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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June '05

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    Aug 2004
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    Sorry Tanya I missed you out, you weren`t forgotten We`re on a 530acre Dairy Farm, we have approx 300 head here on this farm and another 50 - 60 on our other farm (or I should say Marks Mum`s Farms, his parents owned them both and left Mark here to manage them both). It takes 2 weeks to get around this farm to irrigate it then off course by 2 weeks where you first started it`s bone dry again so you just go around chasing your tail. At our other farm, it`s even dryer, we move the young calves up there until they are in calf then bring them back here as there is noone on that farm except we do have a neighbour up there who checks on the cows to make sure all is aok, last time we brought some springers back we didn`t attempt to take any calves up there as it`s worse up there then it is here at the moment. The only way this drought is going to break is by having a big flood. Yay at the colic moving on and another yay at Violet`s great sleep but bugger that you got broken sleep yet again. Wato needs to learn to stop snoring

    Sarah - I forgot to say I went to Target today and brought the kick n whirl plus a couple of other Fisher Price toys, just a hint girls remind them that you get the 3rd for 1 cent before they put the items through as we were being charge full price grrrr got it sorted in the end.

    Matthew slept for 6.5 hours straight last night, I couldn`t beleive it, when he did get up at 3.30am he was all smiles and wide awake, he did go back to sleep at 4.50am, now I wonder if it was a once off :-k He seems to be back to sleeping well during the day again (touch wood).

    Take Care


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    Hi everyone

    Technically I should move to the next forum... but I've missed out on soooo much!!

    This si the first time this month I've had time to sit down at the computer, and that's only cause Bas is at his Nan's house for the night and my darling hubby is starting dinner.

    I haven't even caught up on the last 9 pages of goss, but hopefully everyone is doing well.

    Bas is certainly thriving. We went to the clinic to get him weighed etc on Thursday and he weighs a whopping 7.45 kg and is 63/5 cm long! He's already in 00's and is thinking about wanting solids! He's a a little taste of some pears, but I won't give him anything more for another few weeks... if he holds out!

    I'll have to get Felius to download the photos from the camera so I can get some more up on my website. We finished painting his room last weekend, so I'll have to put some pics of that up too.

    Anyway... my limited freedom is starting to run out now... I'm getting summoned to help with dinner. Will try to catch up more in the next few days... in between painting sessions

    *hugs* to everyone!

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    May 2004

    Arvo All!

    Zola good to hear form you , Sounds like Baz is doing really Well !!
    Congrats on making it to the next forum

    Dee, sound busy up your way! Irrigating sux!! Very tough! Lots of early starts... bluugh!! I definately wouldn't make a very good dairy farmer... too much hard work. I take my hat off to Mark!

    Well it turns out I now have a thumb sucker ...lol. I am totally against letting kids suck on their thumb... isn't that Ironic. Very cute tho . I don't think it will become a habit tho, because I wrap her and she has her dummy, if she starts to do it more often i will put mittens on her, but it isn't hurting for the moment, she doesn't do it all that often.

    Hope you are all well and you are all enjoying your long weekends


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    Tanya - LOL @ you wanting your own bed. I can see you and Wato sleeping in separate, single beds in your old age! Isn't it cute when the bub's suck their thumb? Gabby will do it every now and then too. Like you, I am not too worried about it because of the wrapping and the dummy. I think it's just all part of them exploring their world.

    Zola - good to hear from you! Sounds like Bas has maintained the status quo and kept growing like mad. A very healthy boy! You will be able to have him in a regular car seat soon!

    Dee - good to hear you got an excellent sleep! Hopefully it is a taste of things to come.

    Fi - you seem sooooo relaxed and happy! I bet that's why Jenna is being such a little angel (not that she is a rotten little devil n e way but ykwim??). Your Mum must be having a blast having you guys over there.

    Mark - welcome to the forum. Sounds like little Kristanna is settling in well. Good to hear that Jess is feeling better.

    Kayla - OMG... it just keeps happening to you guys, doesn't it?? That infection sounds terrible! It's good to hear that Phoenix is doing well. Why did the nurse put her on solids? And, did they get your permission first?? I would consider that to be a form of poisoning if someone went ahead and fed my baby before she was ready for solids! Hmmm...

    Lesley - sorry to hear about your nightmares, you poor thing! I hope you get more sleep soon.

    Well, we got back from Alexandra a couple of hours ago. It went really well. Gabby slept most of the way up there. We stopped once for a feed but she probably could have held out until we got there. I stuck to her usual routine of putting her to bed. Gave her a bottle, wrapped her and put her in the porta-cot. She slept all night but, because Neil and I are not used to sleeping in the same room as her, we kept waking with every little noise. She seemed to have a blocked nose too! She stirred a lot and I woke thinking "Grrreat!" but then she would go back to sleep. Still, we managed to get a few hours in.
    We sold enough to break even at the Ute,Truck and Rod show. They block off the whole town to traffic and there's utes, trucks and hot rods everywhere. We had a good position with our stand. Gabby slept through most of it but started cracking it when we had to pack up. By the time we got back to the motel we were both pretty over it and Gabby was screaming. I had bought her some Fess nasal spray so I gave her some of that and managed to get her to sleep while Neil got some dinner.
    She slept really well last night. I gave her some panadol too. She didn't stir as much as the previous night either so she must have been able to breathe easier.
    So it was a successful trip! Now I know she will sleep @ other places, I can relax a little more if we have to be away from home.
    She is crying for Daddy right now so I had better get inside. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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    Sep 2004
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    Deb, sounds like you guys had a good time away. Yay for Gabby sleeping well in the portacot too. Would have been nice to make a bit of profit for you but even is better than a loss hey.

