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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, May '05 #2

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow! So much to catch up on!

    Trish - LOL @ scrapping being a diet incentive. Great idea! I am sooooo keen now! I noticed that Target have some scrapping packs so I am going to check those out. If Sarah hasn't already, I will email you and Dinky the link that she sent me for an ebay scrapping shop. They have pages that are already set up for you with all the bits and pieces but you can lay them out whichever way you like. I will take pics of the 2 pages that I did last night while the Gabster slept. Nordy Noah!! My gosh! Was he upset when he saw how he had hurt Tehya? I bet he felt rotten.

    Tanya - good to hear your chair is nice and comfy The self settling is great but I am glad I let it be her idea instead of letting her cry it out like all those videos suggest. She goes to sleep on her own during the day in her rocker. I just have to wrap her and shove her dummy back in a few times before she nods right off. That would be sooooo cool if you can make it to Melbourne for the xmas do!! I reckon it will be heaps better this year now that we all have our bubs.

    Fi - so typical of Jenna to fall asleep at mother's group! Gabby did that today too but I was cuddling her unwrapped. As soon as I tried to put her down to wrap her, she woke up. Ah well! It's good that you can still let the cats have a little snuggle time. I bet they miss you more than you miss them! Oh and... WOO HOO @ Jenna's grrrreat sleep last night! Hope she keeps it up for you! I can only imagine how full your boobs would have been.

    Sarah - that's a pity about the paint chips on Zanders hammock. I hope they can do something about it. Not good for baby things that have probs like that (esp. brand new!). Hope his new routine starts working out. It's all trial and error, hey?

    We ended up having a huge day today. Went to Mum's group. I gave Gabby a bottle of EBM that I collected over 2 mornings but I think it was too much cos she spewed a number of times which is not like her. Still, she was happy enough! I put her on her tummy and all the other Mums could not believe how well she held up her head. Even one of the 3 month old boys there couldnt' hold his head up as well as her. Of course, I am as proud as punch! We all had a good chat after the session was over which was good but I think I talked a little too much (which I tend to do... I am sure you guys can gather that from my long-winded posts!) so I am determined not to rabbit on next week and let some others get some words in edge ways!
    When I got out, I had a message from Erin to meet she and Hanna for lunch at the Barwon Club which is a really cool pub. So off Gab and I went. I fed her there and she slept the whole time through lunch. Lovely! We then went back to Erin's and watched DVDs. So I have been out all day! Gabby was exhausted so is now fast asleep in her bouncer. Best of all, Erin made us some lasagne so I don't even have to cook! Woo hoo!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Deb I e-mailed Trish & PMed Dinky about the scrapping link. Wow you did have a big day! Glad Gabby was good for it And yay at her being so advanced on her tummy! Oh and enjoy your lasagne.

    Yay on trying to make it to Melbourne this year Tanya, can't wait to see everyone again Yuck at Violet being sniffly, I hope she's feeling better.

    The hammock people are sending a cover for the damaged part, but still I'm not happy with the whole situation. If it was 2nd hand fine, but this thing is only 6 weeks old so it's really annoying. I'm going to put him to sleep in his room, in his cot tonight even if it means getting up 100 times. I'm not risking anything happening to my poor little bubba.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hey all,

    #-o of course the mods are letting this thread go... I can be so silly sometimes and just don't think about these things. Like today, I went into work with Matty (he was very good and charmed all the ladies ) and my boss asked me to jump onto his computer and do something for him... :-k do you think I could? I had to think about it for a full moment what to do whereas normally it would be a reflex action!

    Tanya - it would be lovely to meet you and the others I am yet to meet. I think you are right Deb, it could be a humdinger with all the bubs in town.

    Fi and Deb - how are your mother groups? Do you really enjoy it? I am so happy with my group, the bubs are so cute the way they sit there and look at each other! Eeek, I hate clothes shopping atm, so I know how you feel. Deb - wtg on your scrapbook page - it is so much fun and I wish my g/f's would be into it. Can someone please send me that link you are all raving about? Fi - yay on Jenna's long sleep!

    Trish - how are you guys going? Are you feeling ok? Poor Tehya and the mark on her chin, she must have been so shocked at what happened.

    Oh dear I have forgotten someone.

    Matty woke this morning with a scream at 3am, but the time I went down to his room he was fast asleep again? Must have been a bad dream. We have been out all day today, Myers, Target, DH's work and my work. It was good to see my team mates again but I realised more so than ever that I don't miss work at all!!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    Werribee Melbourne

    Nell...speaking of meeting people.

    Just email me when you are settled enough for a visitor!

    I am on school hols in 3 weeks time so we could perhaps catch up during the day, whatever suits you

    great to hear everyone is going so well.

    As for moi...TTC on hold for a little while (posted in TTC thread)

    So i will live vicariously through you guys for a little while longer!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Chrissy - I am naughty and I have been meaning to email you. I have 2 addresses for you so I'm not sure which to use?

    School Hols sound like the plan, I am free any day except Tuesdays...

    Great decision on TTC..

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