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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June '05

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - I'll have a maid too thanks! It was a good day today, hey? Gabby is buggered.

    Sarah - I am collecting Dr. Suess books too!! Those manners ones sound good.

    Tanya - Gabby is starting to find her hands too (well, trying!). Yay for Violet!!

    Dinky - Fi might be onto something when she says that Hayley's failed hearing test may be nothing. Try not to stress over it. I bet she is fine!

    I have been trying to put a pic on Gabby's site for ages... bloody explorer is being a so-and-so!!

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    Feb 2004

    Ok Deb you've gotta tell us who's in the photo! I know it's Kazz, you & Fi in the middle, but who's on the left & right sides? Is it Nell on the right? And just have to mention, the t-shirts look great even if they are mostly hidden by all the bubs!

    Yay for the good sleep Fi, it sounds like Jenna might be getting the hang of things, I just wish Zander would! Hope training went well tonight.

    Just have to add as well, Zander's website has been updated. The jeans outfit is one of the ones that granma bought the other day.

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    Sarah, Zanders new pics look gorgeous. He's looking like a real little man now. Those manners books sound great. i wonder if they'll work on a 13 year old. Actually I have to say my kids are buggars but they all have beautiful manners. Especially Noah.

    Deb, Gabby's new pics are too cute. Your pic from the meet up is great too. While the communal house sounds good in theory, I'm with Fi, I can't handle hearing babies cry all the time. Oops right on cew, Tehya just started screaming. I think thats what annoys me the most about being in the hospital, both now and when the boys were born, the extra noise.

    Fi, Yay on getting a good nights sleep. Makes a huge difference to you. Hope all went well for you at training last night. I'm sure those last few kilos will come off in no time now that your running around the court again. Sounds like you girls had a great time at your meet up.

    Dinky, sorry to hear about Hayleys test. Maybe you can go through your GP and organise another one sooner than October? It might help to put your mind at rest or give you a more definant answer atleast.

    Tanya, it's so cute when they sit there having a feast on their hands isn't it. Tehya loves chewing on hers then she ends up with dribble everywhere. Her hands are covered in it especially when you finally get them unclenched to clean them. Yuck!!!

    Nell, Zola and Nat hope that you guys are all doing well and that your bubs are being well behaved for you.

    Had a pretty good night with Tehya, wish the afternoon was the same. She was awake from around 1.30pm til 8.30pm last night ](*,) got her off a few times but only for 10 minutes. Although I shouldn't complain too loudly because she slept from 8.30 til 3.30 ish when I gave her back the dummy and she woke for a feed at 4.30, again at 5.45am and I think she's still asleep now.

    We are off to the paed today. Hopefully he checks out her weight while we're there. I think that all is good with her. She is still having coughing fits in the middle of the night but I can no longer her her breathing/wheezing all the time. Still abit blocked up in the nose, but she's been like that pretty much since birth anyway.

    Hope everyone has a great day and of course I'll be back later to catch up with everything.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
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    Sarah - I have to agree those manners books sound brilliant, might have to look at getting them, maybe they will work on a 9 y/o who is too honest for her own good! Zander is just gorgeous!

    Deb - Just had a look at Gabby's site. She is just beautiful!

    Fi - You have to love the feeling human days, they dont happen very often! Hope you were fine at netball and arent too sore today!

    Trish - Dont you just love those awake days, not! Hayley seems to have them way too often for my liking! Hope Tehya has a nice sleepy day today! Good Luck with the paed!

    Thanks to everyone for your support re Hayley's hearing test! Fi, you are right, it was the one with the blowing air in the ears that she totally failed, but also the electrode one on the right side. Spoke to the audiologist again yesterday and he thinks that I should take her to the GP to get her checked out and perhaps some antibiotics, but not to do it until next week, so I think I will do that. The reason that they cant do anything sooner is that they dont like to touch their ears too early and there is a slight chance that it will go away but more than likely she will at least need grommets, and hopefully her hearing loss wont be too bad.

    DH has been a total ^&*%(! He tells me not to worry about the test until January when they will retest her! He took the day off to help but didnt actually help with anything and he is constantly picking Hayley up because she makes a little noise, grrrr!!! Then last night he walks in saying that he has a headache, so he has dinner and heads off to bed, leaving me with the 3 girls on my own, ended up getting to bed at 2am, yay!

