moment as long as he isn't dehydrated or not gaining and happy..I'm not going to worry! (until someone tells me to)

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    =D> yay for lani - went down last night after last b/feed at 8pm took until 9pm for her to settle dummy and patting - then i gave her the 100mls of breast milk from the bottle at 10.30pm and she slept until 6am not a peep and i slept on my tummy for the first time in months hip hip hooray i am a happy mummy today.

    yes it does get easier expressing spiddles, i must admit i never perservered with the other two but this time it is ok especiallly since touch wood she is taking a rollover feed so well.

    katanya - i actually expressed from the other breast this morning whilst feeding lani on the other side at 6am and i got the 100mls out really quick. it is really reassuring to know that yes i have got a lot of milk and supply is not running out, hopefully i will feed lani straight until she goes onto a cup and i won't need to buy formula but i will go with the flow.
    and hooray for felix's weight gain.

    pee - what a big boy riley is - watch out my ds started crawling at 5mths then it was fun fun fun lol.

    michelle - ikwym about school uniforms - i just ordered jay's kinder uniforms and i was most emotional about it what will i be like when he goes to school.

    whoops gotta go lani is awake and needs another feed not bad 10am after last feed at 6am.

    take care

    lani michelle born 15/9/04

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    Hi girls... yep Matilda & I are still sick and a bit grumpy now too... but we are okay. But on a good note last night she slept from 11pm to 5am!! YAY!! our first 6 hours straight!

    Well....going to go have my cup of tea & lay down while Matilda's asleep, just thought I'd stop by & say :wave: we are ok...just sick...

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Woohoo Matilda!! Yay for a 6 hour sleep!! =D> Hope both of you are feeling much better soon!!! :hugs:

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    spiddles Guest

    Didnt have the best of sleeps last night. I think it must have been due to immunisation. He kept waking and screaming and would go in and be sound asleep again...poor little guy!!

    Mooshie - The main reason I started to express because sometimes Liam when he was a few weeks old woundnt suck properly on the breast (now he knows and will go for ages till he makes himself sick) and when I bought him home the first few mornings were 1 - 3 degrees and I really didnt like getting undressed for an early morning feed. It worked well. I at least try and give him a few b/f during the day but before bedtime I usually give him expressed milk.

    Katanya - do you remember how much Felix was at 8 weeks check up?? Liam is now 5.65kgs...unsure about his height (see august septemper bubbas) as they were only a few ounces out at birth.

    Liam is getting very cheeky....he loves playing with his mobile at change time and will scream if you take him away too soon. Has also learnt how blowing off in the bath is funny and will laugh and smile and make ooing noises.

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    katanya Guest

    yay Matilda, for sleeping through!! she is really going great guns despite being sick..hope you feel better christy!

    spiddles Felix was 5.89 at 8 weeks old..was a huge gainer in the early days..it may be part of why he's not gaining now!

    sorry i have to go felix is on mylap complaining..

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    Jun 2003

    Katanya - I am not sure what I will be doing yet as the final staffing has not be done. I could end up doing Phys Ed yet LOL. I am hoping to still be in my own classroom and job sharing with the teacher I am sharing with this year ... we get on really well and have worked out how to split the curriculum so the kids don't get a double dose of lessons!! I teach focusing on Maths and Science and she focuses on Langauge and Society & Environment (we teach 5 year olds!!) the rest we do jointly by planning on our DOTT days.

    Time I was in bed ... early start tomorrow for tee ball ... Jack's games start at 8am so we need to be there at 7.30am!!!

    Have a great weekend.


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    katanya Guest

    Kelly: i hope it works out okay for you, do you like Phys Ed? My mum is a Phys Ed teacher, in Qld we don't have separate Phys Ed teachers for primary, the poor teachers have to do everything (except music I think) I was thinking of being a teacher, but I definately couldn't do that bit! (I missed out on my Mum's sporty genes)

    Well we are day 4 on no dairy and guess what -no poos at all yesterday! and only 1 today so far..I am still not sure whether this is due to the elimination or just Felix turning the weight gain corner! I will stay of them for a week...god the lack of chocolate is nearly killing me!! May actually help me lose weight to..hah..how typical is that, I will stick to a diet for Felix's health but not my own! I bought Goats milk and Nuttlex as I can't handle no butter on my toast and no milk in my porridge!

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    =D> yay for lani again - last night expresssed bottle of breast milk at 10.30pm then she woke at 6.30am has she started sleeping through :-$ shh must not upset the apple cart lol.

    gosh it is a bit quiet here today - must be cause it is the weekend, hope you all have a good one and mums, dads and bubs are doing great.


    lani michelle born 15/9/04

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    katanya Guest

    Mooshie: WOW that is fantastic..bet your boobs hurt by the morning! I remember when Felix first started sleeping through it was weird at first because I kept waking at his previous waking time..and almost wanting to wake him!
    Of course now he wakes and feeds though the night again..but that's another story, the sleep throughs only lasted a month But don't worry that doesn't usually happen!

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    spiddles Guest

    I sterilise my pump before going to bed and put it beside the bed so when he wakes up or if I wake up and feel full usually pump out then put it in the fridge so that way can stock up.