    Tanya, I have some really cute pics of Tehya when she was really new sucking her thumb. I think their gorgeous. Of course when their 3 it's another thing all together isn't it. Hopefully it won't become too much of a habit for Violet. You sound like your of the same thinking as me. You can throw away a dummy, you can't throw away a thumb.

    Zola, good to hear that Bas is doing really well. Sounds like he's growing like a weed. My boys were like that too, they slowed down by their 1st birthdays though.

    Dee, yay for the good sleep. Fingers crossed he'll do it again for you but without the wakeup would be nicer. Wow, it sounds like Mark really has his work cut out for him. Hopefully we get some real rain soon for you guy's.

    Fi, sounds like you are having a great time away. I agree with Deb too, you sound very relaxed. Glad that Jenna was a good girl on the flight over too. I bet you were relieved about that.

    Mark and Jess, good to have you back around. You must be really happy with Kristanna's sleeping. Tehya went through the whole tongue poking ou thting too. I think most bubs do it around that age.

    Kayla, you poor thing. I really hope that your feeling much better now. You must be sick and tired off all the crap that keeps going on in your house, I know I was. Thankfully our black cloud seems to have gone, atleast for the moment anyway. Tehya got the all clear from the Paed about her pneumonia so now I just stress about keeping her healthy. Yay that Pheonix is sleeping so good. I wouldn't be happy about the specialist putting her on solids either. And really she should know better, you generally don't start solids til atleast the 4th month and even then only if really needed. Still if you don't like her having it then you can always stop it.

    Sarah, hope that your weekend of parties went great. I'm sure Zander had a great time being a party boy too.

    Lesley, huge hugs to you sweety. We all go through days like that and think things that we really shouldn't. God only knows I have had quite a few of then over the years. I hope that Chloe is sleeping better for you, being overtired really can screw with your head.

    Michelle, welcome to the thread. I hope that Alex is sleeping and growing well for you.

    See girls, told you I was going out of this thread the 3-6month thread is pretty quiet compared to it in here.

    Tehya is going pretty good, she has a sniffle again, hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse again. Thats how it all started last time.
    My puter has been playing up badly again and keeps crashing on me, so if I go mia you'll know why.

    I actually got to sit down and do a little scrapping last night. The shop I go to has a scrap challenge on so I decided to go in it. The pack cost me $9 and 1 of the products alone in it was worth $9.95, I guess that inspired me alittle to join in I have taken a pic of the finished page and when I get a chance I will put it on Tehya's page for you to have a squizz at.

    Our local shopping centre has been under major renovations and has just opened up the first stage of it. The thing is huge. Anyway, the Big W there is selling boxes of Huggies for $30. Of course they don't sell Tehya's size (infants) in boxes so I laybuyed 3 boxes of crawlers instead. That saved me $30. They are having specials everywhere throughout the centre, so of course, me the shopping monster has been having a great old time. I got Mark 3 Quiksilver shirts for $15 each too. Only thing is I haven't gotten myself anything yet .......I'm sure before too long it'll be all about me

    Take care

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    Awww... Trish! I love that pic of Tehya in your hands!! Sooooo cute! Woo hoo @ the bargain nappies. I will have to keep an eye out for sales too. It's worth getting the bigger sizes at least, hey? I hope Tehya's sniffle doesn't turn into something worse. I reckon I jinxed myself the other day because I was bragging that Gabby hadn't even had a cold yet. The very next day she was all snuffly. Thankfully that is all it has been. She freaks out with all the snot because she can't swallow it. She does this funny little cough and looks at me like it's all my fault, LOL. Can't wait to see your scrap page!

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    Ooo and, forgot to add, I think I get to have a look at the proofs of the photos of Gabby I had taken a couple of weeks ago. My sister, Lauren, says they look great. Oooooo can't wait!! LOL

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    Sep 2004
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    Aww Deb, I can't wait to see the pics of Gabby either. I am still waiting on pics to be back from the framer. I can't wait to see how great they'll all look framed. My photographer couldn't get the frame in that I picked out though. It's a shame as it matches the ones we got done of Noah by her.

    Oh well, atleast I'm still getting great pics.

    LOL@ Gabby giving you THAT look. I think they are just like "Mum what is going on with me?" Poor little chook, hope she gets better soon. Give her a big kiss from me.

    Take care

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    Will do, Trish.
    That's a bummer about the frames! It would have been cool to have matching ones.
    I sooooo wish I had got my butt into gear and got photos of Gabby when she was really little. That's my resolution for the next one (IF there's a next one, hehehe).

    I've decided that I want a boob-job. I hate my boobs. They are too big and saggy and useless!! Neil thinks I am crazy (he loves allllll boobies so he is biased ) but I want to get them reduced once I finish having babies. Now we just need to win lotto so that I can afford it, hehehe.

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    Sep 2004
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    Deb, when you get some taken out can you send it over to me please. My boobs are saggy too but I think it's even worse because I have so little. At the moment they are a nice size - 14C. I would be happy with a nice 12C afterwards but I'm lucky to be pushing a 12A

    If only the would stay the same after kids as the they were when I was 18. Still small then but atleast they were perky.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Just locking this thread guys and starting a new one

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