    I have Shannen home today at the teachers request! Shannen is being bullied by another girl and is quite distressed about it, her teacher wont be there today so requested that I keep her home to stop the hassle until she can deal with it on Monday, will be interesting to see what happens! Shannen is having a sleep in, I am trying to get a heap of housework done, before we head off shopping for her camp clothes again! But then again I might do that tomorrow.

    Hope that everyone is feeling great and I will catch up again soon!

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    Feb 2004

    I WANT MORE SLEEP!!!! My darling son decided he didn't want to sleep again last night. Went to bed at 11.30 and we were up at 1.45 I tried to go back to bed at 4.30, but he kept spitting his dummy out ](*,) So at 5.00 I got up with my pillow & a blanket & took him out to the lounge with me. I know it's not real safe, but we had to get some sleep. I was then dozing on & off until 8.00 not really sleeping though.

    Oh & at 3.30am he decided to spew ALOT! We went through 2 spews on each of my dressing gown, pyjama top & spew nappy as well as 1 spew on 4 different blankets ](*,) Seeing as my other pjs are in the ash from being spewed on I ended up in a t-shirt, not great considering it was only 11deg in the loungeroom this morning!

    Yay for a good sleep Trish. I don't know when I'm going to get one from earlier than 10.30pm, Zander just will not stay asleep before then. Good luck at the paed today, hopefully little miss didn't lose too much weight when she was sick.

    Well I'm off, got a hundred loads of spewy stuff to wash today, oh the joys of motherhood!

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry Dinky, posting at the same time! Poor Shannen being teased at school, I hope the teacher can sort something out for her on Monday. As for DH having the day off & not doing much, Aaron has Monday off so I'm hoping I'll have some help

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Sarah! Zander is looking soooooooo handsome! He actually looks a lot like you in the first picture on the front page. Sorry to hear about your ****ty night. It's gotta be driving you nuts that he isn't really getting the sleep idea Wish I could help out some how. The photo from the meet yesterday is (L-R) Michelle (mitch4now) with Jemma and Jessica, the Kazz and Nicholas, Gab and I, Fiona and Jenna then Nell and Matty. The lady that ran the place was quite chuffed at being asked to take the photo and she did a good job. She wanted to take more but I was the only one brave enough so I got a photo with Gabby on one of the jumping castles.

    Dinky - sorry to hear about Shannen getting bullied. Seems rather odd to me that she should be the one to miss out on school. Shouldn't the bully be the one to miss out? I guess it might depend on his/her parents - apples often don't fall far from trees in some cases! How lovely of your DH to leave you with it all. So, when you get a headache, can you take off and go to bed?? Gotta love the double standards, don't you! Last night Neil yawned his head off and said, "I'm going to bed" at like 9:30pm. Hmm... lucky him! I got to bed by 11pm so I shouldn't complain but it just doesn't seem fair, does it? Yeah, he works full time... from 6am-4pm. When do I clock off??

    Trish - ah yes, you reminded me how noisey the hospital is. Not fun when you have just gone through the biggest event of your life! Good to hear your boys all mind their manners. It is something that is sadly lacking in kids these days. Mum always taught us to respect our elders and it got me a long way! There's a difference to being independent and standing up for yourself and then just being plain rude! The way some kids speak to their teachers is just shocking. I often have to put them back in their place by reminding them who is the teacher and who is the child. It's not about belittling them but more about teaching them how they can get far more out of life by being respectful that by being a nasty-pasty.

    I am trying to have a relaxing morning this morning. I think our busy week has worn Gabby out. She once again put herself to sleep last night which is bloody amazing, I can tell you! I am a lucky gal!
    My sister's friend is coming over today to take photos but Neil won't be here Ah well... I will get the photo I want with the next baby (IF we have one, LOL). Gabby's kind of too big now n e way. I needed to get it done when she was just a couple of weeks old like you did, Trish.
    I am so excited about scrapbooking now! I just wish I had more $$ so that I could buy some stuff and get going on it. Patience is a virtue, right??

