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    Well im totally confused as to what was the solution to our problem and id love to hear from you Rach as im sure Blake was giving you major breast refusal but last night dh and i went out and my mum gave hendy a bottle of EBM which i had collected a few weeks ago and he drank and went to sleep at 7pm and only just woke at 6am!! So anyway guess what?? AF turned up for me during the night - so is this part of the reason that hendy has been so off and why ive been having serious breast refusal or has the zantac kicked in and has his reflux settled cause this mornings feed he latched on fed like a dream did not cry once or seem pained at all?? Oh the joys! so many questions and not many answers - well at least my little happy content sleeping boy is back - well at least for now anyway!!

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Fletch and little Zane!

    I have already forgotten what most of you have written - but will do my best....

    Heather - you sound like you have had some trials over the past week! Motherhood is a constant learning journey don't you find? I am glad that hendrix is better...shame about AF though! Not AF for me yet and Finlay has dropped 2 feeds!

    Hayseed - did you decide to give Pup formula? In my mothers group a couple of girls have tried this and it hasn't worked either. My little man was sleeping through the night at 10weeks and he is exclusively breast feed.....We bought our kick and whirl at Big W.

    I'm not sure who asked about sleeping through the night - but a trick that I tried (and it appears to have worked) is to always put Finlay to bed when he is awake. Then when he wakes in the night he can self settle and get himself back to sleep. Has anyone else found that this works. He does wake once during the night for his dummy (which inevitably falls out) so this is a bit painful - so I am trying to when him off his dummy dependancy!

    Kate - 0 for Kelsey! That is great! She is growing so well. Sorry to hear about your MIL - I am sure that mine will be exactly the same as yours, but she lives in Melb and we haven't seen her since the birth...

    Brooke - glad to hear that all is going well - is little Maya teething already? I don't really know what age this happens, but I have teething rings in the fridge just in case!

    Little man is having an off day today! He hasn't had any sleep during the day and is a cranky pants!

    Better dash -


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    Hi all

    Sorry its been a while since I posted but we had my dad and his wife over from the UK. They went back last night.

    I am a little emotional as it has been 2 yrs since I saw them and it will be Xmas 2006 before I see them again. But on a brighter note we have now got Erykah to sleep through the night (most nights) she is sleeping for 7-8hrs from around midnight.

    We went to see Lion King with Dad and she was as good as gold she slept all the way through the performance. Can you believe it we had to pay $43 for a ticket for her to sit on our knee!!!! Disgusting

    My mum is out in 3wks so I have that to look forward to.

    Anyway better go spend quality time with DH

    Hasn't the weather been great got loads of jobs done in the garden


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    Just as i press 'Post a reply' the baby stirs!! its like he has some sort of extra-sensory Belly Belly perception!

    So just a quick hi and bye! We're off to south France to visit DH's sister and Alexander's little cousin and be keeping busy travelling around there a wee bit. So we will be back in a week or so! I hope you all stay well..

    ..bubba calls now..

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    Hi gals!

    Thought I would drop in and say hi!!

    Zahra is 5 weeks old on Wednesday and growing up way too fast for my liking!! Can't she stay little for ever????

    Anyway, I will be posting here now and will chat more soon! (sorry, kids calling me!!)


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    hey gals im typing one-handed so excuse the mistakes!!

    Kate- the zantac is working wonders! We noticed the diference after 36 hours and all the screaming and chucking etc have gone and hendy is so relaxed now too. I feel so sorry for him as he really must have been suffering badly. Sorry to hear about your MIL it must be really hard when you feel you are asking her important things and that she isnt listening. I think you should ask shane to have a word with her without rocking the boat too much. How is Kelsey doing on zantac is it helping??

    Brooke - the reason that reflux gets worse is because the acid is causing more and more inflamation in the gut so the sphincter which holds everyting down isnt able to close and the acid and milk keeps coming up. So the longer it goes on the worse it gets. Hendy always pulled off the boob and always got alot of wind and the hiccups constantly which are apparently some of the side effects of gastro oesophogeal (sp) reflux.. Im so glad that little Maya is being so beautiful she must have had some real pains too which obviosly the chiro has sorted.

    Joh - I cannot believe that they charged you for Erykahs seat!!! I told DH and he thinks that you should write to the paper about it!! He says stuff like that makes him really really mad....haha

    Deb- oh im so jealous. You forget how easy it is to just travel around in europe!! My little sister just went over to england to work and she just found a job (as a 19 y.o) working for a ski company where she has to travel around to the ski chalets in france and switzerland!! Sounds tough doesnt it?? Anyway have a great time - i hope Alexander is peaceful too.

