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thread: 1 to 6 Months, November '04

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    spiddles Guest

    Hiya Girls!!

    Am glad you all had a kinda good weekend and so much going on....ewwww at the projectile vomit Christy and well done for standing up for yourself Michelle. Its good to have you back Carmen!! Bon, grace is georgous.

    Liam did really well on the 3 and a half hour trip each way to his grandparents (on the way up stayed wide awake and took everything in and today slept most of the way after drinking 180 mls was amazed!!) We got there around 8 on Saturday night and after a nappy change and a feed was bawling but he was just exhausted as had a big day and was his sleep time.

    DH parents just bought a petrol station/motel/takeaway so was pretty busy. Next time we visit will have to take baby monitor so when he is sleeping in the house dont have to keep running back to check on him sleeping.

    Carmen - Liam was 5.65kgs at 8 weeks. I think Ryley was in Pee's post 6.6kgs so hes's a big boy compared to ours.

    Have found that when Liam has breast he seems to vomit and gets wind but with a bottle he is fine....maybe he gets too much too quik I donoo.

    Take care guys!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Glad things went well Spiddles. Forgot to say that we had Amelia Dedicated yesturday. It was a beautiful service although Amelia cried all the way through her part and then went straight to sleep when we sat down. Little Tike.
    We had a house full for lunch and my parents are still around. Ds is having a wonderful time with them. I am quite tired though.
    Last night I thought I was getting af symptoms. Bit early considering I didn't get her until 6mths with ds. Amelia is going longer between feeds so this may bring af earlier. Who knows.

    I have done a web site for dd if anyone wants to look.
    Hope everyone is well.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Everyone

    I went and had a look at the pics Rose and Amelia is gorgeous.

    An uneventful day, I am so tired i am planning to hit the sack very soon.

    Glad the trip went well Spiddles!

    Hi Carmen, you have been very busy with your family, but it would have been lovely having them spend time with Luke.

    Sorry if i have missed almost everyone, can't really think at the moment.

    Goodnight michelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone!

    Glad everyone had a good weekend

    Rose - Harry was going well in the big bed but then he started to get insecure and now he won't settle in it. At the moment he is sleeping in our room on his little fold out couch. So we have both kids in with us! We are going to try him with the bed again soon, but at the moment it is easier to settle him in our room.

    Anyway, would like to write more but DH is hurrying me up to get ready to go out.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    just come back from our morning at the dr's for lani's injections, she screamed, i was so sad at that point my 4yr old son said he did not want his needle lol all the way he said he wanted a needle like lani's, instead he had a redo of his allergy testing hasn't had one in 2 yrs and we decided just to get the food allergies done at this stage as they are a bit more important than the grass etc etc, good news is no longer allergic to milk and egg bad news is still very allergic to nuts - we really do not have an action plan as we have not had an episode when he has actually been exposed to nuts so we do not know what will happen it is scary so dr just said to make sure he knows not to share any foods and to be vigilant with ingrediants. my doctor must love giving needles lol she said my hubby and i need a whooping cough vaccination, although we were done as kids apparently there has been an outbreak and if we catch it and pass it onto lani it would be serious and could lead to death bloody scary the way she just came out with it, apparently babies aren't fully covered against it until they have had all there shots - so i had mine done and dh will get his done next week and take my son for his 4yr old shots.

    lani has around 5 breast feeds a day, although not usually full ones she sucks only for around 5 to 10mins and i generally just feed her if she is cranky, i have ditched the rollover and she still slept from 8pm to 6am so she must be getting enough.

    question does anyone know of babies feeding they start crying on the boob put them for a burp done put back on start crying again, stick dummy in and they fall asleep, lani seems to do this every night at her feed at around 7 or 8pm. weird it is like she is telling me she is not hungry just wants her dummy and go to sleep.

    good to see the party was good michelle - we went to a 40th on sat night, ds had his first sleep over and had a ball, lani did well slept in the pram until a girlfriends hubby picked her up around midnight when she let out a little squeek from then on she was passed around like pass the parcel, we got home at 2 and she went done well. dh was soooooooo drunk he actually fell over twice whilst getting into the car, first time he smashed his head on the concrete, i thought he had passed out, he actually cut his head somewhere as there was blood but not enough to warrant medical attention, bloody idiot i went right off i said to him if he carried on drinking so much he will not live to see his children grow up - didn't seem to work as he was drinking again on sunday - i just hate it he drinks probably 6 cans of beer every night and more on the weekend, but on the weekend he does not eat breakfast or lunch so he gets tanked quicker - he is not violent thank god but can be a bit of a ***** MEN AHH, he can be so nice when he is sober oh well that is my sob of the day lol.

    sorry for the epic - hope all are keeping well.