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Sarah - bummer about the bad night. Jenna was unbearable last night too, and this morning she is practising her spews too. ALready 1 change of clothes for us both, plus 3 chuck cloths. She is down now..... we will wait and see!! I'm wondering if it could be coffee?? I really should keep a food diary I think and see what upsets her. As for sleeping on the couch, I think its only bad if you have cushions he could get trapped between or you are a heavy sleeper. I wouldn't stress too much about it!! Do what you can to sleep!!

    Deb - Hope your photos turn out well. And keep going with your scrapbooking. I think your pages looked great. And yay on Gabby dropping off again!! Did she have a bottle???

    Dinky - I'm not too sore, but so much for training for 3-4 weeks and then getting on the court! They need me this weekend to play for the D grade team - in WA which is not my best position. Oh well - I'll see how I go I guess. I did all the training and didn't have too many problems except running out of breath a bit. Unfit person right here!!!! we will just take tomorrows game 1/4 at a a time. What a bugger about Shannen being bullied. Hopefully the teache sorts it out on Monday.

    Trish - hope the appt with the paed goes well. Jenna has a blocked nose too - on and off. I think it is just boogers though from where milk comes out her nose......

    Well I better get some washing folded. Its a gorgeous sunny day here, I wish I had the nappies washed to hang on the line. They need the sun bleaching!!! Too many dries over the clothes rack. Oh well - I'll get them on after my new undies have been wahsed. My control briefs.... luverly!! I need them clean for tomorrow as I have to wear one of those lycra all in ones for netball!!! YUCK!!!!! My back fat is going to look simply atrocious. Women 8 weeks post baby should be allowed to play in baggy trackies!!!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh Fi... you make me giggle! LOL
    Bummer that Jenna didn't repeat her good sleep from the other night!
    Gabby did have her bottle last night. She left 60mls tho. I guess she needs more some nights than others. She didn't feed terribly well yesterday so that might have been why.

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    Aug 2004
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    Hi Girls

    Matthew and I are joining you all today.

    I`m going to have to try and catch up on all your posts to see what your all up too, hopefully will get time sometime today to do that.

    Matthew is well, growing so fast as all babies do, smiling, making baby noises and holding his head up well.

    I`m feeling totally zonked today, think it`s all catching up with me. Mark`s calling he wants me to have lunch with him before he goes and milks.

    Take Care


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hi Ladies,

    Sarah - sorry to hear about your little man, I hope you have a good weekend and lots og help from Aaron. Thanks for posting the details about the books, they sound great. I spend about $20 a month already on books for Matty!

    Deb - thanks for the photos and scrapbooking does sound like fun doesn't it? I will finally put a couple of my pages on Matty's site soon, they are very simply done.

    Fi - glad netball practice was okay. I just don't know how you do it. Especially in the winter! Hoe Jenna had a better afternoon.

    Dee - Welcome! Wow at Matthew being 1 month old already! I hope that you are getting your rest. ( I also moved your details across for you)

    Dinky - oh no at poor Shannen. I hope it all gets sorted out. I tell you, that is one of my fears... both myself and DH were bullied at school and it is soo horrible.

    Trish - hope all is well in your house and that cloud has blown out to sea.

    Matthew and I are well. He is having a big snooze atm which is great as he didn't have a nap this morning. DH and I are off out to the movies tonight (thanks BellyBelly!), my MIL is babysitting so fingers crossed it's like any other normal night and he sleeps from 7.30!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yay! Welcome Dee!! I can't believe little Matthew is 1 month old already! Wow! It's gone fast from my perspective but I am sure it doesn't seem as fast from yours. I know my first month with Gabby seemed to drag (I guess sleep deprivation has a lot to do with it!).

    Nell - hope you guys have fun at the movies tonight and Matty sleeps soundly. I am sure your MIL will have a few tricks up her sleeve if he does happen to wake up. We are hoping to do the same thing soon. Neil really wants to see star wars so I said we could go and see it so long as Mum can look after Gabby at our place. Mum can't wait!

    Well, Gabby had her photos done. Unfortunately I had to reschedule my MCHN appointment because I thought it was at 3:30 but it was at 2:30 and there would have been too much stuffing around to get there. I have to wait until next month to get in tho! Blimey! Ah well. I am not too fussed. I will just weigh her myself at mother's group on Tuesday.
    Hopefully the photos will turn out really well. I got some nudey ones and some of her in a pretty pink dress that I wore as a baby. She didn't really smile in any of them but she wasn't crying so I am not too fussed. I plan on taking her to get some pixie photos done once she can hold her own head up.