    Hey Kelli - doesn t time fly?? its amazing

    Anyway we are going to have hendy's 8 week measure and weigh etc today although im not expecting too much of a weight gain as he had such a bad week last week. Will log on later

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    Hi All

    Well another busy day today, Jonah had his 8 week visit to the MCHN today and he now weighs 11lb 10oz and is 61cms long, he's going to be big like Ben (DH) is. But she is extremely happy with him and he doesn't have to go back until he's 3 months.

    Did a huge grocery shop today too as we had nothing in the house, so I'm totally exhausted.

    Catch you tomorrow.

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    Nov 2004

    Rachel – Sorry haven’t been able to post since Friday. We had the MCHC appointment at 11am today and Amy has had tummy pain in the afternoon. We have a busy week with appointments so we can make it definitely next week if it suits you. Thanks for the info on the Huggies Infant nappies, I was wondering about it. I paid $43 for a box of 100 then saw them in Coles for $19. for 48, live and learn. Your PP clothes on eBay sound great, what a good buy! Hope your DH enjoys his new job, sounds really good. Still waiting to hear about mine. Blake is feeding very similar to Amy although her first feed is about 5 or 5:30am.

    Bec – What did you pay for your Pixi Photos? We are picking ours up at Chadstone on Friday and they are going to be $400 for 9 of the big and small ones. Where did you get yours done? Hope Jonah is doing well after his needles.

    Heather – Glad the Zantac is working, look forward to hearing how Hendrix went today at his 8 week check up.

    Brooke – Your mother’s group sounds disappointing, hope it gets better. That was really good of you to help the other mother’s talk.

    Kate – Box of 100 infant nappies. $17 is a great price, will have to watch out for the specials. Amy’s belly is mainly okay although she has started to ‘projectile’ her milk now and it often hits the floor. Wow at Kelsey wearing size 0, that’s great that she is growing so well and putting on weight. Still have to convince DH to TTC #2, he is worried we will have twins as there are a few in our family. I would love to try in Jan.

    Jo – That is terrible to get charged for a seat for Erykah. I also told DH and he thought almost everything was free under 2 years.

    Hayseed – So glad the feeding is better and Thomas is growing well.

    Stormi – Hope Makenzie went okay with her needles. If Amy wakes she just goes back to sleep on her own. We have a night light with womb sounds and it comes on when she cries. She loves staring at it.

    We had our 8 week MCHC visit today and Amy is now 4.6kg. She is going really well apart from some tummy pain today. The Gripe water works well and she settles down after that. We are starting mothers group on Wednesday afternoon. DH is also coming and he will be the only one.

    Had a busy weekend, DH's dad had 33 gallstones removed Friday and we visited him in hospital Sat then went to my uncles 70th birthday party then went to a friend's 21st. Amy coped really well and we were all so tired when we got home at midnight Sat night. Hopefully catch you tomorrow.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Gemma- Ours were $335 or something like that and we had 6 poses taken and we got a large one of each and then a smaller one of each 4 each of the wallet sized ones. In that package we got 4 magnet frames and 4 keyrings to put the smallest pics in. We had them done at the pixi photo at Fountain Gate.

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    Nov 2004

    Thanks Bec, it's good to know before we get there to pick the photos up.

    Just posted a question in Baby & Toddler thread. DH has said he wants another baby to be in the same grade as Amy as he has always wanted twins. He said that I would have to get pg next month! I wanted to TTC in Jan 06, not sure if my body is quite ready yet...

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    Hi girls,

    Heather, re: going into nursery to settle; I wait a little bit to see if it is just moaning or grizzling in his sleep and if it esclates then I go in. If it is not feeding time, I try the "shhhhing" noises and the patting but try to refrain from picking him up, 'cause this just seems to really wake him up and then I have to feed to get him back to sleep. I try to follow the sleep/feed/play/sleep routine and it seems to be largely working - some times better than others!! For instance, today, Pup was having none of the sleep after the play and I ended up sticking him in the pram and taking him for a walk aroud the farm and the garden. Turned out to be a nice outing for me as well and I must admit, got a bit done around the garden! Nice day for it too!! But other times, usually int he dead of night, he follows this routine pretty well. Pup is sleeping in 4hrly blocks but he has always done this.

    Rach, WTG with the mega post!!

