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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June '05

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    Feb 2004

    Didn't realise that Tanya - thanks for telling me that! Okay I had better get to it then, I've run out of excuses - LOL

    Dee - great to hear you are going well. Sounds like the boys love their little brother around. Seems Matthew is going well with his sleeps to - yay!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dee - sounds like you guys are going really well. It's great that Matthew is getting some good sleeps in. It's amazing what a few weeks of getting to know each other can do! I sit and look at Gabby sometimes and wish that I knew what I know now when she was born. Life would have been a whole lot easier! But, then, I guess she didn't even know what she liked back then either! Awww... so cute with Mark singing to Matthew!

    Fi - good to hear that playing netball felt so great for you! Hopefully you will get a couple more games in before the season is up. No worries about me coming to you on Wednesday! The walk we did up your way was pretty good so it will be nice to do it again

    Nell - OMG @ Matty cutting a tooth already! They are clever little creatures, aren't they? Yay @ your sleep-in too. You have got me thinking about doing that next Sunday. How lovely to get at least 1 sleep-in a week!

    Gabby has officially worked out how to get her hands in her mouth. She was making the loudest sucking noises during her play time this afternoon. Neil and I were in fits of laughter because the sucking was louder than the TV, LOL. I grabbed the video camera and recorded her as she went nuts sucking on her fingers. She thought she was soooooo clever!

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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Feeling pretty blue, and have a cut on my thumb so typing is really hard!!! Lara is all clean - I spent today doing the kitchen, including the oven, and I HATE cleaning the oven. Have been really teary - if this continues I may have to visit someone for a chat. not sure how to pick myself up, but I'm hoping the trip home helps next week. Only 5 sleeps to go.......

    Just decided I dont even have the energy to answer anyone - just too tired and sore. The muscles were killing this morning from netty, but they are better now after scrubbing the floors.


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    Feb 2004

    We've had a tough few days, hence not posting, sorry guys. But I do have a bit of a woohoo - Zander has been asleep in his bed for 1.5hrs which is soooo unusual for this time of night \/ Probably should be in bed myself!

    Fi, sorry to hear your not feeling so good at the moment. Yay for having a good game of netball yesterday, sounds like you went really well.

    How cute of Gabby sucking on her hands. We don't have a video camera, but our digital still camera does 30sec videos. Anyway when Zander was about 15mins old Aaron got a video of him very loudly sucking his hand!

    Dee, Zander looooves his kick & whirl carnival, has done since he was about 8 weeks old. Awww the boys sound so cute with Matthew, it's great that they are loving him

    Yay for the sleep in Nell & for Matty getting a tooth, great news on both fronts!

    Yay on Chloe being 1 month old already Lesley, that went sooo fast as the others said. So Chloe can make the music play on her kick & whirl carnival? Zander hasn't quite figured that out yet. He makes it play, but I don't think he realises he has done it himself!

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    Nov 2003

    in the morning ill be begging the first person i see to take this lil miss so i can sleep..is there anything these lil angels can take for colds? i think chloe has one, she is having lots of difficulty breathing through her nose as its just full of gunk..and if she keeps going the way she is, im going to be very insanely grumpy... which makes me feel bad as i know its not her fault the last 2 feeds she had 180mls, but this one shes only taken 60, so no doubt if her nose doesnt wake her up ill be up in an hr feeding again

    chloe smiles when she turns on her carnival thing, i think she thinks its me turning it on tho,dont think shes worked it out that its her just yet, she does love it though

    just wanted to have a moan

    take care

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Lesley, it sounds like you and I had the same night. Unfortunately there is nothing you can give them as such. However I got some Fess nose drops -they are just saline, in the box there is an aspirator so after you put the drops in you can suck the snot out. Sounds grose and she won't really like it but it helps a great deal.

    Sarah, how was Zander yesterday for Aaron? Big yay for him sleeping in his bed too.

    Fi, sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Remember that we are all hear anytime you want to chat or vent. Keep cpounting down to your trip home. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time and it will make you feel heaps better. The boys are still going to their dads house as ususal although the last few weeks things have been changed around for things like Mothers Day and Noah's Bday. Also last weekend when I was in hosp with Tehya they stayed with Mark and Noah.