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    Marcia Guest

    Hi all, been busy again so just catching up.

    Well, not much exciting happening for me atm. Busy, but not exciting lol.Oh except that we found out how much we will get back from our tax returns this year and were very pleasantly surprised! Nearly $6000 in total so that will be going straight in the bank for savings as one of my friends has just gotten engaged and is getting married in NZ in Jan. 2006. Very excited as I haven't been on a holiday for over 3 years now and the last one was our honeymoon lol! Will have to start researching all the exciting stuff we can do in NZ!! Otherwise we have just been running around trying to see family constantly. They all want to see Hudson every week (first grandchild syndrome), but we always seem to have to go to them, and we live a 1-2 hr drive from all of our family. Think I might have to put my foot down soon and tell them it is their turn to do the travelling grrrr. Anyway, I will pop back later and do personals as Hudson has just woken up. Hmmmm, always seems to do that just as I get on the computer lol. Hope everyone is H & H!

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone- time is so short these days!!
    Quickly just saying hi to let everyone know I am alive still!! Ryley is doing well- he just got his first pair of osh kosh leather sandals from ebay! I am stoked- they are very very cute!!
    I hope everyone is doing well. My birthday soon! eeek!
    Anyway take care and i will write more later!!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!!

    Mooshie - that stinks about your DH...*big hugs*

    Marcia thats great about your tax return!! YAY!

    rose thanks for that re the food... I'm impressed that Amelia goes so well with the schedules...we tried doing things by the clock to stretch out the night time feeds but Matilda just goes by her own schedules...lol...

    Sounds great about the Osh Kosh sandles Pee!!! Matilda's godmother got her a pair of cute fredbare shoes on ebay and they look like they've never been used...so cute...

    Well we had an amazing night, Matilda went from 10pm to 6am with one episode of missed dummy... only unfortunate thing was we didn't change her nappy at 10 so this morning everything was wet... but it was so good, because she's been up more lately at 3am and then waking for the day at 5am... I was awake at 5am just listening...but I stayed in bed until 6....

    She's decided that she doesn't need to sleep during the day either... she gets really tired and I put her in the cot & she rolls and rolls and doesn't fall asleep...atm she's been in there 30 minutes & she's just rolling around... I tried the rolled up towels but yesterday I put her down with her eyes closed & 5 minutes later heard a yell, went in to check & she had the towel wrapped around her & over her head! I have no idea how she did that, but I decided to not keep anything in with her now...I even rocked her to sleep twice and as soon as we put her down she wakes up #-o ... last night it took us 2 hours to get her to sleep!!! GGGrrrr..... the problem is she is tired, she's crying, rubbing her eyes, yawning.... hmmmm

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    UGH!! AF just arrived!

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    Marcia Guest

    Christy - Lol at the vomit down the top. You poor thing I know exactly how you feel, I have had that one happen too. At least when it happened to me it was at Mum's Group, but none of the other girls have reflux babies, so I guess it doesn't make that much difference! Grrrr at AF, me too, and I forgot how much I hate it! Plus with the new pill I am trying I seem to get it 2 weeks out of 4!! Extra Grrrrrr for that, so I will be changing pills I think! Re Matilda rolling around instead of sleeping, have you tried wrapping her? Hudson started rolling a couple of weeks ago and doesn't stop all day now, except for when I put him down for a sleep. I'm pretty sure it is because I wrap him for sleeps, and he can't roll if he can't use his arms. You probably already have tried it, or don't want to, so if so I'll shut up, but just thought I'd mention it. We thought Hudson hated being wrapped, but he was such a bad day sleeper that our CYH nurse said to try for 3 days straight at every sleep time and then see how he is with it. Anyway after the 3 days he was fine with it and sleeping a lot better, so the couple of days of him crying about it was worth it in the long run.

    Pee- so cute on the sandals! are they for now or when he is bigger? Only ask as I didn't know you could get shoes for bubs at this age. We just put socks on Hudson lol!

