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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June #2

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    YAY Zander, what a clever boy you are and what a very excited mummy you have. Might add that he would be very clever if he could read this

    Tehya doesn't get very much tummy time at all. Actually she still doesn't get a whole lot of floor time. With Noah around I can't just leave her on the ground unless I stay in the room the whole time to supervise him. Hmm I think I have to do that no matter whether she's in her rocker or on the floor. I really need to get her down abit more though.

    Didn't get take away tonight but made a really easy dinner that even Noah ate So much for thinking I was going to get it hard tonight without Mark here. I think I did better alone than when he's here. Just don't tell him that. All of us were bathed and in PJ's by 6.30 and dinner was finished before 7. Got Noah to bed with no stuffing around at 7 (before bb started) and sat down to feed Tehya. She crashed around 7.30 I guess and I got to watch the Oprah SuperNanny thing. Man I wish she could come to my house for a week. First time I've watched her. How bad is her grammar.......(bet I spelt that wrong, atleast I can pronounce it properly)

    I've been booted out of the loungeroom now, Joel is watching the footy. I don't really care that much for it. Maybe I should be smart and get myself into bed. Now theres a thought.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Hey ladies,

    I'm another that hasn't posted much, I have been around but haven't actually sat down to post.

    Sarah - yay at Zander rolling over - it is soo exciting isn't it? I managed to watch the video you took and what an absoulote cutie pie he is! Hop;e your weekend was good, did miss you around here.

    Trish - DH is watching the footy as well. But it's not the State of Origin, it's AFL old timers running around on the field! People here in Melb areen't happy they aren't showing NRL live.

    Tanya - hope all is okay with Wato and at least Violet is putting on the weight. Matthew got weighed yesterday and he is 5.8 kg - he was 5.6 last month so he hasn't gone up either. MHCN isn't that worried. Either am I, as DH was a lean bubs too.

    Fi - glad you are having a nice time in NZ and yay on getting some scrapbooking done. Maybe you, me and Deb (and anyone else ) can meet at that scrapbooking cafe we were talking about at the last meet? Do some scrapping?

    Deb - get any housework done? Me neither lol. Matty had a grizzly day and refused to sleep. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    Lesley - how did the lesson go? Is Anthony your teacher?

    Dinky- sorry to hear that Hayley is sick. I hope she gets better soon.

    Kayla - hope you are feeling better soon too and Nixie is going well.

    Hi Dee and Michelle - hope bubs are going well.

    Matthew is fine although had a grizzly day, I think his other tooth is popping up, Bonjella and a teething ring worked wonders. He is so cute, I was giving him kisses on the cheek and he'd turn his mouth towards my cheek and sobbler all over that like he was giving me a kiss. Very cute

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    Feb 2004

    Awwww at kisses Nell, I can't wait for those big slobbery openmouthed kisses

    Totally understandable not having Tehya on the floor Trish. Norti Noah! Wow at having everyone organised so early! I'm impressed.

    I think I've figured out why I've had a cranky baby in the house for the last three days.... We were told to reduce his reflux meds & stop around 12 weeks, yeah well he's been off them for 3 days & he has been crying heaps & spewing stomach acids - the meds stopped his stomach producing any acid. Sooo I'm putting him back on them today.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wooo hooo! Go Zander!! That's amazing, Sarah! What a thrill that must have been to see. I think Gabby is a while away from doing that but I will try rolling up a towl under her like you suggested. Good idea about putting him back on the meds. Sounds like he still reeeeallly needs them

    Nell - good idea about the scrapping. Sorry to hear that Matty had a cranky day yesterday too. I hope he is doing better. Gabby is, thank goodness! LOL @ the AFL old-timers running around. It's a bit like that, hey? Neil was watching it too. I took the opportunity to give Gabby a bath - far more interesting!

    Trish - I too don't blame you for not giving Tehya much tummy time. Again, I think that's something that younger siblings kind of get used to. I know that my friend's third child didn't get much time on the floor because his older sister (3 years old) and brother (1.5yo) would have surly stood on him. Have you got a porta-cot? Would Noah be able to get into it? Maybe she could have tummy time in there. Or one of those play-pen things? Mum used to use that to protect the baby from the rest of us ferals, LOL. Sounds like you had an awesome night last night! LOL @ doing it all better without Mark. I guess the kids have only one authority figure to listen to so it makes it easy. Super Nanny is great, hey? Love it how she is just so common sense yet doesn't resort to belittling the child or smacking (though a smack on the bum never hurt anyone!). I am sure I will need her services. Gabby is starting to get rather bossy already! Yesterday she would shout out and make loud noises until I came into sight then she would play happily. Hmmm... I can see I am going to be wrapped around her little finger before long.