    Bec, I usually let Pup sleep as long as he wants through the night - and express milk if I need to - but tend to wake him if he sleeps longer than 4 - 5hrs during the day. Otherwise, he doesn't get in enough feeds. He can be a sleepy baby, but usually wakes himself after about 4 hrs most times.

    Fletchy!!! Welcome in!!

    Kate, your MIL sounds a little like my mum!!! LOL. Though not as bad. I am an only child myself and hence, this is my mum's only grandchild to date. She is just so excited with him, she also wants to pick him up a lot - although I'm sure she restrains herself quite a bit. But if he cries or whinges in his cot, she always wants to know if she can pick him up! Also, whenever she leaves, she always kisses him on the head or touches him and I have to always say "Don't wake that baby". It's like she needs to suck in the youth!!!! LOL.

    Lisa, Pup is off for his vaccinations on Friday. I am bypassing the (free) shire vaccines in favour of the GP only because it is 2 less injections that he has to have. I am getting the combined vaccination (incl the new polio one) and the extra for menigicoccal. But it will cost me $140 odd bucks though!!!!

    Megan, nup we never used the formula in the end. My BM came back very well and I am also able to express when Pup sleeps a bit too long. i have quite a store in the fridge and freezer.

    Jo, that is outrageous that you had to pay for a 2 month old baby to sit on your lap at the Lion King. I agree with the comment that you should write to the paper, or ring one of the ABC talkback programs.

    Gemma, hi there luvey!!

    Well, not much going on with us. We have a couples night at the mum's group that is held at the MCHN centre. It is just for a couple of hours and is a dinner and a video. I think it is to include the dad's in all the "new" stuff we are learning about. As I mentioned above, Pup is going for his vaccinations on Friday. DH has wimped out coming as he can't stand the tears!! Tomorrow I am taking the boy for a mum and baby professional photo. Thank god all his rash (on his face) has cleared up. That was from all the antibiotics I was on fr the mastitis.

    That's it from me. Best try to catch a few zzz's before the next feed!


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    *Megan* Guest

    WOO HOO Brooke on the sleeping! Well Done little Maya!!! All is well here - I am back at work in 2.5 weeks and am dreading the thought of leaving my little boy. He is 3 months on Friday and is getting more and more alert...becoming quite the little boss!! He is also crying a lot more which is challenging - but he has finally clued up on the fact that this gets the attention that he wants!! Cheeky little man....

    Jo - Arghhhhh at paying for a seat for Erykah!!! That is soooo wrong - I'm with Heather on this one...write to the paper!!

    Deb - your travelling sounds wonderful - I am totally jealous!! I hope that little Alexander has a great time!

    Nothing much to report this end - Finlay is now in 'crawler' Huggies nappies (6-11kg) and he is about 6.2 kilos. His personality is really starting to shine though now and he is loving reading books! I am so pleased about this as I have some lovely books that I can't wait for him to enjoy and it looks like it will be sooner rather then later!

    Hope that all of you are well...


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    Oct 2004

    Hi All

    I will write to the papers about the ticket.

    I am posting in response to Megan. Erykah also has found her voice so it made me chuckle reading your post. She uses her cries more and more. She also makes a funny noise when settling to sleep which I struggle not to laugh at. Bless her.

    I can understand the dread of leaving him when you go back to work. I am setting up a business working from home selling baby clothes. Then I can stay at home with Erykah. I hated the job I got when I arrived here in Oz anyway and only stayed to get my maternity pay and who would have taken me on when I was pregnant anyway.

    Anyway best get on as Erykah will be awake soon


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Gemma-That's ok, hopefully you can tell them that and they may give you the same price, oh and of course we got our free one too. In regards to another baby so soon, you know your body best and if you don't think it could cope then you should tell your DH so, because you are probably right. You need to do what's best for you, there's no point damaging yourself or another baby by having another so soon.

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    Just a quick post...

    Does anyone use a sheepskin in the bassinet/cot? I always used a sheepskin rug for the boys, under the bottom sheet of course, but now SIDS doesn't recommend it. Makenzie seems to sleep better when she's on something softer.

    Joh, I was telling DH about you having to pay for a ticket for Erykah - we were both disgusted. How did you order the tickets? Did you ask them at the time WHY you should have to pay for such a young baby? I'd definitely be complaining to someone.

    Megan - I can understand your feelings about going back to work. I was lucky in that I didn't need to go back to work. Only went back to work last October for the first time in 6 years (which was a bit scary, believe me), then 3 weeks later found out I was pregnant! Apparently it's better to go back to work when they are young as they have less separation issues at this age as opposed to being a bit older.