    Mooshie - for your little boys allergies. That must be scary to have to think all the time about if there is nuts in things, and not knowing how he would react if there was. Sorry, can't help on the feeding probs with Lani, as Hudson is bottle fed. One mum at my group has a similar prob with her bub but said it was because he gulps too much too fast and he chokes and then gets upset, but I would think you would probably be able to tell if Lani was doing that.

    Spiddles - Glad your trip went well!

    Michelle- Great to hear the party went well, and =D> for you standing up for yourself!

    To everyone with piccies up - Your babies are beautiful! They are all such cuties. I wish I had a digital camera so I could put some up too.

    Sorry to those I missed, This was all I could remember lol!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi all

    Well, I reckon summer is definitely here in Qld, we are getting temps around the 30 degree mark. Grace is feeling it a bit, she has got heat rash around her neck and on her tummy. ATM she is sleeping in just a nappy and singlet, wrapped in her muslin wrap with the fan going. I wish I didn't have to wrap her at all but she won't settle otherwise. At least there is a nice breeze.

    Just a question - did anyone else's bubbas have a small fontanelle when they were born? The paed in hospital thought Grace's was a bit small and told us that it is probably ok but it can be a sign that her skull is fusing together too early, in which case she would need surgery. Talk about freaking me out! But we took her back for a follow up and they said that it all looks fine and there is nothing to worry about. Thank god. We still have to go back in two months though to make sure her head is growing normally, but doc thinks she is fine.

    Yay for ebay. I am a bit of an ebay addict

    Oh gotta go, Grace is awake and wanting food!


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    carmen Guest


    Luke is asleep so I thought that I would post.

    Mooshie - Big hugs for the allergies - is it something that they are likely to grow out of? Try not to worry too much about your husband - although I know that it must be hard.

    Pee - I am an ebayer too so congratulations on the sandles - I am sure sometimes we probably bid against people on the forum since there are so many of us (LOL!)

    Christy - yeah for the good nights sleep - hope it continues. Luke had his first 7.5 hours sleep last night and I can't believe how much difference the extra hours sleep makes.

    Marcia - well done on the tax money - you must be so excited about the holiday, will you have to pay for Hudson or will he still be free?

    Bon - LOL at calling it the big bed - I do exactly the same thing and before Luke was born I would never have thought about it but it looks sooo big when he is laid in it particularly since we have a king size.

    Luke had his vaccinations and the nurse told James and I that we were very brave - LOL!! Luke just cried a little bit and then a gave him a feed which seemed to take his mind off it. The next morning he was a bit unsettled so I gave him some panadol and he was a happy baby again so I think that I am lucky.

    He was weighed again yesterday 5360g and 58cm. I find that whenver someone asks how old he is and I say 8 weeks they look at me as if to say really - particularly those people with babies of their own. I have made the mistake of saying - your baby must be young since they are so little and finding out that they are a few weeks older than LUke so I keep quiet now.

    Hello to everyone that I have missed and hope that you are all well

    Take care


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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    wow what a hottie in melbourne today, especially after walking around 20mins (up hill) to go to get an ice cream for ds - ahh the things we do for our kiddies lol.

    carmen - my ds unfortunately now will not grow out of his nut allergy, they say generally if they were to grow out of them it is around the age of 5 and he is 4 1/2 and his severeness (if thats a word lol) is the same as when he was 12mths old, so i am going to have to be so careful, he does to, he knows not to share food or to accept food from anyone or ask if there is nuts in it, so thats good he is aware - just everything has a nut warning it is shocking - at least he likes his fruit.

    poor lani had a terrible time yesterday arvo after needles, about 4hrs after she became totally upset and screamed for 1hr nothing i could do calmed her - it seemed to be her legs were sore, she had no fever but i gave her a dose of panadol and that did the trick. my arm is still hurting today from the whooping cough injection so i can't imagine how she must of been feeling - ah well at least i got to know the pain cry, so after 3 children i can finally tell the difference between hungry, tired and pain cry - hooray lol.

    looking at all the weights i feel lani is a bit on the smallish size especially since she was 8lb 9oz at birth she is now 4.6kg and 58cm long and lean, i often wonder if she is getting enough don't we all when we breastfeed - i swear we should have little monitors on our boobs to show us how much milk has been drunk, she has lots of wet nappies and is generally happy so i guess she is just going to be a slow gainer who knows.

    ahh after falling asleep in my arms she is now protesting in the cot - time to put in the dummy

    see ya

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    Pietta Guest

    ROFL @ so many people loving ebay!! I have bought so many near new or new Pumpkin patch clothes on ebay for so cheap. I am buying the 0 size now from this winter for last winter while not too many people are bidding. I am selling heaps of my boy clothes now too. (my username on there is madfish79) Lol if someone bids against me for p-patch stuff.

