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    spiddles Guest

    That really sucks about the daycare Jordan went to Michelle. Its so hard to find people you can trust and it makes you wonder how well your children are getting looked after. The place I am trying to get him into is run by the council and is community based so not commercialised. They encourage you to breastfeed if you like and come in on lunch ours and help out if you like. A couple of girls from work send there children there and highly recommended it. One of the mothers I work with use to be in childcare herself and said it was the best she found so I thought it must be good. Have been there on several occasions and the people are friendly and the place is so secure. You need to type in a code to even get through the door or press the buzzer and go through several child proof gates.

    DH, Liam and I just had a shower together. Someone recommened it to DH as she use to do it with her children very early. Donno if I should be doing it or not or if it is bad for them. Does anyone know??? I started and washed up then DH brought him in and I put him resting on my shoulder for a while then passed him to DH while I dried off and got his towel so DH could finish. He so enjoyed it. Had a feed and went to sleep. I usually bath him during the day because here at night gets pretty cold but its starting to warm up now. Might start giving him a shower in the evening more often if he is up later than 7 and we are about to have one.

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    hi there everyone

    bummer about the childcare situation spiddles and christy. just a thought on why everyone wants a tuesday for childcare, most public holidays fall on a monday and if you have your child in care on a monday and it is a public holiday you have to pay whether they attend or not - i know that is the reason most of the mums i know don't want there kids at kinda on a monday.

    spiddles - re the shower i think it is ok, i know my cousin who is a hippy hippy girl (very nice, she lives in a rainforest :-s ), she never bathed her children, just had a shower with them, from day one and the girls are lovely.

    michelle - big bummer about the dishwasher, wouldn't know what to do without one, i remember in our old house when i fell pregnant with number 2, i said to my hubby before this baby comes we have to have a dishwasher and a cordless phone lol - i really don't think i could do without those two things.

    things going okey dokey here - dh is going well with his medication, we are going to another 40th tonight so it will be interesting to see how he goes with the drinking business - sure he can have a few but hopefully not to many as he is working tommorrow, so far it is 1pm here and i have not seen him with a can in his hand so that is good for him.

    lani is going good have decided that i will put her in the cot from next week at night - as she is really growing out of the bassinet and i think we wake each other up, she has a really yucky ear - behind it, it is on the side where she sleeps, so obviously she spits up milk and it runs down there, it is quite weepy and crusty, so i keep washing and making sure it is dry - am going to drs on tuesday for ds to have his 4yr old injections (that is going to be a nightmare) so i will ask dr then. lani has stopped going through to 6am, knew it was to good to be true - she wakes around 3 or 4am whether or not i give her a rolloever feed at 10pm (so i don't now) i just feed her and she goes back to around 8am so it is ok, last night was great cause sienfeld was on lol, hopefully when she is in her cot she will sleep better cause when she is in our room i tend to pick her up when she just cries out so she does not start crying full on and waking dh as well - he does a lot of driving during the day and i really do worry about him getting enough sleep - as it is he doesn't sleep to well.

    anyway gotta go - getting ready to set up the christmas tree for tommorrow ds is sooooooooo excited.

    sorry for the epic.

    see ya

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    Hi girls
    Spiddles I can't so a prob with the shower, as long as bubs is clean I don't think it matters how they get that way. I used to do it with my first sometimes as it wasn't always convenient to run the bath.

    Mooshie- hope you both have a lovely time at the party, it will prob be hard for DH. Have you noticed a big change in your DH when he is on medication. We had a friend on anti depressents and he turned so quiet and withdrawn it was sad.

    Hope Lani goes well in her cot. We won't be moving Jessica out anytime soon, her room isn't even finished yet. Instead it has all these mini Harley motorbikes in there which DH is selling, he said today "I can't do anything till the bikes are gone!" Hmm! Yeah isn't he glad about that.

    I can't wait to put our tree up, but we will get one on the 1st Dec. We have a real tree because we love the smell.

    Anyway see ya better do something, I have been brushing our dog (a super fluffy samoyd) and I stink like him.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Aug 2003
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    Hi Girls,

    I have been meaning to post in here for a while, but it seemed there has been one thing after the other.

    Its great to hear all the bubbas are doing well and sleeping well. The last few nights Alana has been sleeping from 7pm thru to 2am (has a feed) and then thru to about 7am. Woo Hoo!!!I think now that she is on her meds, she is feeling better and is able to sleep better. Now all I have to do is work out how to stop the 2am feed!!!!