    Gabby woke at 6am this morning. Had her back down by 7:15am in her cradle because I was still tired. I managed to get another couple of hours sleep with a break in the middle to pop the dummy in. At 9am I thought she might still go back to sleep but she was wide awake. So, fed her and then went to do the groceries. It's really blustery and cold outside today so she was pretty rugged up. She is sooooo funny in the wind. She sucks in her breath and her eyes go really wide open. Funny little sausage! She fell asleep in the car on the way home so I wrapped her up and put her in her bouncer and she went back to sleep. Shock, horror! I need her to rest-up tho because I have to do the cleaning @ Neil's work this arvo. He was going to bring her home but his ute has broken down so we only have 1 car atm. Still, he is going to look after her while I clean. I have defrosted some EBM for him to give her if she reeeeallly cracks the poopies.

    Ok... going to check out Sarah's woo hoo!

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    Feb 2004

    Zander is exactly the same with the wind too Deb, I noticed while we were on the boat on Saturday night. I suppose it's just something they're not used too! I didn't think he was close to rolling either, but last night he just did it!! Maybe the towel helped?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004


    Well done Zander!!

    Nell, looking at Matty in his pics he looks like he is going to be lean... And Cute!!

    Deb, I think the wind in their face look is pretty universal... funny huh?

    I had Violet in the Jolly Jumper today... very funny!! Wato and I thought she looked like she was doinf a jig so Wato kept on doing a really dodge Irish accent... I thought she'd look even funnier dressed in green with a hat on... my little leprechaun!! lol
    Also since I went to the MCHN yesterday, she seems to be a lot better on her belly.... must've been just me...?? Still not as good as Gabb tho Deb


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Well... uno, Tanya... greatness is hard to achieve.... j/k
    Yay @ the jolly jumper. I will have to get mine out. I always thought she was still too little for it because she can't hold her head up! Shows how little I know.
    LOL @ Wato's dodgy Irish accent - what a dag!

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    May 2004

    Hey Deb, they recommend the Jolly jummper at about 4mo... but I think if they are holding their head up well, then they'll be fine... But if you don't think Gab will be able to hold her head up well enough in it then wait a couple of weeks... if you can


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    Nov 2003

    afternoon girls,
    driving lesson went ok, he wa steaching me roundabouts haha was funny, now all the hormones have gone we get along in the car hehe, he still gets annoyed at my panicky noises but he gets over it and we both have a giggle.. not good when im sposed to be concentrating.. i have noticed tho, yesterday i was running very late for mums group and takes me a good 10 -15 mins to walk down to the gate so i jumped in the car without even thinking and drove down, i was heaps more confident without him in with me.. will get an instructor when i feel confident enough to brave the big open world, i panic when a car is behidn me here on base lol.. at least i havent crashed or hit any curbs which anthony has before lol!

    chloe is still sleeping well, iam praying that it lasts, shes smiling loads now too,everyone at mums group yesterday were marvelling over her hair, LOL was the first time ive been back since having chloe we did a scapbooking paige and i now am gunna be starting a new hobby, i really enjoyed it

    YAY at zander rolling over sarah! u must be very proud of your lil boy who's growing up fast!

    ill be back later
    take care

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    May 2004

    Lesley, great to hear the sleeps are still going well!
    Gezzz it's been quiet in here... what am I supposed to do?? lol

    Well in the meantime I have updated Violet's site, a couple of the pics are a bit dark cause my camera doesn't have a flash... but I am getting a new digital camera vveeeeery soon


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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Tanya LOL at me in my OJ's!! Just shows you how much I need a rest as I checked the spelling in that post 8-[ I just saw the pics of Violet in here Jolly Jumper - so cute!! I don't know where my one is - probably still in a box in the garage with all the other stuff we haven't unpacked yet.

    Lesley - glad to hear the driving lesson went well. Yay at Chloe sleeping well! Scrapbooking.. so addictive! I was going through my supplies last night so I can start doing Jacob's pic.

    Sarah - woo hoo again for Zander! I was thinking after I read your post last night that Jacob doesn't spend that much time on his tummy on the floor - mainly because with his big ol cloth nappy on he face plants the floor LOL. So I popped him down this morning without his nappy on for a while and he promptly peed all over the place. Mind you he was happy as anything.

    Dinky - Sorry to hear that Hayley is not well. Hope she gets better soon.

    Hope everyone else is doing good. Off to watch the Amazing Race......... I remember TV............... I think LOL!!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nat - LOL @ Jacob and his big old cloth nappy! Good to hear he got some tummy time too. Gabby always wees when her nappy is off - I don't freak out about it like I used to. I still freak out over the poos tho!

    Tanya - awwww Violet looks sooooo cute in her Jolly jumper. I really wanna get ours out now! Still, I think you are right - Gab's neck still needs a couple of weeks to get stronger. It's amazing how differently each baby develops, hey?

    Lesley - glad to hear that now those pesky preggy hormones have gone that you and Anthony get along whilst learning how to drive. That's always a bonus! It sounds like you had a good time. Good on you for taking the car out by yourself too. I still reckon it's easier to learn when no one is watching over you.