    Nell, woohoo on Matty getting his first tooth and it coming trouble free. Fantastic too that you got a sleep in, I soooooo wish I got one of those.

    Deb, it sounds like Gab is very proud of herself. LOL at her sucking so loudly though, she must really have strong suction. Another thing I forgot to tell you that I told Sarah yest. was to get pics of Gab's hands, feet and her other bits. Even though you might not use them yet as you get more confident at scrapping they make a great layout. Another thing, as hard as it is try not to use your best pics just yet. When you get better at it you will look back at the gorgeous picture on a layout that is quite so good compared to what you'll be able to do. KWIM.

    Dee, its great when the boys want to help out hey. I wish mine would do it more often. I guess because they live the little ones all the time here they get over it quicker. How cute the boys singing to Matty, shame you didn't have a camera running.

    I want SLEEP!!! Tehya was so unsettled again last night. Not really sure why, maybe because we've been really busy over the weekend. She wakes up for a feed and yeah I'm cool with that but then she won't go back to sleep, she just lays there thrashing her hands around everywhere knocking her dummy out of her mouth. Then she starts to whinge so back goes the dummy just for her to do it alll over again. I finally got her back to sleep around 6.30 this morning when Noah decides to come and get into bed with us and he accidently kicks her in the back... I was just trying to get alittle more shut eye, I was kidding myself that I'd get more sleep but of course he couldn't lay there quietly. Up we get with a very cranky and tired mum.

    Noah has his first day back at swimming after having missed 3 lessons. The first 2 because he was sick and then last weeks because Tehya was in hosp. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. Have to pay for the missed lessons too damn it.

    BTW, got Tehya weighed at the Paed on Friday and she has gained back the weight she lost. She is now 5.5kgs, Noah was 7.5kgs at the same age and he was a little smaller born

    Hope all are doing well and everyone has a great day.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Trish - that's great that Tehya has gained back the weight that she lost. Sounds like she is on the up and up. Sorry to hear you got such a crappy sleep last night. Thanks for the tips about the photos when scrapping.

    Fi - big :hugs: for you matey. Won't be long now and you will be home, sweet, home! Just gimme a call if you need to, ok? I'll drop everything if you need me.

    Lesley - I hope that Chloe's cold goes away soon. I am not looking forward to Gabby's first cold. Each week that goes by I think "Thank God she is a little bit older". Will panadol @ night help her a little perhaps?

    Sarah - I hope you got a decent sleep last night. Sounds like you need it.

    Not much on today. I really should go and visit my step sister but I can't be bothered. I am horrible. I have hardly gone to see her but it's mainly because they smoke. Even though they don't smoke around Gabby, their house and everything still smells like it and we always walk out smelling like an ash tray. I spose I better bight the bullet and just go or otherwise she is going to think I hate her. She's been feeling pretty down lately too so she could probably use the company.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Fi - to you, not long now before your trip home, how long will you be away for?

    Deb - How cute that Gabby has found her hands. Matthew was born with sucking marks over his fingers and thumbs, he just loves sucking them and obviously did a bit of it in utero.

    Sarah - How was your night? Hopefully Zander slept okay for you both. Looks like I`m going to have to talk Mark into buying the kick n whirl carnival for Matthew

    Trish - That`s great that Tehya has gain her weight back. Hope you have a better night tonight. I guess because the boys aren`t with us 24/7 Matthew is still a novelty, wait until the school holidays, it will probably wear off then. Michael mentioned to me that he thinks Matthew likes him, it was so cute I replied with of course he does but he also loves you.

    Lesley - Sorry to here Chloe is getting a cold, I ended up taking Matthew to the Dr when he got his flu, he looked like he was heading for hospital the way he was going and he was only 13 days old, thankfully the antibiotics worked, the Dr also suggested the Fess drops, I was a big sook and got Mark to do it, he only did it once though, he also didn`t like the idea of doing it.