    She has a weigh in at Maternal Health tomorrow. I know that she hasn't put on much weight so I won't be surprised. Most people who see Alana are surprised when I tell them she is 9 weeks. They think she only about 4 or 5 weeks. I personally don't think she looks that small. It happened several times shopping yesterday. I just smile. Anyway, it will be the next weigh that will be interesting as she would have been on her meds for few weeks.

    Well I have finished the Christmas shopping, so I feel stress free in regards to Christmas. I have even wrapped them all, so they can go under the tree on Wednesday. I love present giving, especially at christmas. How everyone else going?

    Okay well thats enough from me. See Ya!

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    spiddles Guest

    Hi all hope you had a good weekend!!

    We we had our party last night. Only 6 showed up. One of my friends bought Liam a pooh playgym. She was so upset when she found out he already had a playgym. I told her not to worry as this one is bigger as my 1 year old neice just bearly fits under his old one and this has more room. Was so mad at DH made all this food and goes and orders pizza GRRRRRRR!. By 8:30 I had the worst miagrane (donno if it was the alcohol or not as dint drink that much) so went to bed and tried to get some sleep. They all took off and went to the pub and left me with Liam. By 11:30 was in agony labour was less painful than this and my boobs were so sore I couldnt get up to express. Went to get my mobile and it was flat. Went to get the home phone and DH had umplugged it to put his puter in the kitchen for ****tail recipies and was flat so am staggering around looking for my charger. Finally found it and called DH who was on his way home anyway. Luckly Liam slept the whole time as I donno what I would have done. Drank more water and took some more panadol at 12:30 and still no better and was sobbing in the toilet for over an hour. Liam woke about 2, one of my friends that stayed over gave him a bottle and a nappy change and went back to bed as I dont think I could have coped. By the 5 oclock feed was fine and have been feeling good all day and house is nearly clean. But what a night. NEVER again!!!

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    Spiddles - I always showered with Marisa from about 2 weeks and I have done the same with Elijah. They both love it.
    Kelly xx

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    Oct 2003
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    Oh spiddles what a yuck night!! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Iris, YAY on Alana sleeping better!! Those enzymes should help heaps!

    We have had a pretty relaxed weekend, just hanging out & DH was once again a star, I got home from work & he fed me & put me to bed for few hours nap & then made me dinner...watched Harry Potter & then back in bed... I feel so much better today after all that sleep!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    had a great time at the party, the house we were at is like being on a resort in bali, gazebo, pool 1/2 acre, huge mansion of a house. it was a blast - whatever ****tail in the world you could think of, karoke (sp?) etc - it was great to mingle. dh still drank but not as much as he had to work today, we were home by 1.30am but i wanted to stay i was having such a good time and lani was good she was in her pram most of the time awake but just chilling out and taking it all in. she is going well now touch wood, i put her down to sleep awake and i have not had to go in a pat her etc etc, and she seems to be resettling herself when she wakes hooray - hope it lasts.

    spiddles - sounds like a bummer of a night, just watch yourself though you said you weren't feeling good and your boobs were sore - maybe you might be getting mastitis - if you are feeling fluey and your boobs are rock hard and lumpy get to the doc for antibiotics asap as mastitis is shocking ahhhhhh.

    michelle - lani will be going into her cot maybe this week - have washed her cotton sheets (she has been sleeping on the flannelette ones during the day) and it is now warming up, but i am finding it a little difficult to make the move iykwim, i love waking up in the morning and peering into the bassinet to be greeted with a huge smile and little legs going like crazy ahhhh.

    our christmas tree is up - it is huge, i too loooove the smell of the real ones, however the year jessie was dx with cancer we spent $450 on a tree and decorations it is all done in blue and silver, it looks like a myers tree so lovely (if i do say so myself lol) we have a personalised ball for jessie and one for jay hanging on the tree, and i also have the little fairy outfit jessie wore on her last christmas with us, set up alongside the tree, now just to get dh outside to do the lights out there, i am right into decorating especially since jessie got sick it is sort of a ritual for me now as it was the only christmas i will remember forever with such a mix of happy and sad emotions ahh.

    christy - dh sounds so divine lol letting you sleep and cooking for you, my dh idea of cooking is getting take out. very nice to be able to relax and recupirate (ah sp? again)

    iris - glad to hear alana is sleeping well, she will drop that 2am feed soon. good to see her hopefully stacking on the weight, she is doing well.

    sorry if i missed anyone - i guess this forum will be filling up soon with all the new bubbies been born - i think there was 3 in a week wow.

    catch ya

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    Oct 2003
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    Yep...but in a few weeks we'll be graduating to 6mths!! WOW!!! So exciting!