    Neil has gone to Bendigo so we are all on our lonesome for the night. I get the whole bed to myself! WOO HOO!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Yay Dee - congrats on makiing the first month!! Sounds like you are taking it all in your stride. I wish I could be more like that, but I still stress about all the small stuff. Not cleaning - that I couldn't care about, but theres plenty of other things to worry about.

    Still - I have to pat myself on the back - I baked a slice and some pastries today, and did 2 lods of washing! I love getting the nappies outside - too often they are left to dry inside, and I think they end up a bit stinkier. And of course it helps that Jenna has had 2 decent naps today.

    Deb - I hope you have a great night to yourself. And miss Gabby behaves herself. I can't wait to see the photos!!

    Nell - have a ball at the movies, hope it goes OK for you MIL.

    No more from me - I need to clean up the kitchen before Shane gets home as it is FILLED with baking crap. He gets very angry when I haven't loaded up the dishwasher, although he doesn't mind the baking..... He snuck home from work again today as he was running errands, so he took some slice back for him and his mate. They often have a sneaky afternoon tea, so that is on the menu. I wonder what he's doing for us for dinner???


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    Feb 2004

    Thanks Deb Most people say Zander looks like me! So when when are you going to post a piccie of your scrapbook page? IKWYM about the $$ to do the scrapbooking, but I have a $50 voucher for our local shop from my birthday, probably should use it! Can't wait to see the photos from today as well.

    LOL at playing in trackies Fi, I'm sure noone will be looking at your back fat.

    Yay Dee, welcome to 1-3months

    Nell sounds like we are the same with books, our kids are probably going to hate reading cos we do it too much, or love it like us!! I hope it's the latter though. Enjoy the movie tonight Nell, just don't fall asleep in it - that's what I worry about if we ever manage to go again!

    I ended up going into work today just for a visit. I ended up answering phones all afternoon! Zander was really good, so we were thinking that once we move to the new warehouse (in a month or so) I could take him in every second Friday & on the other Friday he can stay home with Aaron (he has a 9day fortnight). Plus I'll be working Saturday mornings as well. Every little bit counts!

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    Aug 2004

    Yay onthe work front sarah! Thats great that you took Zander in with you. And dont ya just love 9 day fortnights?? I think it would be great for Aaron to stay home with the bubby. If nothing else, it would make him appreciate the job you do just that little bit more!! Although I'm sure he already does.
    And its not that people will look at my back fat - its that they wont be able to miss it!! Most of the girls that play are quite slim and gorgeous, I'll stick out like dogs bollocks.....

    As for reading - I dont do that much with Jenna yet. I'm happy talking to her and singing to her. I need to get some more books, and maybe I'll change my attitude a little. i dont think our kids will hate reading!! My little brother didn't like reading that much as a kid, but in his late teens got heavily into books, and now he reads as much as the rest of my family. Just had to find his niche I guess?

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    Feb 2004

    It's funny on the reading thing, I am the only one in the family that's a real reader, the others not so much.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - good to hear you got some more baking done today. Lucky for Shane! He is a nordy boy sneaking home again! Still, it must be nice for you

    Sarah - I have been meaning to take a picture of my scrap pages but every time I think of it, the camera either has dead batteries or Neil has it. He has got it tonight so you will have to wait longer. Michelle's scrap pages put mine to shame tho! Sounds like a good idea with work. Like you said, every little bit counts.

    Neil came home today saying that they need someone to vacuum and clean the loos at his work. He suggested it to me as it is $15 an hour. His secretary is also looking for someone to clean her house.
    I'm not sure whether to do it or not. I guess it is a pride thing. Silly really (and no offense to anyone!) but to go from being a teacher with 2 degrees under my belt to cleaning loos??? I know it's just for a bit of pocket money but I could earn 3 times as much doing one day of teaching iykwim? By the same token, it's not possible for me to go back to teaching yet because of BFing. Hmm... what do you guys reckon? Am I just being snobby and silly?

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    Feb 2004

    You can call me snobby too Deb! In my last job I was a PA to 3 people, but one day I was out the back folding chaircovers (I worked for a huge hire company). My brain kept going over & over "I have 2 degrees & I am folding chaircovers???" But I suppose you do what you have to!

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