    Having one of those days with Matthew today, he`s tired, I put him to bed 30 minutes later he`s crying, been like that all day, he just wants to be carried around but my arms are so sore from carrying him.

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004

    Awww Lesley, I hope Chloe is feeling a bit better today & that you managed to get some sleep.

    Zander had a bit of a shocker with Aaron, Trish! It's good though cos he got to see what I deal with every day. I was gone from 1.00-5.15 and he slept for 2hrs of that, but otherwise he was crying. I hope you got some more sleep today as well, but I doubt you would've. How did Noah go with swimming today? Also woohooo on Tehya getting her weight back. I weighed Zander today after saying yesterday he feels heaps heavier than Tehya - he is 5.9kg Very happy mummy over here cos of that, 800gm in 3 weeks \/

    I'm the same with my BIL Deb, I don't like him coming round too much cos as soon as he gets out of his car he has a smoke so he stinks when he comes in. The only good thing is he doesn't really like holding babies that much. Also I doubt she'd think you hate her, surely she'd understand you're busy with a new bub??

    Hey Dee, do you have baby carrier? Maybe walk Matthew round the house in that to save your arms?

    We had an interesting night last night! As I said, Zander was asleep in his bed last night, he was from 8.30. The problem was his last bottle was at 5.00 so when I decided to go to bed at 11.00 I figured I had better get him up for a bottle otherwise he'd be awake pretty soon. BAD MOVE!!! He decided to play, until 1.00am. But after that he was pretty good, slept until 6.30ish.

    I got a delivery today of a toy I got for Zander. It's a train & car track with mountain tunnels, as well as a car, train & helicopter - very cool. It's for 18mth+ so I have to store it until next Christmas. Don't worry I'm not totally insane & *that* organised usually! The reason I got it was I had seen it on the Fly Buys website & I had enough points for it so I was umming & aahing. I checked it out at Toys R Us and it was $165 so I thought I can't miss the opportunity so got it When Aaron saw it today he said "Awww do I really have to wait til next year before we can play with it!"

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    Aug 2004

    Sarah - you sound very chipper!! You must have had a good day huh?? Yay for Aaron having daddy time - and zander not being perfect. Dont ya just hate when they are good for other people?? Anf FABULOUS weight gain!!!!! Jenna had her 8wk appt today, and she is up to 4780, so she has averaged about 180g per week since she was born. And as for the toy - dont ya know that the whole fun of having babies is to play with their toys??? Shane can't wait until Jenna can have a car racing circuit!!

    Deb - I'm sure your step sister knows you dont hate her!! Babies are a tough gig..... At this point shane may be having wednesday off work, so I may be able to drive to the party. I dont have a bolt cause we had to get that special bar thing mounted in the ute.

    Dee -We are home for 10 days - I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get away for a night or two to the Hawkes Bay, I love that area, but we will have to see how it goes. When Matthew just wants to be held - sit down and hold him!!! Don't bother moving around, just cuddle him in a chair and smell his head. Who cares about the other stuff you have to do!!

    Trish - heres hoping tonight is a better sleep for you!!! Hope the swimming went well too. What a bugger you have to pay for missed lessons.

    Lesley - hope Chloe is feeling better. jenna breathes heavily a bit of the time but its just milk goobers up her snozz. She dribbles milk out her nose when feeding - so gross!!!!! I feel the little drips on my arm, and thats when I know to take her off!!!

    Well - better get dinner on. I have some beef to cut up and I think I'll do a stir fry with it. We were givne it, so hopefully its OK....

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    Feb 2004

    Dee - I'm with Fi - just hold the little man. They all have days like that and treasure the time with him.

    Fi - sorry you were feeling day and the big count down for going home is on! You must be so excited! Is the house on the market? Good luck with that!

    Deb - how did you go today? IKWYM about the ciggy smoke - my bropther used to smoke and I dreaded going there.

    Sarah - sounds like you've had a good day - wtg on the toy for Zander as well.

    Lesley - I'd try the Fess as well. Matty is muscusy alot and the fess does wonders.

    Trish - I hope that Tehya has a more settled sleep tonight.