    Matilda was a star last night we went out & instead of sleeping like she usually does, she slept an hour & woke up but then she just hung out with us & laughed and was really easy going & then rubbed her eyes, we put her in the pram & whoschka...straight back to sleep, no kicking/screaming/grumbling at all! So we enjoyed our dinner & got to hang out wiht close friends & have Matilda with us which was really nice...

    Had a scary moment yesterday though when we were out at the markets & Matilda was in the sun for a little while & when I got her out of the car at home her cheeks were bright red... but I've put it down to teething as they went normal after a sleep...

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    spiddles Guest

    Well I finally got Liam's photo with Santa...Didnt turn out too bad considering he had the hiccups at the time...has a half smile. Got 3 photo/cards for $20. Will keep one and send the other to his grandmother and great grandmother. My mum said she would be happy with just a scanned copy so once we get our printer can scan it and print her out a copy.

    Went and visited the other day care sentre I can get him into if I cant get him into the original one. Is $7 cheaper a day but dont supply nappies, formula or food but seems like a pretty nice place. If you bring in cloth nappies they will even use those and soak them for you. Will have to way up options.

    Had Liam weighed today. Is 12 weeks on thursday and now weighs 7.1kgs and 64cm long so has well and trully doubled his birthweight of 3.38kgs. He was too long for the scales and kepted kicking them so took a while to get accurate reading.

    He is getting way too long for his pram. looks so cramped when lying down and is starting to roll.

    Am so surprised how many of you give your babies showers!! Have still been giving him a bath in the mornings but a shower at night.

    Mooshie - Now that you mention it I do have a runny nose. No temp though. My boobs are kinda sore but not lumpy anymore. Will keep an eye on it. Might go to the doctors anyway. I really dont know what to do as going back to work in Jan and cant really express at work so was thinking of fomula feeding and letting my milk dry up. Everyone I have talked to says its painful and I thought would be better to do while I was at home and you can get tablets to help do this but then am thinking of money we could save right now. You would go through a tin of forumla a week at this age???

    Hope everyone is well!!

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    carmen Guest

    Hello everyone

    I don't know where the days go but I have missed lots of posts again.

    I am glad that everyone is well and babies are doing good things - Spiddles, I agree that you should go to the doctor since people at mother and baby group keep saying how nasty mastitis is if you don't get antibiotics.

    We were told something interesting at our group by the nurse and I wanted to share it with you - if your baby is grisly and won't stop crying then it is ok to give them camomile tea (so long as it is pure camomile so buy it from the health food section rather than the tea section). We all looked at the nurse as if she was mad but she said make up 110ml and leave it to cool down to a warm temp, don't jiggle the tea bag too much so that you don;t get bits. After checking with a couple of people, we found out that it was very common in Europe, I bought some tea.

    Luke must have known and had a cryinig fit for no reason that afternoon - I gave him the tea, he drank all of it then had a feed (it was time for feeding by the time it had cooled down) and then slept for 3 hours which he never does during the day.

    Thanks for the info about the showers, I think that I will try it or get DH to try it.

    Sorry that I haven't had personals but I missed too many posts.

    PS I am not sure if I asked earlier if any of the Melbourne mums are coming to the meet and greet?

    Take care


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    Jun 2003

    Spiddles ... have you thought of feeding morning and night and just formula feeding while you are at work? This is what I am doing with Asha and I did it sucsessfully with Jack until he was 10 months old. It works so well for us and I always suggest it to peope who are returning to work if they cant express (I only had the toilet to express in and all I can think of is YUK!!!).

    I had my return date sorted and planned her formula feeds to introduce them slowly so that I didn't get sore boobs or become engorged! Here is what we did (based on 5 feeds a day).

    Week 1


    Week 3 (and continuing)

    Asha is almost 6 months now and also has breakfast and dinner (breakfast after breastfeed and dinner before breastfeed). I also feed her during the night if she needs it but I feed at a last resort during the night!