    Gab woke up at 4am this morning for some unknown reason. Neil heard her before I did so he got up to pop her dummy in but he turned the light on! DOH! I ran and got a dummy and popped it in but she was wide awake just 5 minutes later. So I fed her and did the usual stuff and got her back to sleep an hour later. Thankfully she stayed down until 8am but it still stuffs me up because I am used to getting big sleeps now (I know I won't get any sympathy here!! ). Just hope it doesn't turn into a habit! I am thinking she might have been cold. I have been putting an extra blanket over her. Hmmm... might have to put her in a sleeping bag then wrap her. A few Mums at mother's group have tried it and it has helped their babies sleep more soundly. Trial and error, hey?

    Well, the rest of the day and all day tomorrow is going to be spent organising stuff for Neil's 30th and Erin's 21st tomorrow night. Hopefully Gabby won't be too much of a pain. I have enough EBM so that I don't have to feed her while we are there (I don't fancy getting my hooters out at a nightclub!). Should be a good night - even if I can't get hammered

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    May 2004

    I promise to catch up with everyone next week when MIL has gone.

    Alex is doing really well he is now 3.820 kilos.
    He had his appt at the hospital yesterday he has to have another kind of scan done as his tubes from his kidneys are dialated. He has to have a catheter put into his willy then some dye put in to see what part os blocked if he is blocked near his bladder he may have to have an operation to unblock it but we will not know more until after the scan. He is also on medication to stop him getting a bladder infection also i have to make sure he does not get sick in anyway.

    Other than that he is fine.

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    May 2004

    Have fun at the big party Deb

    Michelle, sounds a bit scary... poor Alex! He sure is growing fast, it doesn't take long huh?

    Been swimming with Em today and I booked Violet in for October (term 4)

    Better go, Alecia has set up a dvd for us to watch.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Michelle - awww... poor little Alex having to go thru so much when he is so little. Good to hear he is putting on the weight tho!

    Tanya - hope you enjoyed the DVD. Yay @ booking Violet in for her swimming lessons. I asked Neil if he wanted to take Gabby for swimming lessons when she is 6 months and he is all for it because he never learnt how to swim properly. Yay!

    I've defrosted 2 bottles for Gabby to have tonight. I hope it will be enough. My sister and my Mum have already put first dibs on feeding her. LOL - looks like I probably won't see her most of the night. A little holiday for me!! hehe

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    Aug 2004

    Hi Guys,

    Yay Sarah and Zander!! That sounds totally awesome. Isn't it amazing how quickly they are growing up?? Jenna has grown so much here, and has really started to develop. She has discovered her hands in a big way, and if she has a chance, they are STRAIGHT into her mouht. Very noisy sucker!

    She was really good for the drive - we went about 2 1/2 hours before we had to stop and feed and change, and then she went the rest of the way OK. Same on the way back - she went about the same on the way back. Phew!!! I think the car seat here is better for her? She isn't so crunched up in it, which is wierd cause its a safe'n'sound too. Hmmmm. Oh well, only a couple more months and we can turn the seat around. I CAN"T WAIT!! We saw another mummy with a 3 week old when we stopped for afternoon tea, and Jenna looked like a big boofer in comparison. V funny.

    MIchelle - I hope Alex comes good after all his trauma. Poor little blighter.

    Tanya- how exciting about swimming lessons! I can't wait to start Jenna swimming too. There are about 4 public pools in Geelong, so we are pretty lucky there.

    Deb - I hope the party goes well. Have fun! And if you are using EBM, you mayas well have a few drinks!!

    Nell - sounds great on the scrapping. That shop is lovely, I was in there the other day, and I'm going to do a class there soon. I'll have to take my pages in and see what they think, although since I bought everything from Lincraft, its probably a bit naughty..... I'll spend some money with them too!

    Nat - The final of the amazing race was pretty good huh?? I was hoping Rob and Amber would win. But the coupld that did seemed to have a good place to spend the money.

    I better get back upstairs - we have to get our bags packed today as we leave here about 9am tomorrow. Hasn't the time just whizzed!!

    Looking forward to catching up at home,

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - LOL @ Jenna looking like a big boofa against that 3 week old. That's how I felt about Gabby when Jenna was born. She just looked so big!! You are right about having a couple of drinks. I sure will baby! Can't have too many tho - still gotta drive Ah well... it should be good.
    Wow... it has gone fast! I hope you have had a fabulous time @ home tho. I imagine you will be all refreshed and feeling fabbo once you get back. Glad to hear that Miss Jenna went so well on the drive. I love going for long drives because it means I kind of get a mini-break. I keep my nail file in the car for such things! I never get a chance otherwise.

    I've picked up Neil's birthday cake. Erin's friend works at the cheesecake shop so I got a nice, big mud cake for $45!!! I was told $65 but she charged me less in the end. Bargain! I took Gabby into Erin's work so that she could show them off (she works at Retravision) so she was quite chuffed. After all of that, Gabby zonked it while I was BFing her. Hopefully she has a good rest to prepare her for tonight. She should be ok but with loud music and being handed from one person to another, it is bound to get her all grumpy by the time I get home. Neil is allowed to run amock tonight. I bet he ends up coming home early!! LOL Always the way!

    Hope everyone else has a fabbo weekend!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Deb- just popping in to say hope Neil has a lovely bday.

    Cheers michelle

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