    Well done to girls on all the baby's weight gains - great to hear!

    Had mums group today that they all couldn't believe about Matty's tooth so I had to show them all, luckily he let me

    I've put a few more photos on Matty's website too.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Nell... that photo of Matty in the bath is just adorable!! Those big eyes! Glad that he let you show his tooth off at mother's group. I didn't do too badly at Laura's place. Thankfully neither of them had a cigarette while I was there so it was good. Her 2 girls are 4 and 1.5 and they just LOVE Gabby. They had to sit near her at all times and Caitlin, the oldest one kept saying "Awww... she's sooooo cute!". It sounds so adorable when she says it because she has a slight American accent (Laura is American). So I have done my duty and visited her now! LOL Your scrap pages are excellent too! I will take photos of mine tonight.

    Fi - no worries about Wednesday. I was thinking if worse comes to worse, I could drop Gabby off then come and get you both? It's only up the road really. Hope your beef turns out good tonight. We are having quiche that Erin made for us (that girl has just about fed us for the last 3 months!) and a little roast pork. Yum! I'm gonna miss you when you go to NZ! LOL Yay for Jenna's lovely weight gain. That's what we like to hear! I will have to weigh Gabby tomorrow after mother's group because I had to postpone her appointment on Friday.

    Sarah - LOL @ Aaron wanting to play with Zander's toys. At least Zander will have a daddy that will always play with him, hey? Gabby generally has a very deep, long sleep in the evening too. The problem is, she doesn't go down until around 8pm. I reckon if I let her sleep, she would go until about 1-2am. I don't fancy going to bed that late (considering Neil's alarm wakes me at 5:30am) so I always wake her. I just unwrap her and let her stretch herself awake. It doesn't seem to affect her sleep later on tho, which is good. I make sure she stays up for at least an hour (feed, play and/or bath then bottle then bed). Seems to work for us! WOO HOO on Zander's excellent weight gain! Goes to show everything is working well for him, hey?

    Dee - I hope that Matthew got a decent sleep today. One consolation to the cat naps during the day (well... it was for me!) was that at least it's not at night time iykwim? Gabby went through a stage of being up alllll day but still having good, chunky sleeps at night. Now she sleeps pretty well day and night so I hope that's what Matthew is gearing up for too! Fingers crossed for you!

    I spoke to the secretary at Neil's work and I am starting my cleaning job on Friday. It's $15 an hour and I can do as much as I like (try and string it out to a few hours). Just vacuuming and cleaning the loos and kitchen. Not too difficult. I will just go on Friday arvos when Neil finishes work at 1pm. He can take Gabby home while I clean or at least he can look after her there. It may be a bit hard for him to have her for a few hours without my boobies on hand, LOL. We'll play it by ear n e way. It will be good to have a little bit more pocket money! God knows we need it. Soooooo poor atm! LOL :-({|=

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    Sep 2004
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    Nell, Matthew is a real cutie. I love his big smilie face too.

    Sarah, great to hear about Zanders weight gain. See you knew he was heavier than Tehya. You sound like me getting toys ready for xmas. Mark likes to play toys with Noah too, or maybe it's that Noah makes Mark play toys with him I'm sure Zander and Aaron will have a great time playing. Good on Zander for showing Daddy what he's like for you. But maybe now Aaron won't be so willing to watch him. COuld go both ways iykwim.

    Deb, sounds like you have a good idea about the work. I would string it out too. Anything for a few extra $$$ Yummy on the quiche too, I love it, Mark on the other hand cant stand it. Good to hear that nobody smoked around Gab too. Thats the problem when your at someone elses house, you can't very well say do you mind going outside with that.

    Fi, yay on Jennas weight gain too, it's great to know that your bb's are doing a good job hey. Strange how milk comes out of Jenna's nose though when you feed her. I guess she is literally filled to the top.

    Dee, I hope you got some rest and sleep last night. Those days can be the worst.

    Lesley, I hope that little Chloe is doing better today. It is very frustrating for both you and bub when they can't breath enought to feed properly.

