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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June #2

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    Juliette - dont get stressed about what the nurses say to you. I think sometimes they forget what its like to live with the daily grind of babies. Generally speaking I've found when they tell me something, I get all stressed about it, then put it out of my head as nonsense, then all of a sudden about 2 weeks later it falls into place!!! Very wierd, but just goes to show there are some consistencies with babies huh??

    Dee - IKWYM about TTCing. I think everything just has fallen into place this last week or two, and even though that last month of being pg nearly killed me, the labour was horrible, and the first month with missy moo was a nightmare, I just dont see any point in giving my body a break of a year. I mayas well just get it over and done with, and then I can get back into life. Besides which, 2007 will probably be back at uni for me, so it makes snese to try and have one mid 2006 (after July and the bigger baby bonus!!) Happy birthday for tomorrow old woman!! I'm 29 in 2 weeks, so I hear ya on the getting older thing.

    Min - yay on the smiles. Aren't they the best thing!!! Are you feeling a bit more human now you are reaching that magical 2 month mark??

    Yay on the shopping Michelle. I wont buy anything for me - but love buying stuff for her!!!

    Belinda - hope you stay safe in the floods. And yay with you thinking about another one too!

    Trish - nice to see ya in here!! Just remember you have had 4 - so your hormones for another baby have probabyl all worn out!! LOL. I bet you get clucky in a few months too.


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    Fi, LOL I already get clucky. Mark and I were talking about it on the weekend. He said if I wanted no.5 then he would leave and I'd have to find another Dad. Then in the next breath he said if he earned 200K a year and we had a huge house and property he would do it. So I guess the answer is no. I really don't think I could handle any more kids anyway. It's not now (babies) that theres a problem, it's when they get older. Plus my luck I'd end up with bloody twin boys

    Dee, Happy Birthday for tomorrow. And hey, 31 isn't THAT old

    Take care

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