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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,
    I thought I'd best make my intro here ... I can't believe I'm a mom! Oh and I enjoy it so much (so much indeed that I've told DH I won't be contributing to our work much for the rest of the year). I could just spend all day looking at my little man, but I know I have to get a grip on it and do other stuff as well (like posting on BB ).

    re. the tea: that's true, it is quite common here. Mostly fennel tea though (cause that helps with belly aches / colics). Considering how warm it is in Oz at the moment, giving your baby some extra fluids might actually be a good idea, huh? I feel soooooooooo clueless when it comes to my baby. I have read all the pregnancy books but somehow forgot to look past the birth ... doh, I know.. I ordered 3 books online (Kid Wrangling, Baby Love and third one that I think was called 'how to be an imperfect mother' or something like that).

    Wolf has been really good so far, but I think all babies are quite easy in the first 2 weeks, aren't they? He has maybe 2 waking / play hours a day, the rest is feeding and sleeping... so plenty of time for me to catch up on sleep when he's asleep (though I'm feeling very tired, got basically no sleep the first days in hospital). Last night he got quite grizzly and wouldn't stop crying. He kept on doing the searching moves but after having breastfed him twice within 2 hours, I decided he couldn't possibly be hungry. He would suck on DH's finger for hours, so I decided to pop open that pack of dummies and gave him one. He loved it and fell asleep after 15 mins... I felt like such a loser though.. I thought I could do without props.. especially this early on...

    DH and I went to get some DVDs while his sister watched our boy and I cried and cried and cried in the car because I felt like such a klutz and loser and bad mother. I hate to see him cry and I can't help him, yet at the same time I don't want to be one of those overprotective moms who pick their kids up at every peep... oh God, it's so hard to keep the balance... the nurses at the hospital said that you can't spoil a baby at this age ... so that's been my motto so far, but I guess I will have to hold him less and get him used to sleeping in his own bed (currently sleeping between DH and I).

    Sorry for all the rambling girls, I guess I am just hoping for someone to tell me that this is all normal and that I'll feel more in charge soon...

    I'm recovering well from the Caesarean, tomorrow my midwife will come by for the first time, pull the stitches and hopefully give me some good advice on a trillion issues I am having. Breastfeeding has been quite easy with my left boob. My right boob is on strike (I had a tumor in it 14 years ago and first they thought it might have something to do with it, but according to all the doctors - saw another specialist today - it all looks fine). At the hospital, my right boob went the size of a watermelon (and the firmness too) - I thought my nipple would fly off, but we calmed it down with cold wraps and massages. I haven't tried to b/f from my right boob in a while now and it has shrunk a fair bit (I am feeling a bit lopsided, with my one huge milk boob, lol)

    Gosh, look at me rambling on... sorry girls. It's just all so confusing atm.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Good to see you back Snowy!! Well done on so soon too!!! I for one would like to say you sound like you are doing fantastic!! Like you said you just wanted some reassurance... IKWYM!! I had no idea what to do with Matilda when we got home & I've been a nanny before!! Just when their yours and your responsibility its so hard. I used our first dummy at 5 days... I had just breastfed for 4 hours and was in so much pain and so tired I couldn't do it anymore and I cried and cried & finally put the dummy (which I was convinced we were never going to use...)in her mouth & she happily sucked it for a few minutes... then spit it out but now she uses it to sleep....

    Its really hard to keep a balance on when your "spoiling" or being over protective etc etc... I feel (these are just my feelings) that you can't spoil a newborn... especially within the first 8 weeks. Matilda slept with us for the first 8 weeks as well.... and now sleeps in her cot which she prefers to our bed in her own room. So they gradually change as they get older and I really felt like it was important the first few weeks of life to be with Matilda... I really found Pinky McKay's books a help too with crying etc... although I was doing a lot of what she suggested I felt reassured too!

    This has turned into an epic!! But I read your post and felt so similar to you that I just sat here remembering Matilda's first month... so have no fear you are completely normal!! LOL!!

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    spiddles Guest

    Welcome Snowy!!! So glad to have you here!!!

    Thanks for the info Kel!! I will definatly give it a try.....Am clueless when it comes to things like that. Thought if I did that my milk my dry up *lol* My mum had no idea when I asked her. My brother and sister are adopted. When she bought them home they we fed cows milk watered down with vitamins (I guess thats what they did 30 years ago) and gave up breastfeeding me at 6 weeks when one of her breasts dried up as I would only feed from one side so I then had the same as my borther and sister.