    Well girls you may have all wished me a better night but I'm guessing Tehya didn't read those posts. ARGGGG. I am soooooooo bloody tired. I crahse out just after Desperate Houswifes started last night so I even missed out on BB uncut thats my weekly perve. Went into bed by 10.30 and Tehya was up at 2am then again around 5 I think. This would be ok normally except that she just isn't going back to sleep and is laying there making soooo much fuss it's crazy. I ended up going cranky on her (read talking sternly) that was enough to start her screaming the house down. She ended up waking Noah and Joel.

    I was so cranky with Mark as he never gives me a break overnight. I had a whinge to him about being tired and needing sleep and that it would be nice for him to give me a break overnight and his answer was to give her a bottle!!! Told him I had no prob with feeding her it was the following hours when she wanted to play. His next solution was for me to have a sleep when she does in the day. Hmm now how many kids do I have at home. It's very hard to get them both down at the same time and for a decent ammount of time especially as Tehya likes to catnap.

    I can see now it's going to be a very long day. I've already been up for 3 hours.

    Ok there's my whinge. Sorry girls.

    Take care

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    Aug 2003
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    Ummmmmmmmmmm..... Hi all, remember me LOL! I don't even remember the last time I was able to pop in here. Matthew and Joshua have been hogging the computer for homework and Jacob has been awake most of the time during the day over the last couple of days. So kids are at school and little Jacob is asleep in my bed so I'm seizing the moment \/ (what housework????) Jacob had his 2 month needles last Thursday and was sitting on my lap quite happily smiling at the nurses - silly boy! - until they jabbed him in the thighs. I hate taking kids for shots so I was nearly in tears hearing him letting out the loudest cry he has ever done. Took him back in the waiting room afterwards and settled him by giving him a feed and he was just looking up at me as if to say WTF was that! Was a little unsettled later in the afternoon so had his first dose of panadol which worked a treat. Must admit I liked the "old" thinking of giving them the panadol before the needles as a "just in case" as the older boys were all fine after their needles.
    After a weekend filled of tennis and football (woo hoo they both won!!) weigh in yesterday for Jacob has him hitting the 11lb mark. On the bf front I have developed a lovely case of thrush - I never had any idea that thrus causes this pain! A hot shooting pain from my nipple to under my armpit everytime he starts a feed for about 2 - 3 minutes! I though he was going to finish his feed and rip of my nipple. Couldn't believe that we have just finished treating Jacob and me for his oral thrush and now I cop it so back to treating the both of us again.
    Well that's it for us over the last couple of days. I won't do personals today because i could be going for days!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Trish.. you poor thing All that lack of sleep has gotta be driving you batty. Big :hugs: matey.

    Nat - good to see you back! Ouchies on the thrush. Yay on Jacobs great weight gain. I am with you, the shots suck. And THAT cry that they do! Urrgh! Not looking forward to Gabby's next ones one little bit!

    Off to mother's group. It's a nice day so Gabby and I can finally walk (it's been crappy the last 2 tuesdays). She is asleep so the theory is that I am going to pick her up and put her in the pram and she is going to stay asleep. Hmmmm...

    Gotta drop into the punching bag. This time I am annoyed with myself!! I did something very, very stupid!

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    May 2004

    Hey Girls,

    Nell... Matty is soooo cute!! It looks like he is going to be a skinny ribs when he gets bigger.

    Trish... I am so sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. Sounds like Teyah's illness ahs really messed up her body clock. I hope it isn't long before you are all back to normal.
    I can't believe that you have to pay for unused swimming lessons!! My unused lessons go to credit... How did Noah go?

    Fi I had to laugh at your last post... you just said something really funny... not that it was supposed to be...
    Don't bother moving around, just cuddle him in a chair and smell his head
    I hope you are feeling a bit better. You know that we are here for you.

    Deb, have fun at mums group...