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    katanya Guest

    Spiddles: that is really smart! I used to get up in the early days and hand express over the sink...it was me resisting going out to the kitchen to get my pump and turning on the lights!! Speaking of which I feel like I need to tonight! Might have to grab the pump..Felix had a huge sleep this afternoon and must have missed a feed..one breast is very full!

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi all

    That's good news for the sleeping Christy but bad news on still being sick. Hope you both kick it soon.

    Well done to you breastfeeding girls, especially you Katanya for still feeding when Felix is almost 6 months. Bottle feeding is so much easier in that you can give the bottle to anyone, and prepare bottles in advance which only need zapping for 30 secs in the microwave, and you can also cheat and prop the bottle when bubs wants a feed and you are in the middle of doing something. I admire you girls for your perseverence in getting it right and sticking to it. I am actually not cut out for bfeeding, had all the wrong equipment and then not enough patience to persevere, plus I had babies who could care less about my boobs.

    I don't know what's going on around here but Jessica was awake about an hour ago (which is not usual) but she went back to sleep when I rewrapped her and gave her her dummy.
    Jemma did 2 wees and a pooh in the potty today, and she has a new trick. It's called climb over the cot rail and escape from bed. She did not want to go to bed and it was 10pm, I ended up leaving the cot side down and putting on her lamp (she always goes to sleep in the dark) because she climbed out in the dar and tried to open the door but was in the wardrobe instead, and was crying and drying. I asked her did she want a big girl bed and she said Yes. Looks like it isn't far off, I can't believe it, she's only 20 months old and she is already escaping. My others weren't doing that yet.

    I went to the Kmart sale and made a dint in the Santa shopping today. Jessica is finished, Jemma isn't far off and Josh and Jordan don't need much more. Arron wanted me to buy the xbox on secial for $298, but of course it is day 3 of the sale, they have no more and no rainchecks (just typical). Today's layby cost $470, and I had previously spent $200 so so far 4 kids has cost 670, which is about $150 perchild. I am happy so far. We are getting a trampoline which will be about $300, and also life jackets for the oldest 3.

    Our party is exactly 1 week away and I can't believe that 1/2 of the 120 adults invited haven't bothered to let us know whether they are coming or not. Grrr to them, I am catering the party myself and find it so hard to know how much to make. I have someone making pasta salad, someone else making lasagne and someone else making potato salad, so that eases the burdan, in the past I have refused help, but with 4 kids and Arron out all morning on the party day, I figure I can use all the help I am offered. I brought plates and cutlery etc and that was $40, we have hired a Jukebox and ordered the meat. I must organise the cake tomorrow or we won't have one.

    Anyway, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend Arron is at the pub with his pain in the arse brother, who is just a constant drinker and always wants to be at the pub, when he stopped smoking other things he took up drinking big time. I'm not sure what's worse with him to be honest, as he drink drives all the time and that really annoys me. But he is a nice person, just immature and selfish. Must run in the family! Arron has been threatening to go fix up his sisters boyfriend as he is a druggo loser and takes all her money, but I keep reminding him, he is a father of 4, a small business owner and 30 yrs old now, not 20. Hopefully he will put his kids first and realise that it will get him nowhere to belt this guy.

    Oh well enough raving, I must go and get ready for bed.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    katanya Guest

    Michelle: thanks for the congrats for breastfeeding, but to honest it has been the easiest thing for Felix and I. I think breastfeeding is easy (no waking up to heat bottle, just snuggle up in bed, easy to get him back to sleep in in the morning, no taking bottles when we are out, no sterilising.. There ARE negatives as Felix won't take expressed milk..so the longest I can leave him with someone is about 2 hours..next baby I will be feeding them 1 bottle of expressed milk a week..so they don't carry on like Felix does when presented with a bottle!
    I think every baby and mother combination is different and I don't view bottle feeding as negative..sometimes at the end of the day when I am tired and Felix just wants to feed for hours on end..I think..wow it would be so quick if I was bottle feeding..

    Interesting what you say about Jemma escaping when i read of her escaping tales it makes me think it is all so far away..but really it isn't!
    I just wonder how when I haveanother child that I'll have time to concentrate on all their milestones and acheivements..how is is possible with 4?
    120 people to a party..are you insane? I get nervous with a small dinner party!
    Sounds like you got the good one in your husband's family, my Mum's family is like that 2 out of the 5 are alcoholics, one borrows money and don't give it back and the other one is okay..he and Mum are the only "normal" ones.. Definitely tell DH it's not worth getting an assault record over someone like that!

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    Oct 2003
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    Hi girls...sorry I've been so quiet... just to let you know I am pretty sick still, Matilda's getting better, still having green stuff come out her nose, but there is heaps more coming out mine! LOL!

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    katanya Guest

    That is not good to hear Christy I hope you feel better soon!! Must be all this back and forth weather we're having

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    spiddles Guest

    Michelle it hasnt been the eaisest thing to do but am just thinking about money saving on formula ATM.

    Before my milk cam in I did give him formula from a bottle because he was so unsettled. I guess thats why he is use to a bottle and will take expressed milk from it or have breast.

    Katanya - *lol* b4 we moved into the house we were in a 2 bedroom townhouse and kitchen was downstairs and I like my sleep too much thats why I kept it beside the bed.

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