    So much for Aa sleep in this morning. DH bought Liam in at 7 and well he made up for his poo that he hadnt done in a day and a half and dribbled down his legs all over the sheets GRRRRRRRR! so up I got and done another load of washing YAY!!

    Even though Liam is breastfed I still offer him cooled boiled water because it has been so hot here too!!

    Next week am gonna test DH. When I go back to work in Jan he is looking after Liam every wednesday so I said will start what Kelly said tomorrow but next wednesday from 9 to 5 you are looking after him. Bathing, feeding nappy changes etc and I wont go near him. He told me I should go to my mothers for the day. I said well the longest I have been away is 30 mins from him. This time I will stay and next time you can do it on your own as am not sure how he will cope.

    As for spoiling...My friends say I am bad at that because everytime he cries I go and check and see whats wrong. They keep telling me to just leave him but I just cant!!

    I wouldnt feel so bad about the dummy Snowy...First night home Lianm had one as wouldnt stop crying. I now never use it. He spits it out. Out shopping he sometimes takes it but thats it. I guess thats a good thing no weening off dumbies.

    Hopefully it wont be too hotter day for everyone!!

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope that you and your babies are all well.
    The forecast for today is 42 degrees so I've shut up the house, put the aircon on and I'm not budging until after the sun goes down.
    I shower with Yasin sometimes and he seems to like it. After he peed in his bath its my prefered option. I hate to think of the cleanup job if it had been a poo.
    Snowy, I was a bit freaked out for the first few weeks too. I still am sometimes. It doesn't help being so tired and full of hormones. I think it helps to have a good sook every now and then because bottling it up just makes you tense. I didn't want to use a dummy but DH talked me into it one night when Yasin just wouldn't settle and now we keep it for emergencies when nothing else works. Unless he's quite unsettled he just spits it out anyway.
    DH is hanging out to have a day alone with his baby but I want to wait until he is a bit older befor trying to give him bottles of expressed milk. Does anyone know if they refuse the bottle if its left to long?
    Yasin has a milk/hormone rash and it still hasn't cleared up. I thought that they went in a few weeks but I geuss I was wrong. He has been sleeping much better through the night for the last week which is a relief. For about a fortnight he went through a phase where he woke up every two hours on the dot between 11 pm and 8am and had longer sleeps in the day but now he seems to be reversing the pattern again. =D>

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    spiddles Guest

    Not sure about the bottles Dacholstar but have been giving Liam expressed milk from about 1 week old. He had probs latching on in the beginning and both of us would get frustrated and upset. Took him a while but now has the hang of it (prolly cause am getting too lazy to express every feed) I highly recommend the avent bottles though. Reduces colic and the nipple is sipposedly close to having bubs use the same technique as breastfeeding. He has no probs switching between the both.

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    Sep 2004

    Hi Ladies
    I've been "surfing" the forums as I am looking for distractions while TWW. But I have a 2 and a half year old daughter.

    All I can really say is that when you have your new babies at home the first few months are full of overwhelming feelings. And there is no instruction book, but hopefully lots of love and support to get you through. I would get upset because Nicola wasn't doing the things that other babies were doing - from our playgroup. But I suppose in the end i learnt that all babies are different just like us adults.

    Here's what I've experienced:
    Sleeping - she woke every three hours until 9mos old, then finally did controlled crying for 3 nights (only did 15mins crying each time) and she now sleeps through the night.

    Feeding - like a dream, had to give up breastfeeding at 9 mos because of IVF but would have kept going ( I suppose where we lucked out on sleep we won on feeding)
    -started solids at 6 mos - she is a very very healthy girl and we held back on solids because of the high risk of allergies (history in famil)

    Dummies - use whatever in the early days for your own peace of mind. DH says that "she won't be in high school still using a dummy and that it's better than thumb sucking". They have a natural tendency for suckling

    Spoiling - no such thing in young babies, they are meant to be adored and loved. May your heart swell over with love.

    The best thing we brought was a $350 infra-red camera for her bedroom. She's been one of those kids that throughout the night (from a young age) get up and have a bounce or play in her cot then settle back to sleep. She is super active during the day. With the camera we can easily see if she is distressed or just !!!!


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