    Sarah, don't you hate when you make the decicion to wake them at night...urgh!! I've done it heaps of times only to regret it later!! How are his feeds going? Great to hear that he is packing on the weight too

    Nat... nipple thrush is the worst!! Very painful! Good to hear that the boys are having some success at their sports

    Dee... when Vilolet just wanted to be nursed I would lay down on my bed with her and lay really close to her untill she would fall asleep and sneek off... would work better that putting her in her bed when she fell asleep... does he have a dummy? I know sometime ppl try to avoid them, but sometime babies just need to suck to feel comfy without mum...

    Violet has been very sooky at night for the past couple of evenings... lots of farts etc... I haven't been getting her down till about 12midnight... but she'll sleep till 7am, so I souldn't complain... but it would be good to have some 'me' time... bit late now I have 3 kids...lol

    Hows this... wato got Emily ready for bed on Sunday night and in the morning I took her nappy off and realised it was Violet nappy!! LOL... they fit into the same nappies! It's not that Violet is huge... Emily is tiny!

    Alecia has a curriculum day today and was home yesterday with a cough and cold. She has taken Emily up to her old primary school (just up the hill... 200metres away) for a few minutes, Emily will love it!


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    Feb 2004

    Thanks guys for all the cheers for Zander's weight gain, we're very pleased with that

    LOL at sounding chipper Fi, I was just soooo excited that my little guy is gaining weight like he should! Aaron is looking forward to all the remote control cars, racing tracks etc as well. I'd say he's just a big kid, but yeah I think it will be fun too! I can't wait til Christmas this year

    Matty is such a cutie Nell.

    Thank goodness everything went ok at your step-sister's house Deb. LOL at string out the cleaning to get some extra cash, that's something I would do! How did your walk go & mum's group?

    Awww Trish Tehya's sleep sounds like Zander's last night. The good thing for me is that I can sleep in in the morning when he goes back to sleep, I don't know how you manage. I think someone needs to give Mark a kick up the bum to get him to help overnight.

    That damn homework getting in the way of BB time Nat Poor Jacob with his needles, I guess from what you say it doesn't get any easier the more times you do it. So did the Dr tell you not to give him panadol before his needles? Cos that's what I did on Trish's advice. Eek at the thrush, I hope it goes soon.

    Feeds are going really well now Tanya - after I went & bought all the new bottle he decided that he would take the Avent ones again! So now we have heaps of different ones & we just use whichever one's handy at the time. LOL at Emily being in Violet's nappy, she must be a skinny minny!

    Very very happy / excited mummy here. Zander was grizzling about 1.5hrs ago while I was hanging the washing on the line. I came in & fed him (had to keep waking him up!), changed him & then put him to bed, wide awake. I checked on him after about 20mins & he was still awake, just looking at his toy that hangs from the hammock. 10mins later he was asleep. Soooo he was in bed for half an hour just quietly, then he self settled & went to sleep \/ Today is a gooood day

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    Aug 2004


    Well the jabs are done!! It was the best idea taking a bottle of EBM, as it meant Dad could nurse her, while I fluffed around with all the paperwork afterwards. She's lying in her bassinette now just wiggling and staring at the ceiling. Not sure whats interesting about that??? Oh well, she's wrapped up and clean and fed, so here's hoping she drifts off to sleep!!

    Deb - I hope mothers group goes well today. I'll have the car, so I can just drive myself there. I'll make sure of it!! Its so nice having shane home and not having to worry about bloody Lara. Thankfully the house is on the market today!! And I'll still be logging when I'm away as mum and dad have very fast internet!! Not like my snail's pace dialup.

    Tanya - how funny that your two little one's fit each others nappies!!! Emily might end up being a little Kylie Minogue - small, skinny and gorgeous. Just a shame about her voice..... 8-[ Hope you have a nice day with all your girls home.

    Trish - sorry the little ones are stilgivng you curry too!! maybe its time for Mark to have a day off work to give you a break??

    Nat - I hear ya on the scream. Jenna cranked up with the last jab something shocking!!!!!!!! As for the thrush - youch. I am so happy my BB's are finally back to normal. It makes feeding a hell of a lot easier. Hope you have a an easy rest of the week!

    OK - well I'm gunna get the washing on and start packing. Only 3 more sleeps.......


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