    Hayseed - we had our vaccinations at the GP's. I don't even think they run the free council ones anymore. Can't remember what the 3 needles were, I know the Hep B has been put into the Triple Antigen one but is now replaced by the Pneumococcal Meningitis which has become part of the normal schedule (therefore free now) and I think the other needle was the Meningococcal C one??? (plus the polio sabin). She seemed to react on Sunday to the needles, was really unsettled - I think sometimes on about day 3 this can happen, they can sometimes get a rash then too.

    Sunbeam - have fun in France!

    Hi Kelli and Zahra! And Fletch and Zane!

    Sorry if I missed anyone else, can't concentrate this morning.

    Makenzie had a good night last night - she slept from about 5pm or so until 11.15pm until DH woke her and gave her a bottle then she woke again at 5.30am! So I had a good sleep as I have been going to bed at around 9pm lol. She was quite unsettled yesterday through the day as well, not sure if it's from the needles still. She seems okay today though.

    I think we're going shopping today. Dh can pick himself out a Father's Day present. Father's Day falls on my birthday this year so I get to buy myself pressies too! YAY! Am a bit sad at the moment though as it's the first father's day since I lost my dad.

    Are all your Dh's excited about their first father's day?

    Anyhoo, best be off and have a shower and get dressed. I spent all day yesterday in my PJ's and dressing gown lol, and not doing very much at all.

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    Oct 2004

    Hi all

    I sent an email to the Heraldsun so see what they say. Here is the childrens policy which we read after buying the tickets through Ticketek.

    They asked us for the ticket on entry to the theatre so there was no getting away without one.

    The Producers and Theatre Management do not consider this production suitable for children under the age of 6 years old. (Note that this is a guideline only, the principal measure of attendance should be the ability to sit still and quiet for a period of 2 hours and 40 minutes {with a 15 minute interval})

    All patrons, regardless of age, must have a valid, individual ticket for admission.(including babes in arms).

    Babe in arm tickets can only be purchased at The Regent Theatre Box Office. The cost of a babe in arms ticket is $43.00. Babes in arms tickets are only available for infants under 2 years of age.

    If patrons insist on bringing a babe in arms or young infant to the Theatre, please note the following areas of concern: * Production elements such as loud music, bright lights, strobe lighting, stage effects can cause stress to babies.
    * There is potential for disturbance to other patrons by a crying or restless baby. Patrons who cause disturbance to other guests will be asked to leave the theatre.
    * From experience, over 50% of parents / carers who have previously attended a performance of The Lion King with a babe / young infant at The Capitol Theatre, have spent a significant portion of the performance sitting in the foyer trying to settle their child and hence have missed much of the performance.

    Therefore, parents choosing to access the theatre with babies / young infants are asked to: * Purchase a babe-in-arm ticket from The Regent Theatre Box Office upon your arrival at the theatre
    * When booking your seat please advise the operator that you are bringing a baby and you will be seated in or as close to an aisle seat. It is preferable for seating to be arranged in the stalls if you need to leave the theatre to settle your baby.
    * Please be considerate of other patrons in the theatre. In the event your baby causes a disturbance, we ask that you temporarily leave the auditorium with your baby. You will be assisted by an usher in this instance.
    * Please note that baby capsules and prams are not permitted inside the auditorium.

    As the safety of babies, children, parents and other patrons is of paramount importance, these concerns are brought to your attention for your consideration, so that you, your family and all other patrons can enjoy the show in a safe and comfortable environment.


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    Stormi Guest

    Joh - that is the stupidest thing I have heard! Maybe it's a ploy to discourage people from bringing babies is the only valid reason I can think of (apart from them wanting to line their own pockets with more money). I can understand an older child (say 18 months or so) actually WATCHING some of the show, but charging a baby? I'm sure we'd find a lot more disgruntled parents who have had to pay for things like this.

    I actually went to an indoor playground on the weekend with the kids, one that is out of the area and we hadn't been to for a while. I noticed the sign for entry fees - kids over 2 $x amount, children 2 and under $x amount BUT they now had "parent with baby only" $3.50. So now you cant just meet up with other friends at the playcentre for free if you have a baby, you have to pay $3.50 for the privilige! Yet if you having other kids with you, the adult doesn't pay. I was very annoyed at this. Maybe we should start a thread on "paying for things for babies/children that you SHOULDN'T have to pay"...would be interesting to see the responses!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    We use a sheepskin in Jonah's cot, out MCHN told us to, to make his bed more comfortable so he would sleep better. It has definitely worked in his cot, he sleeps really well with the two of them.