    The sandals are for later in summer. They do have shoes to fit now- they are size one- but dont forget Ryley is 62cm long and weighs 7.25kgs so he isnt a small 2 1/2 month old.

    Sorry i wont have time to put it into the topic but good luck iris i will be thinking of you. Here's hoping Alana is fine.
    Poor little Lani with her needles- breaks your heart when they cry doesnt it.
    With regard to cutting nails (again sorry for not right forum) I use the nail clippers for babies and i wait til he is asleep and then push the tip right up to the nail so i can see where nail meets skin. It has worked for us really well so far.
    Lol Carmen- imagine how i feel with Ryley being soo very big I always do that- oh your bub must be much younger than Ryley!! easy mistake to make. Sounds like he's doing pretty good!

    Our quick update- Ryley is sleeping from around 7.30 - 8 p.m. until about 6 in the morning and then will play for an hour and then have a 240mL bottle. It is working really well. He is doing well and I am loving being a Mum. what a great job!! who needs a different career!!
    I am playing netball again on 26th Nov for a quarter as my bodys bday present to me as my bday is the 25th!! Woo Hoo for being 24..
    I dont like getting older.
    I have started a mothers group here which i love and am happy about. I hope everyone is doing well. I really dont get time for personals very much so i will just say bug hugs to all the Bubs and Mums!!

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    Pietta Guest

    I forgot to mention- we are thinking of putting Ryley into baby modelling. I wanted to ask if possible if you guys could look at his pics from the site and tell me which three to send in. I personally think the 10 week, 9 week and 6 week. If you could give me a second or third opinion that would be great. Be honest too- if you dont think he'll make it let me know coz we all think our bubba's are the cutest ever.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Hi Pee,

    Sorry to butt in on this thread but just wanted to say that i agree with your suggestions of photos of Ryley. He's such an adoreable lil thing!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI everyone,

    Mooshie- Jessica and Lani are the same size and Jessica is 2 weeks older so that seems ok to me! Even though they have different birth weights. Jessica was 6lb 10oz. They are supposed to put about 150gms per week which is about 1200gms in 8 weeks. How does that work out with her weight gain. Maybe she wants to be petite! LOL

    I love ebay too, started off buying, then selling my stuff, and now Mum and I sell scrapbooking stuff. It's great when you get a bargain isn't it Pee? I got a portacot and baby monitor off ther and they were both terrific. I have been duped a couple of times, once for a pair of jeans which never arrived and neither did the refund of half the cost, and once for gloves and hats, which the lady took the money and never delivered. Not everyone is trustworthy unfortunaetly. I also brought gorgeous baby cot blankets with the kids name date of birth and birth weight and a pic embroidered on, great value for money. If anyone is interested in one PM me and I will give you the username of that seller as the blankies are gorgeous.

    Grr at matilda being so clever CHristy, sometimes perseverence is the key though. We have now got Jemma staying in her bed and not escaping bc Arron decided she would just be put back each time she escaped. TOnight the little treasure climbed in under the blankets with her dummy and hardly cried. Good luck with getting her sleeping again.

    THe holiday sounds great Marcia, how exciting for you all to be going to such a beautiful place!

    Carmen I wouldn't worry about the size thing, birth weights play such a huge part in how big babies are. I looked at Jemma's book and she weighed 10 lb 6 at 5 1/2 weeks, Jessica weighed 10 lb 4 1/2 at 9 weeks. The difference is Jemma was *lb 4 1/2 born and Jessica was only 6lb 10oz. As long as they have a good weight gain and their height matches there weight you can be happy.

    My computer keeps dropping the internet connection, I hope I don't lose this post.
    Goodnight all
    Sorry if I missed anyone.
    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Good morning girls! I hope you all have had a good night... am off today to KMART's big 4 day sale around 25% off kids stuff...YAY! I also have some xmas shopping to do.....Matilda's not wanting to nap but tired yet again... I'd really love a shower...LOL...I nevre understood that luxury before.

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